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Chapter 1155: Wanted to Bully Ajiu

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

The facilities in the courtyard were already pretty decent. Surrounded by tall locust trees, countless white petals would rain down with just a light breeze.

Many chiefs liked to practice military boxing there. Some also liked to jog, and all of them were wearing camouflage clothing.

When Little Baldy saw that someone was running with her, she became even more energetic and began to speed up.

That day, Little Gangster Li’s father also dragged him to the training garden. As soon as he arrived, he saw a tiny figure, looking like a fiery wheel, that ran faster than a whole group of soldiers.

He rubbed his sleep laden face, dumbfounded. It was indeed Nine.

Seeing that, Little Gangster Li’s father was also a little stunned. He looked at his own son and felt a little angry.

“Look at her! Even a little kid can run faster than you!”

However, Little Gangster Li didn’t really give a d.a.m.n. “He is the younger sister Bai Zhun’s brought back from the mountain. Of course she can run fast.”

“Take a look at yourself. You kids all live together. How can you be so different from that kid from the Bai Family’s!” Speaking of which, Little Gangster Li’s father wanted to kick his son’s b.u.t.t again!

Little Gangster Li snorted, “Well, clearly genetics is the problem.”

“Genetics? I’ll show you what a genetic outbreak is today!”

After a few rounds, Little Baldy wanted to buy breakfast. She had just started walking when she saw Little Gangster Li being chased all over the yard by his father.

Soon after, Li grabbed her arm and panted. “Nine, you’ve gotta help me. My dad’s chasing me like he’s forgotten all about his high blood pressure! Tell me, isn’t this filicide?”

“You must have made uncle angry again,” Little Baldy said righteously. “Otherwise, why would he want to beat u? Bai Zhun never gets beaten.”

Little Gangster Li was completely speechless.

F * ck! Bai Zhun had never been a normal person! How could he compare to Bai Zhun?

At this time, Li’s father also caught up.

By the way, Little Gangster Li’s father had always looked fierce like a wild beast. He was as tall as a bear, and he had been in the military for many years. He was known for inciting fear in children.

So in front of Little Baldy, Father Li deliberately softened his tone. “Nine, right? Did you have fun Brother Li yesterday?”

“Yes, I did,” Little Baldy answered seriously. “He treated us to fried potatoes.”

Fried potatoes? Master Li’s father had a face full of question marks.

Little Gangster Li then explained to his father, “It’s French fries. Nine loves French fries. She’s vegetarian and doesn’t eat meat.”

“Uncle, I’m going to buy breakfast for Bai Zhun. Can you ask Brother Li to take me there?” Little Baldy asked as held out her fingers to count. “The money I brought is neither too much nor too little. I can treat you to a cup of soy milk and one fried dough stick. The canteen’s fried dough stick is especially delicious. I just tried it yesterday.”

Master Li’s father had never been treated to breakfast by such a young child. Hearing this, however, he was extremely happy. He patted his son’s back with his big palm and said, “What are you waiting for! Hurry up and get food with Nine!”

Little Gangster Li coughed as if he was being slapped to death. “Father, I know that you like children, but can you be a little nicer to me? I am your real son!”

Little Gangster Li’s father was extremely strict in his parenting. He gave a very serious order, “Go now!”

“Yes.” All Li could do was follow the order.

Before he left, Li’s father even dragged Little Gangster Li back to stuff a hundred yuan into his hands. He couldn’t actually let Nine buy himbreakfast. The child was only a few years old.

Little Gangster Li thumped his chest and said, “Don’t worry, Father. I’ll be sure to spend all of it!”

Upon hearing this, Father Li wanted to beat his son again.

At first, Little Gangster Li thought that Little Baldy’s got her money from Auntie w.a.n.g.

Until Little Baldy dug out a fifty from a small wallet in her pocket.

Only then did Little Gangster Li come to a realization: “Where’d you get this money?”

“I brought it down from the temple.” Little Baldy looked at the canteen and answered, “My master said that every year my mother would donate a lot of money for the temple to buy incense. My master asked me to bring some of it down the mountain.”

Li was surprised. “Is it… that big parcel you’re carrying?”

“Oh yea, it’s full of money.” Little Baldy wiped the sweat off her forehead with the back of her little hand. “Shouldn’t you bring more money when you go out?”

Little Gangster Li wordlessly scratched the wall. He never thought that Little Baldy would be so rich.

“Besides, I have to take care of Bai Zhun in the future.” Little Baldy lowered her head and fiddled with her small parcel. “This little sum is not enough. After I become abbot, I can earn a lot more incense money.”

Master Li was stunned. “You do that in order to earn money?”

“Monks also need to eat. If you don’t earn money, how can you buy food? How can you continue praying to Buddha?” Little Baldy said plainly, as if stating a simple matter-of-fact.

Master Li felt that his entire worldview had been upside down.

Fortunately, the child was nice enough to buy him a cup of mung bean soup, so that he drink it and calm down.

Though Little Gangster Li had already witnessed Little Baldy’s appet.i.te first hand…

He was still left incredulous by Little Baldy’s order of six vegetable buns and half a bag of fried dough sticks. “You and Bai Zhun alone can’t finish it all, right?”

“That’s all for myself. I need to replenish my nutrition after today’s exercise, or else I won’t grow.” Little Baldy said very seriously. “Little brother doesn’t like fried dough sticks, but he likes eggs. I’ll buy him ten tea eggs later.”

Lixiao Baw.a.n.g remained silent.

“Trust me, child. If you buy so many tea eggs, your brother will choke to death. No one can eat as much as you!”

Little Baldy didn’t care much about Little Gangster Li’s pitiful look. She rushed forward to buy everyone something they liked to eat.

Although Little Baldy seemed stupid, she was aware of some basic principles.

If someone bought something for her, she would have to return the favor.

Even if Bai Zhun liked raising her, she could not always eat and drink for free in the Bai Family. She would need to do many, many things.

Little Baldy’s thoughts were this simple.

As Little Gangster Li followed her as she went from one place to the next, he was already exhausted beyond measures.

Yet Little Baldy carried bags full of food energetically. When she saw that Little Gangster Li couldn’t even walk anymore, she even emptied a chubby little hand to dragged him along.

Yes, she thought of the days when she dragged her fellow monks around on the mountain, which made her very happy.

Little Gangster Li, who was being dragged, struggled to get up. “Nine, I can walk by myself. I can walk by myself. Trust me!”

It was embarra.s.sing enough to let a child so much younger than him carry the breakfast. If he was dragged back by Nine, his father would definitely kick him to death!

The two children were still talking happily when they heard a sneer from behind….

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