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He and s.h.i.+nigami 2

"… It's sad but I can't deny it"
"She's got a sinful nature that she's not aware of. Moreover, she's a natural con man. No matter how careful you are, it's not enough"
"So you've also been swindled"
"You too"

He talked back. It's refres.h.i.+ng how he says things without hesitation.
He understand I'm the Crown Prince, yet he speaks so bluntly.
Of course, he can only do that thanks to his ability.

Although the boy in front of me is still young, he's strong. I can tell since I've faced dozens of until now. He's stronger than any of them.
Red s.h.i.+nigami. Certainly, his ability is enough to be called that.
It'd be troublesome to have him as an enemy. But if he's an ally, there's no more reliable one. All the more since he's attached to Lidi.

"I want a way to contact you. Will you make a telepathic communication contract with me at this opportunity?"

It's meaningless if he can't get in touch with me at the crucial time. When I tried making a suggestion with that thought in mind, he made an extremely surprised face.

"You're… the Crown Prince, right? Is it fine to make a contract with a has-been like me"
"It's for the sake of cooperation. It'd be useless if you can't get in touch with me"
"No, that's that… But ain't it gross"
"Ha?… Ah, I see"

I finally realized what the hesitating boy had been worrying about.

"I know about Hiyuma clan; I've heard they're a proud clan. Besides, you said you'll protect my Lidi, there's no way I'd find it gross"
"… I see"

Cain dropped his shoulders dejectedly. What was my anguish for, the boy muttered; leaving him alone I bit my thumb. Blood seeped out.

"Hurry up. I want to quickly return to Lidi"
"It's Princess, since she's been released from you, I think she's fast asleep alone? But really, just as granny said, you're madly in love with Princess. It's absurd to mind anymore"
"I'm happy to hear that"

Speaking wearily, the boy too bit his thumb. Blood seeped out the same.
We put our thumbs together to rub our blood, and for an instant pa.s.sed our magical power through it.
With this the telepathic communication contract is complete.
Telepathic communication is an extremely easy to use magic, but it's also a particular magic with various limitations.
A contract via body fluids is essential. Any part of the body is fine. Only after body fluids are mixed and magical power is pa.s.sed through them can both sides use telepathic communication.
The exception is blood-related family members. Only family members with blood relations.h.i.+p can use telepathic communication from the start.
It's a contract that usually involves blood, but due to the severe condition of exchanging body fluids it's normally a contract only between people who trust each other very much.
I made the contract with my childhood friends, Clara who has been taking care of me since I was a child, and only few more people.
Having confirmed I could get through to him, I nodded.

"… There seems to be no problem with invocation. I'm asking just to make sure, but what's your transmission range"
"It ain't that wide. Let's see, I think it can still roughly cover the Royal Capital"

Sending telepathic communication depends on the amount of one's magical power.
If the contract is made, one can receive telepathic communication even with low magical power, but in case the distance from the other party is high, it's impossible to send it back.
But, he's got quite an amount of magical power to cover the Royal Capital. It's enough to be useful.
I've heard Hiyuma is a clan that uses special secret arts. Probably because of that, many clan members have high magical power.
Especially he who's the head.

"What's your range"
"I can send it to anywhere in Wilhelm. But, it's meaningless if the other party can't respond"

I indifferently answered his question.
From end to end of the country. Only Will can respond then. He also holds considerable magical power. He didn't become Magician Division Commander at a young age just for show.

"Woah… All of this vast Wilhelm. What do I say, you're quite a monster"
"I'm honored to be called that by s.h.i.+nigami"
"Is that all you wanted to talk about?"

I thought that would be it, but with Come to think of it, Cain informed me with a serious face.

"Let me just say this. The Crown Prince of Sahaja probably knows I'm attached to Princess. Please take care about your actions"
"When he came here… it was probably exposed"

… So she still had a secret.
When asked about the conversation with Prince Maximilian, this might be what Lidi held her tongue about. I'll have to ask her some time.

"Got it… How did Lidi feel about it?"
"It's the same as with me, Princess originally wanted to tell you. I stopped her since I needed a little more time. As for whether the King over there knows… It's questionable. The relations.h.i.+p between the King and the Crown Prince there is the worst"
"I see"

Knowing that Lidi wanted to tell me, I breathed out in relief.

