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Chapter 441: Breakthrough (1)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

For sect elders like them, being able to produce a talented disciple was something they would be more pleased than obtaining a divine weapon, and they would take pride in their disciples. Evidently, Elder Mo was this way as well right now.

“Elders have overpraised me. Master has taught me too many things, and I’ve only learned a few things on the surface.” Ye Qingtang smiled as she cupped her fists.

At that, the Wind Moon Sect elders had an amazed expression. “Elder Mo… Ah… If only those commonplace disciples of mine were half as good as your disciple, I would be content.”

“Elder Mo, I really could not tell that you had such techniques. You must not be stingy to share with us your insights on teaching disciples.” Another Wind Moon Sect elder chimed in.

After he heard that, a rare smile broke out on Elder Mo’s icy cold face. “If there’s a chance, you all can visit our sect and let this commonplace disciple of mine practice together with your disciples. There’s no harm for them to learn from each other. What do you think, Qingtang?”

“I will naturally follow your orders, Master.” Ye Qingtang replied.

“Hahaha! Sure, sure, sure. You said this yourself, Elder Mo. If we are free sometime soon, we will definitely head to your sect.” The Wind Moon Sect elder nodded with a laugh.

The Wind Moon Sect elders showered Ye Qingtang with praises generously, and Elder Mo’s face was naturally glowing.

After Zhu Changge’s defeat, Elder Lin, who had not said anything all the while, had a very astonished expression on his face at this moment.

He was originally full of confidence in Zhu Changge’s match, yet unexpectedly, Zhu Changge still lost, and it was rather Ye Qingtang, whom he had never thought highly of, who amazed everyone with one brilliant performance. As Ye Qingtang’s Master, Elder Mo also gained some reputation.

How could Elder Lin be happy?

No one sensed Elder Lin’s thoughts. After exchanging civilities, the elders of both sects brought their sects back to their area of residence.

The disciples who were to remain in Drifting Cloud Island to cultivate this time had already been fixed. They were Ye Qingtang and Zhu Changge from Xuanling Sect while the Wind Moon Sect elders decided for Feng Yiran to stay behind. As for the slots for other disciples, the sects would make another selection when they returned to their sects, where the chosen few would be sent to cultivate on Drifting Cloud Island half a year later.

Then, Zhu Changge was extremely grateful towards Ye Qingtang.

If not for Ye Qingtang, he simply would not have any fate with the cultivation rights on Drifting Cloud Island this year.

And because of Ye Qingtang, he earned a slot for nothing.

Temporary residence of Xuanling Sect.

Elder Mo looked at Ye Qingtang beside her and placed the “Mind and Heart Pill” from Qinglin Sect into her hands.

“Qingtang, although this Mind and Heart Pill can allow a Martial Qi Level One cultivator to stably improve by a small stage and be used to advance to Martial Qi Level two, it is not realistic. A few years later when your skills reach Martial Qi Level Two, it will be the best time to use this.” Elder Mo explained.

From Elder Mo’s point of view, no matter how fast Ye Qingtang’s speed of cultivation was, it would require at least three to four years for her to make a breakthrough to Martial Qi Level Two with her endowments. Using the “Mind and Heart Pill” right now was extremely wasteful.

“Thank you, Master. I’ll remember it.” Ye Qingtang nodded firmly and smiled.


With this “Mind and Heart Pill,” Ye Qingtang was confident. One night… one night was enough for her to break through to Martial Qi Level Two!

As Elder Mo watched Ye Qingtang leave, he let out a long sigh.

If Ye Qingtang had a higher-grade spirit root, he would have believed that she could break through to Martial Qi Level Two in at most a year.

Nonetheless, Ye Qingtang’s spirit root would not do, and she might not even reach Martial Qi Level Two even in three to four years…

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