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These pistols are truly beautiful, but what is the use of such beautiful pistols? We have gun control in this d.a.m.n country remember?

I lightly held the red gun’s body in my hand, while questioning System.

System… I don't understand anything about gun control, but these pistols are super growth weapons. If you use them, you will know.

Listening to System, I understand that these are for self-defense and to watch out for myself. There is no other use for them!

However, thinking about it is depressing. Why are all the good things I draw of no use? The first thing to start with is vector operation. The only everyday use that I can think of is to move bricks. The ‘Kings Treasury’ has s.p.a.ce so it can grow indefinitely, but what use is it? The same goes for he two pistols with an appet.i.te, with no enhancement stone, how will I upgrade them?  (╯°Д°)╯  ┻━┻ !

  (TN: “(╯°Д°)╯  ┻━┻” is angrily flipping a table.)

Sure enough, I’m unlucky.

I whack myself on my head to get rid of any strange ideas and then I pick up my phone to look at my profile for the QQ app.

It was full of….

The message updates are really fast. Every second, five or six messages appear and no one can respond to that. What this group of guys were talking about is enough to make me, the group owner, stunned.

For example, my age.

My height.

My measurements.

I'm not ~beep~ or anything.

“You guys are so noisy.” (Hitomi)

I protested to the group and found a problem.

They are making a fuss.

The first 5 or 6 messages climbed to 20 or 30 messages per second. There is also a mix of ‘What is this s.h.i.+t!” and calls for the ‘Administrator’. How do I clear the screens? Or something like that.

I suddenly thought of the QQ iceberg theory.

Because there are too many people in the group at the same time, most people will be ‘diving’ to read, until it blows up.

Hey, these people are crazy. It’s too bad I didn’t a.s.sign a moderator.

I collectively mute everyone.

The world is at peace once more!

“You guys have caused enough trouble! Your eyes should be tired!” (Hitomi)

“You know, this was very noisy!” (Hitomi)

“If you spam the screen again, I'll dissolve the group!” (Hitomi)

I unmute everyone.

This time the group was quiet, only a few people published some strange remarks.

“I’m with ‘x.x.x’ company; would you like to sign with us?”

“This girl is very coquettish (flirtatious). Come, let me support you. ~”

“Excuse me, are you me?” (Hitomi)

“…..” (Hitomi)

I don't have to think about it. Obviously, I banned the first two idiots. Two more people fill the vacancies in less than three seconds.

I hold down the record b.u.t.ton to send a voice clip. First, to prove I’m me and second, is they are still messaging too fast and I can’t even read the messages.

“[Cough] I’m Hitomi, welcome to my group everyone. The video was just a good way for me to introduce myself and gain some popularity. Well, in the end I didn’t think too much about it. Anyway, tomorrow, at the latest, I will start my live broadcast at B station. If you are interested, remember to cheer me on. ~” (Hitomi)

[Sigh] I almost got tongue-tied.

I sent my voice clip, it was followed by rush of messages across the screen. I couldn’t help but watch the dense list of messages. Exiting the group page, I look at the group messages jump from 54 to 99+ in two seconds. I feel a burst of pain.

Forget it! I will block the group and let it go!

I turn over, pick up my laptop, open it, and turn it on. I lean against a pillow and put it on my stomach. What I am going to do now is to register my ‘live’ room at station B.

What's all this? What long ‘terms of usage’! Why do you need my ID? Do you want me to take a picture of my ID card? How troublesome!

What is this ‘OBS’? So many parameters! I do not use this!!


Two hours pa.s.s...


[Sigh] I'm finally done.

Lying in bed with my pillow, I wiped the sweat off my forehead. This laptop is so hot on my stomach!

While thinking about it, I move the laptop to the nightstand and pull the quilt over me.

No way... I'm bored again.

In other words, there is nothing interesting at all! The only interesting thing you can do for yourself is to [Beep], right?

In retrospect, I used to live in a tight schedule every day. Get up, brush your teeth, eat, head to cla.s.s, take, eat, take more, go home, eat dinner, and sleep, day in and day out with no time to rest. Only in the evening, can I lay alone on the bed being sentimental. Now, sweet voices come with so many things I never expected to have before, but my life is emptier.

Maybe I can forget that kind of thing, so I will not feel so empty.

My hands clamp a little tighter around the pillow while thinking about it.

“What is it that I want?” (Hitomi)

I hug the pillow to my body. Its soft and slippery touch is like magic to my skin and flows to my head. Thighs gently rubbing on the pillows face and I feel that I can indulge myself in this addictive feeling. It’s a gentle ** feeling.

If one day, I am able to have the boy I like caressing me in his arms, could ** him in my head, or could be held by him and not struggle to escape. The experience would be great and feel rea.s.suring, right?

Unconsciously, I hold the pillow little tighter and buried my face in the pillow, tears began to flow and they were absorbed into the pillow.

I’m warm, but my heart feels so cold.

My consciousness begins to blur and the cold feeling in my heart slowly fades away, leaving only a soft, warm feeling.

“I really am a loser.” (Hitomi)

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