"If you want to hear the full story, you can directly ask Princess later. She kept silent for my sake. If you say I talked, she'll speak"
"That way of talking makes it sound like you have something else to say"

I wonder, Cain shrugged his shoulder when I tried to inquire him sensing the implication.

"I told you. If you want to know, ask Princess. I only obey Princess. The present information was more or less my thanks. I won't say more. Fundamentally, I'm only here to talk about the tactician"
"I know that. I'll try asking Lidi about that matter later. But, that doesn't have the highest priority now. I can't ignore Sahaja, still, what will Lidi try to do from now is more important"
"You're right. It's better that way"

Of course, I'm worried about Sahaja, but if I ask her now she'll be on guard. How does she intend to move regarding the tactician, I have to ascertain that.

"Lidi said that the singer is the tactician. And to investigate his movements. She won't sit still. She will absolute take action in the near future. And she probably won't tell me"
"I guess so. Princess also said so. That you surely wouldn't let her get involved, so she won't talk"

Her conclusion is right on the money. If she confessed such a thing to me, how could I let her actively get involved. Especially since I already want to hide her deep in the castle.
I always wish that she only looks at me and isn't s.n.a.t.c.hed away by anybody.
Why is she so fixated on that singer. She should just obediently leave everything to me.
I don't mean to doubt her feelings, but at least it sure doesn't feel good.
Still, I mustn't lose sight of what's important driven by a strange jealousy. While suppressing the welling-up jealousy towards the man I don't know well, I faced Cain.
Even though I feel no jealousy towards the man in front of me, I'm jealous of a singer she met just once, I could only laugh at myself.

"When looking after her, if you think it's bad, any time is fine. Contact me. I'll come right away"
"Got it… Please do"

I smiled wryly as the boy bowed his head slightly.
So even if he firmly says he won't listen to my orders, he'll lower his head for the sake of his master.

"You don't need to lower your head. We're in a cooperative relations.h.i.+p. Besides, it's ultimately about Lidi. Even if you don't expressly ask me, I'll move"
"That's right"

You also have it hard, huh.

When the boy who raised his face offered me sympathy, I stopped at simply smiling.
I'm more than aware I have it hard.
Still, when it comes to her, I'll accept everything.

"I will do anything so that Lidi will smile at my side"

Me too, Cain merrily laughed when I declared that.

"After all it looks like I can trust you. I'll be counting on you"

Then, saying so he tried to leave when I called out to him.
There's just one thing I want to hear.

"Cain… Do you know Black Apostate?"

It's a name that came up when I was talking with Alex before.
There are no horizontal relations.h.i.+ps between fellow I know that. As the name shows, Cain and Apostate are from different guilds. I thought he wouldn't know, so I didn't expect an answer.
But, he suddenly stopped walking. He didn't turn around, but from his back I heard a small voice.

"… Sahaja's matter. Probably he is, Apostate is involved. You must be worried about Tarim, but please pay attention to that too"

As he unexpectedly returned an answer, I drilled a hole in his back with my stare.
Spontaneously I asked back.

"Lidi hasn't heard of that?"
"… I haven't told Princess about this matter in detail. It's too b.l.o.o.d.y. I will deal with, and I have dealt with, anything that happens"

At those words it hit me.
The bodies of what seemed to be Sahaja in the castle before. That was.

"… Perhaps, the corpses of the inside the castle"
"I'm not certain what you are talking about, but I do have a clue. However, Princess warned me to not lay a hand on your soldiers. I won't lay a finger on Wilhelm guys"

As the man informed troubledly me that he was told to absolutely not kill them, even though I replied I see, I wondered why he told me.

"Why did you answer?"

When I asked that, Cain stole a glance back at me.
Shrugging his shoulders he said.

"… If something happened to you, Princess would surely cry. I'd hate that"

―――― That's why please be careful.
With these words, as becoming of an his presence disappeared from the room.
I breathed a small sigh.

"The former Tarim tactician, Sahaja… There's truly no time to relax"

Of course, I know Sahaja has been moving behind the scenes all this time. During the previous date with Lidi too, and that won't be the end of it.
What's unexpected is the matter of the tactician. I've never expected Lidi to get an inkling.
Why did she realize he's the tactician.
And what does she intend to do by using Cain.

"Lidi. What are you thinking?"

I never understand her thoughts. I have no idea what she might do.
It's felt so comfortable until now. But, now――――.

Never before have I felt so scared that I can't understand her thoughts.

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