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Chapter 1154: Master Bai’s Heart Ached

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

“Why?” Little Baldy did not understand. He was fine yesterday, but why brother suddenly change his mind? Didn’t he say that he would not send her away?

Bai Zhun looked down at her. “Nine, didn’t you always a.s.sume that you are a boy?”

“I didn’t a.s.sume that.” Little Baldy corrected Bai Zhun seriously. “I am a boy to begin with! Brother, don’t forget, I’m going to become an abbot.”

Bai Zhun held his forehead. It was happening again.

“Okay, you are going to become the abbot, but we will discuss your gender issue iin the future.” Bai Zhun stroked the child’s head. “It is not appropriate for the two of us to sleep together now. You have to have your own room.”

Little Baldy’s eyes were big and she stopped speaking. His previously excited little face lost the brightness it had yesterday.

Bai Zhun did not want to see the child like this, so he could only coax her with food. “Be good, let Auntie w.a.n.g take you to sleep.”

“Come, Nine, come with Auntie w.a.n.g.”

Auntie w.a.n.g also knew the child’s gender. Young Master had told her to be careful in the future. She would probably have to dress the child from now on.

Little Baldy was also obedient. She wore kitten pajamas, and the little ears on her head drooped down. She carried her little white cat and let Auntie w.a.n.g lead her to her room. After taking one or two steps, she turned around and looked at Bai Zhun pleadingly.

That look made Bai Zhun wish that he could become a woman so that he could hug the child to sleep.

Bai Zhun was also worried about Nine being sent to another room. He just sat in the room and did English homework before he called Auntie w.a.n.g over.

“Nine is lying down?”

“She’s lying down. Even her eyes were red. It must have been that she didn’t want to leave young master.”

“Auntie w.a.n.g, pour her some water later. She’d get thirsty once she falls asleep.”


“Also, go in and check on her at night. Don’t Let her wiggle out of the blanket…”

Even after the instructions, Bai Zhun was still worried. When he thought of the way that child eyed him just now, and his heart clenched.

But he couldn’t think of a better way, so that was all he could do.

Bai Zhun did another English question and found that he really could not concentrate. He put down the pencil in his hand, changed into a jersey, and walked into the bathroom with a towel.

After taking a shower, he finally felt a little more comfortable. He walked to the bed and was about to lie down beneath the blanket.

But as soon as he lifted that blanket, Little Baldy’s face popped out. The child was clearly disobeying him with her cheeks puffed up.

“Brother, I’ve thought about it. I don’t want to sleep alone. I promised Grandpa Bai that I would take care of you. You’re usually too lonely by yourself. Even if you don’t let me sleep on the bed, I can sleep on the floor with Xiao Bai. Or if you don’t want me, you can just send me back to the temple. I’m not a poor monk. I’m an ambitious monk.”

Bai Zhun listened to the child’s explanation and reached out to pull Little Baldy out. “Who said you’re a poor monk?”

“It’s just a metaphor,” Little Baldy explained. “To emphasize that I don’t want to be separated from you.”

Bai Zhun was amused by her serious look. “You know what a metaphor is?”

“Brother, laugh if you want to.” Little Baldy crossed her two short arms and sat there like a tumbler. “Anyway, I don’t want to sleep in separate rooms with you. Aren’t we a family? Shouldn’t we sleep together as a family?”

Bai Zhun: … He actually couldn’t refute this point.

“I was very sleepy just now. ” Little Baldy rubbed her eyes with her two little paws as she said, “But Wuli Buddha said that it’s not right to sleep in someone else’s bed without permission, so I waited a long time until brother finished homework and showered. I wanted to ask brother if can I sleep with you. I won’t move around at night. I promise I’ll be very obedient. And I’m very soft when you pinch me. If you don’t believe me, you can try it out.”

Bai Zhun saw that the child was so sleepy that she couldn’t even open her yes. He thought about what she had said just now.

She had been cooped up here since the time he started homework?

Was she afraid that he would make Auntie w.a.n.g take her away?

Bai Zhun seemed to have thought of something. He lifted up the little child’s clothes to examine her back. It was already a little red. If she hadn’t come out earlier, she would have definitely gotten rashes.

He had just promised himself to take good care of the child two days ago.

But just because of some gender issues, he had to sleep in separate rooms with her.

And he knew that little children at this age were the most insecure.

Bai Zhun held Little Ajiu in his arms, blaming himself. “Is your back itchy?”

“No, i’m sleepy,” Little Baldy said faintly.

Bai Zhun went over and blew on some cold air on her back.

Little Baldy only felt comfortable. Sure enough, brother was the best to her.

“Sleep.” Bai Zhun patted the little girl in his arms gently and laid on the bed himself.

He was just thinking too much.

Little Ajiu was only four years old. Even if she was a girl, she was still a little girl.

She didn’t have to sleep in separate rooms with him just yet.

It wouldn’t be too late to separate after she found out that she was a girl.

With this thought in mind and with the child in his arms, Bai Zhun slowly closed his eyes and finally felt at ease..

The next morning, Auntie w.a.n.g came up to clean up. She saw through the half-open door that the two children were sleeping in each other’s arms.

Little Ajiu was already small for her age. Being held in Bai Zhun’s arms, she looked even cuter.

Auntie w.a.n.g shook her head and smiled. She closed the door for the two children.

In less than half an hour, Little Baldy woke up.

The sky had just lightened when Little Baldy took off her cat pajamas and stretched out her little arm to put on the sportswear that Bai Zhun had bought for her yesterday.

Life in the monastery was very regular. Little Baldy’s daily routine had already been set, and she had to do morning exercises to temper her mind.

This time, she did not wake Bai Zhun up. She got up from the bed, jumped down, and changed into her little sports shoes, hoping to go out.

But she reconsidered. Yesterday, she promised to buy breakfast for Auntie w.a.n.g, but she didn’t do it. She had to fulfill her promise today.

Little Baldy turned around and ran to the kitchen. Inside, Auntie w.a.n.g was cooking cold dishes and boiling green bean soup.

“Nine, why are you up so early?”

“I’m going to do morning exercises, and I’ll get breakfast. What does Auntie w.a.n.g want to eat?”

“My baby, Auntie w.a.n.g can go buy it. You should sleep more.”

“No need. Auntie w.a.n.g can make food at home. I”ll go out to buy some other stuff. Buddha Wuli said this is called the perfect division of labor.”

“Okay. You can get fried dough sticks and steamed buns is in the dining hall of the courtyard. It’s just around the corner to your left. Don’t go alone. Get an adjutant to follow you.”

Although the courtyard was safe, Auntie w.a.n.g was still worried. She was afraid that the child would get lost.

Little Baldy said seriously, “Uncles can’t keep up with me. I’m afraid that I’ll tire them out.”

“Oh little child, how could they not keep up with you…”

Before Auntie w.a.n.g could finish her sentence, Little Baldy rushed out like a firestorm. Umm..

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