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Chapter 1156: Humiliating Ajiu

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

“I was wondering why everything sold out this early in the morning. It turns out that someone ate so much that the canteen staff couldn’t even spare the time to cook.”

Little Gangster Li looked in the direction of that voice. He saw the courtyard beauty’s mother and a few other women stood together with a disdainful smile on their faces.

He frowned subconsciously and remained silent.

Lin Ziwen’s mother spoke again, “Xiaolou, why are you with this person?”

“This is a child of the Bai Family.” Little Gangster Li thought that she didn’t know Nine’s real ident.i.ty.

Lin sneered. “She is a foreigner from the countryside. How did she become a child of the Bai Family? Xiaolou, you’re still young and your mother’s not always by your side. Aunt Lin will teach you what kind of person you should hang out with. Hanging out with such a foreigner will lower your cla.s.s. We have never seen such a person in our canteen. Is this your first time eating fried dough sticks? You really had to buy half a dozen huh…”

At first, when Little Baldy heard those words, she thought that it was because she had bought all the food and left those women with nothing to eat for breakfast.

But the the more she listened, the more she felt that the her tone wasn’t too friendly.

Although Little Baldy was young, she could already differentiate between right and wrong. In addition, there were still a lot of freshly fried food in the canteen when she left. But instead of buying her own food, the woman chose to complain about Little Baldy’s share.

According to Buddha’s words, this did not make sense at all.

However, she had no intention of stopping.

“Xiaolou, it’s obvious that this child has no manners. Which parents would let their child eat so much?” Mrs. Lin glanced at Little Baldy contemptuously. “Unless they’re the poor people from the countryside.”

“I bought these fried dough sticks with my own money. I can eat whatever I want, so what does it have to do you, miss?” Little Baldy was unhappy. She hated those who claimed she had no manners. Although she wasn’t raised by her mother, Little Baldy still learnt a lot from the letters her mother sent her. Her brothers also sent a lot of things. She neither stole nor robbed, so how did she not have any manners? Her mother told her that others had no right to comment on the things one bought with their own money.

When the Mrs. Lin saw that Little Baldy dared to talk back, her anger amounted to a sudden burst of laughter. “Look, this child doesn’t even know how to be polite. How dare he interrupt when the adult is talking?”

“You are clearly talking about me, why can’t I interrupt?” Little Baldy squinted her eyes and looked at Mrs. Lin. “I am someone with manners and a proper upbringing. You have no right to criticize how much I want to eat. Even if I’m from the countryside, it’s not like I’m eating your food.”

Mrs. Lin snorted. “It’s true you’re not eating our food, but you feeding on the Bai Family. How can a child be so shameless? You think it’s perfectly acceptable for you to loiter in the Bai Family, don’t you?”

“I am not loitering in the Bai Family.” Little Baldy was already agitated by the fact that his little brother wanted to sleep in separate beds last night. The lady’s words thus made the child feel even more uncomfortable inside. She clenched her ittle hands tightly, suppressing the impulse to beat the woman up!

However, her master had told her that, after she went down the mountain, she must control her temper. When she wanted to beat someone up, she would have to recite Amitabha three times in her heart.

Even Bai Zhun did not like to see her fight.

“You’re not loitering at the Bai Family? Alright, child, I don’t have time to argue with you.” Mrs. Lin was very nonchalant. “Don’t buy so much from the canteen next time. You think you’re feeding pigs? Even pigs don’t eat as much as you do.”

The few other aunties laughed softly.

Little Baldy had never experienced such humiliation. She had been sent to the mountains since she was young. Her master, her senior brothers, and the other disciples all cared for her very deeply.

No one would mock Little Baldy the way Mrs. Lin just did. The disdain in her words felt very hurtful to Little Ajiu.

Little Gangster Li was already a mischievous child, and plus, he really valued loyalty to his friends. Turning sideways, he stood in front of Little Baldy and said, “Auntie Lin, it’s really shameless of you to bully a child like this. My father once said that heroes can come from all backgrounds, but it’s the strong who bullies the weak that are the most detestable!”

“You little brat, no wonder your father beats you every day!” Mrs. Lin snorted in anger. “You’re just going to be a good-for-nothing your entire life!”

Little Baldy felt it couldn’t be helped no matter how many times she recited Amitabha. As she took a step forward with her short legs, her eyes shone bright as a wolf’s.

Mrs. Lin panicked under the gaze of the child standing in front of her, and without warning, she lifted her hand and smacked the soy milk out of Little Baldy’s hands.

Little Baldy was holding a lot of things in the first place. Mrs. Lin’s sudden offensive spilled soy milk all over her body. But she did not take a single step back. She simply looked at Mrs. Lin and said coldly, “Apologize.”

Mrs Lin, with her skirt also stained with soy milk, was disgusted. “How dare you ask for my apology! ? Do you really think that you are a member of the Bai Family just because you came here? I will teach you a lesson today about where you should be. Guards! Chase him out now!”

When Little Gangster Li saw this situation, he was afraid that he would not be able to protect Nine. The bullies were adults, and his father was not around.

Not many people dared to provoke the Lin family in the military compound.

If Bai Zhun knew that his little sister was bullied right under Little Gangster Li’s watch, Li would be done for!

Little Gangster Li dared not think about it. He immediately threw his food at Mrs. Lin and ran toward the Bai Family!

Mrs. Lin had her head covered in millet porridge. She was so angry that her face turned green. “This little bast*rd! I’m going crazy, I’m really going crazy!”

When Little Baldy saw that Little Gangster Li started throwing things, she thought that the fight has begun. But she didn’t like to waste food, so she lowered her head and placed her brother’s favorite tea eggs carefully on the ground before sweeping sharp glance over to the two guards who came in!

People Lin Family were always unreasonable, especially those who followed Mrs. Lin. They stretched out their hands toward Little Baldy.

Little Baldy’s expression darkened as she grabbed the forearm of one of the guards, and different from her usual practice fights…

She unleashed all her power this time!

Seeing that the child still wanted to resist, Mrs. Lin said, “Who does this child think he is? Go get him!”

“I’ll see who dares to touch her.”


The canteen door was kicked open!

Bai Zhun, who was wearing a coat, walked in from the outside. The usual warmth in his smile as a young master was no where to be seen.

Everyone said that Bai Zhun was the most mature and reliable child in the courtyard. He knew how to talk to the elders and had perfect manners. He took care of every matter immaculately as well.

But at that moment, without a word, he stepped forth and slapped the guard right in the face!

“Have you forgotten about the Bai Family? Do you know who she is? How dare you try to hit her? Out!”

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