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Chapter 2079: Heavenly Wolf Sect (1)

Little Azure Dragon looked at Ling Yan, who wasn’t hesitant to leave, with a complicated expression.

“You’re just going to leave like that?”

“What else can I do?” Ling Yan smiled.

“…The Heavenly Wolf Sect came prepared. I don’t think the Crimson League will be able to handle them. Ye Qingtang will face danger. Aren’t you afraid that she’s going to die here?” Little Azure Dragon couldn’t figure out what was going on in Ling Yan’s head.

Ling Yan didn’t respond. He merely lifted his head to look at the sky.

Little Azure Dragon was perplexed. It just couldn’t understand what Ling Yan was planning.

He was already ready to die on her behalf, but now…

What was Ling Yan plotting?

5000 meters away from the Temple of Shadows.

The troops rushed over and even the ground vibrated. The Crimson League and Temple of Shadows joined forces to form troops that gathered outside the entrance of the Temple of Shadows.

The expressions on everyone’s faces were somber.

Various clans had learned that the Ancient You Clan was going to attack the Second Domain. The clans finally experienced some peace after the destruction of the Ancient You Clan’s underground world and returned to where they belong.

However, today they came together to face the last battle for the Central Mainland.

If the Temple of Shadows were to lose, the clans would open the doors to revenge from the Ancient You Clan.

This battle was a battle for their imminent survival.

The sound of war drums rang. Everyone lifted their heads, only to see countless soldiers charge over, almost drowning them.

Suddenly they heard a roar from above.

Lifting their heads, they noticed numerous flying mounts that soared in the sky.

Ye Qingtang looked at the Heavenly Wolf Sect and the Ancient You Clan’s army and her heart sank, while she tried to look at Mi with her peripheral vision. Though she couldn’t see his face, she could sense from his cold aura that he probably felt the same way as her.

“Is that Lu Zhiyao, one of the 12 sect custodians from the Heavenly Wolf Sect?” Bai Zhi’s eyes narrowed when she saw a handsome man riding on the back of a huge demonic beast among the Heavenly Wolf Sect’s troops.

“Shui Mou is here too…”

The Crimson League had bad ties with the Heavenly Wolf Sect for a long time already. They naturally knew who were the powerful ones in the Heavenly Wolf Sect.

When the Crimson League saw the Heavenly Wolf Sect send their elites over, they couldn’t help but feel even moodier.

As one of the 12 sect custodians, his powers were akin to that of the deputy League Chief. That meant that he was a strong opponent, even in the Second Domain.

Although Mi and Bai Zhi were considerably powerful among the Crimson League, they weren’t as powerful as the deputy League Chief.

“The Heavenly Wolf Sect has planned things thoroughly. It seems like they want to get rid of us with just one attempt.” Bai Zhi grit her teeth angrily before she continued, “I’ve sent someone to relay the news to the Second Domain. With the two sect custodians leading them, we shouldn’t fight them yet. Why don’t we wait for the reinforcements to arrive before starting the battle?”

Mi shook his head. “There won’t be any reinforcements.”

“What?” Bai Zhi was stunned.

Ye Qingtang remained calm, she had the exact thoughts. “The Heavenly Wolf Sect obviously won’t leave any chances for us. They might have already taken action and arranged something in the Second Domain to interrupt our plans. If not, why wouldn’t the Crimson League send any help even though they should have learned of the news earlier than us?”

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