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Chp 75: A Great Show (1)

After sending Ye Xun off to the Cloud-breakers, the Great Elder heard the commotion and rushed over to the scene as well. Upon reaching the courtyard, with all the guests crowding around, he furrowed his brow and made his way through.

"What's going on here?" The Great Elder asked in a solemn tone.

Once Ye Qingtang noticed the arrival of the Great Elder, her eyes twinkled with an inkling of amus.e.m.e.nt. But before she could speak, Duan Tianrao cut in to report on the situation, while being supported by his attendants, "Great Elder, there're intruders trying to murder Tang Tang."

"What?!" The Great Elder faltered for a moment. Someone else wanted her dead?

The Great Elder thereupon laughed in his head. Judging from the matter, it would seem Ye Qingtang had again provoked the ire of a certain dangerous personage. But unfortunately, her was a failure, else it would save him a lot of trouble.

Though those thoughts crossed his mind, his countenance remained impa.s.sive as he voiced his 'concern' in a dignified manner: "To think there are yet people who would commit such atrocity. Are those intruders apprehended?"

"The Second Elder has managed to deter them. It's only a matter of time, I reckon." Duan Tianrao followed up.

The Great Elder gave a slight nod before he proceeded to observe the fight that was ongoing between four black-garbed intruders and the Second Elder along with the house guards.

Is that all of them?" The Great Elder questioned.

"Yes." Duan Tianrao, who was desperate to keep up his appearance in front of Ye Qingtang, added quickly: "Tang Tang and I were having a stroll before those men suddenly appeared, claiming to take her life. If I had not fended them off in time, I'm afraid they would've succeeded."

Ye Qingtang remained silent while Duan Tianrao continued to embellish his achievement. She gave a twitch at the corner of her lips discreetly and instead of denying his embellishments, she covered up for him in an apprehensive manner: "Mr. Duan's right. Those intruders were after me. I would be dead if he had not protected me."

The Great Elder knitted his brow. He would very much prefer for her to be dead, but as Great Elder of the Ye Household and in the presence of the guests, he had to feign fury over the matter: "Imbeciles! I'll make you all regret making enemies of the Ye Household!"

With that said, the Great Elder joined the fray, ready to dispose the intruders.


Those intruders, while still embroiled in the battle, exchanged glances between themselves, with eyes that flashed a flicker of excitement when they saw the Great Elder.

Before the Great Elder could even make a move, one of them shouted: "Great Elder! What do you think you're doing?!"

The Great Elder had intended to apprehend the intruders without putting in too much effort, but he could never expect them to bring up his name in the middle of the fight and was thus, stunned for a moment.

"Are you trying to silence us?!" One of the intruders who seemed to be the leader glared daggers at the Great Elder.

Once those words were spoken, all eyes were on the Great Elder in an instant.

What's that?

Something about silencing a witness?

Those intruders are acquainted with the Great Elder?

The Great Elder had no idea what was going on but he retorted furiously at the leader's words: "Shut your trap! I've no idea who you're and what you're babbling about!"

The leader sneered and reiterated: "I've suspected you're a conniving one. Hiring us to Ye Qingtang on one hand, but turning against us on the other, once you've deemed we would fail. Is this your plan to cover up for your misdeed?"

Ed: Get your popcorn ready for this show

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