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Chapter 1174: Young Master Bai Was Furious

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

The child was a man of his word. He handled his own affairs very well.

Yan Qin thought that Ajiu had given Bai Zhun the task because she didn’t know how handle things.

But she didn’t know that Ajiu had grown up in the temple.

In the temple, Ajiu had always managed her own things.

She came to the Bai Family and asked Bai Zhun for help because Bai Zhun liked her.

The smart-alecky Yan Qin thought that she had helped Bai Zhun teach Ajiu this time.

In a while, Bai Zhun should have time to accompany them.

It had to be said that Yan Qin’s fantasy was good.

But when Lord Bai was about to carry Ajiu and tell a bedtime story, she seriously requested to sleep in separate beds with him.

Bai Zhun’s beautiful eyes sank instantly.

“Ajiu wants to sleep on her own?”

“Didn’t that sister just say that girls need to be independent? With so many things for you to do, it is not good for me to keep troubling you. I do not want to waste your time too.”

“What if I don’t mind at all?”

Ajiu did not speak. She looked at Bai Zhun for a while and shook her head. She then pulled the small blanket over her body, which meant that she only wanted to sleep on her own.

Bai Zhun had never lost his temper with the little child.

Even in that situation, his only reaction was that his left hand had clenched into a fist.

He bent down and kissed Ajiu on the forehead. “Okay, since Ajiu likes it.”

Ajiu lowered her ears and curled her body.

The silent refusal made Bai Zhun’s fingers stiffen. He stood up with him and walked downstairs.

There was no expression on his face.

However, Auntie w.a.n.g, who was familiar with him, clearly realized that the young master was not in a good mood.

When the two girls saw him coming, they still had a smile on their faces. “Bai Zhun, you’re finally down. Your sister really clings to you. Now that Yan Qin has said that, she has become much more sensible.”

Yan Qin also looked at Bai Zhun with a slightly red face. “I have a question that I don’t know. Teach me. Anyway, Ajiu is not here.”

After hearing this, Bai Zhun gave a surprising reaction.

He did not care about the way the Bai Family treated the guests. He looked at them coldly and said in a deep voice, “Who exactly brought these three people in!”

These girls had never seen Bai Zhun lose his temper . In the past, when they saw him at school, he always looked indifferent. Otherwise, he would be extremely gentle to the children.

No one had expected that when he lost his temper, he would be even scarier than an adult!

His expression looked glacial. “I’ll ask again, who brought these three people in!”

Master Li shrunk his neck and stood up, “Don’t be angry, about this…”

“Bring them all away!”

Bai Zhun’s voice was so cold that it made people’s hearts s.h.i.+ver.

Even those who did not know what had happened knew that he was really angry this time!

How could he not be angry?!

The child he raised did not even allow him to touch her fingers in the end!

Fine, if these people dared to make things difficult for him, he would make them unhappy too!

The girls seemed to be frightened. However, since they were also spoiled, they attempted to brainwash Bai Zhun, “Aren’t you going a little too far? Let’s forget it. Yan Qin is your girlfriend, how can you treat her like this?”

Bai Zhun sneered. “Girlfriend? Looks like someone needs to explain where this word came from. Yan Qin, when you confessed, how did I reject you? Do I need to repeat myself?”

Color drained from Yan Qin’s face. She opened her mouth. “I…”

“I didn’t clarify the rumors you spread outside. I just didn’t want to go through so much trouble.” Bai Zhun looked at her with his deep eyes. “But who allowed you to come to my house? Who do you think you are?”

“Y-You… b.a.s.t.a.r.d!” Yan Qin was really embarra.s.sed by Bai Zhun’s att.i.tude. She directly ran out of the Bai family while crying.

The coldness on Bai Zhun’s face had not disappeared. He was initially not happy that someone would come and disturb him and Ajiu, but he had to endure to keep the Bai Family’s image intact.

In the end, these three girls did not how to restrain themselves. They had ulterior motives on Ajiu.

Did they think that Bai Zhun was transparent?

The other two girls saw that Yan Qin had run away and quickly put away their things. Their thoughts were very confused.

It turned out that Bai Zhun had rejected Yan Qin.

She was not Bai Zhun’s girlfriend either.

Thinking back carefully, these two people did not seem to have been alone.

In other words, Yan Qin had been spreading rumors…

Heavens, what kind of secret did they know!

The two girls looked at each other and hugged their books in shock!

The coldness in Bai Zhun’s eyes did not recede in the slightest because of the three girls’ departure. He gave the school a call.

This was the first time he had used the Bai Family’s power, which was to ask the to transfer his cla.s.s.

There were no requirements for the cla.s.s, as long as he was close to the primary school.

As for Yan Qin, Bai Zhun had a million ways to let her know what would happen if she schemed against Ajiu.

Master Li felt that his intuition was not wrong in the slightest.

Master Bai was really angry. Otherwise, even if it was to maintain his upbringing, he would not have done such a thing.

Xiao Lin had not said a word all this while. He only looked at Bai Zhun with a deeper meaning in his eyes.

Bai Zhun also looked at him. “Take your pencil away. Ajiu doesn’t need it.”

Xiao Lin immediately smiled. “Okay, I’ll take it away. But Bai Zhun, let’s make a deal. I like Ajiu very much.”

“There are so many people who like her.” Bai Zhun raised his eyebrows and smiled. “You’re just one of them, and I’m her guardian. In other words, you’d better behave yourself. Is that clear?”

Xiao Lin looked at the back of the figure and shook his head. Well, Bai Zhun cared more about Ajiu than he had imagined.

Was it that simple to just be a sis-con?

Why did he keep feeling that it was not the case.

After Bai Zhun finished dealing with these matters, he remembered that his voice was a little louder. He glanced at Auntie w.a.n.g who was standing at the edge of the stairs and lowered his voice. “What about her? Is she asleep?”

Auntie w.a.n.g looked at Bai Zhun who was so careful and smiled. “How can she sleep? I think she’s still waiting for you.”

After saying that, she subconsciously looked at the youth’s expression and saw that the lines on his face were a little gentler. Then she continued, “She has been here for such a long time. For almost a year, you have been personally taking care of her. She’s long used to it. As soon as you left, the child was already hugging the small quilt in a daze. She couldn’t even sleep. She definitely doesn’t want to leave you.”

After Bai Zhun heard this, his eyes finally warmed up. He reached out to open the door and saw the little person on the bed, doing somersaults and practicing kung fu. She looked mischievous on the bed.

When she saw Bai Zhun, she immediately stopped. She had a cute little face and a lock of hair on top of her head.

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