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Chapter 480 – Rainy Nigh

I suddenly charged between Niu s.h.i.+Li and He Ling. He Ling couldn’t stop in time and crashed straight into me.

Usually, when we try and stop something, we typically extend out our arms with our palms open in front of us.

It’s a universal gesture preceded only by the middle finger.

The problem was He Ling had her eyes closed while running forward, so she couldn’t even see my hands.

Thus I felt two soft bulges strike my hand. I don’t think I need to say that it was He Ling’s b.r.e.a.s.t.s. The feel was vivid and intense with only a thin s.h.i.+rt in between.

She must have not worn a bra again! If you ask how I could tell, it’s because I’ve felt Xiao Qin and Xiong YaoYue’s b.r.e.a.s.t.s before. There’s a huge difference between bra and no bra, for example if your palms would feel a small

He Ling, who had her eyes closed, suddenly felt someone touch her b.r.e.a.s.t.s. Since she studies Taekwondo, she subconsciously raised her leg and kicked at me. The security guard should stop enjoying the situation, does he think I deserve it?

With my many years of street fighting experience, I should be able to easily avoid He Ling’s kick, but a triangle shaped fabric attracted my attention.

It was a black laced underwear and it was even semi-translucent! Did Xiao Qin force you to wear it or do you wear it on a normal basis? I feel like it’s more likely to be the latter.

Because I was distracted by He Ling’s s.e.xy underwear, my left shoulder received a heavy kick. Luckily, I flexed my muscles in time to take the hit head on.

He Ling finally realized what happened and covered her b.r.e.a.s.t.s. She took a step back and the bread in her mouth also fell onto the ground.

Niu s.h.i.+Li, who was behind me, was about to enter the gates but he was at a loss at the events that transpired in front of him.

I turned around to find the initiator, Xiao Qin who was hiding behind a telephone pole. Xiao Qin also saw me and s.h.i.+vered, she turned her heels around and ran away at an astonis.h.i.+ng rate.

“Ye Lin cla.s.smate is awful!” Xiao Qin yelled out loud before she escaped, “Do you like b.r.e.a.s.t.s that much even when you already have me?!”

Seeing the one who was monitoring her run away, He Lin glared at me before running away herself.

The only ones left at the scene was me, Niu s.h.i.+Li, and the security guard who was watching us through the windows of his security guard booth.

“Niu s.h.i.+Li. The girl running at you earlier was forced by someone else to be your girlfriend. You have to see the truth.”

Since everything happened so suddenly and I blocked the way, Niu s.h.i.+Li didn’t even see what He Ling looked like, but he was unhappy by what I said.

“Ye Lin, what do you mean? Are you mocking me and saying there aren’t any girls who would willingly be my girlfriend?”

“No, don’t misunderstand.” I said quickly, “You’re a member of the team that can’t be lost before Wednesday’s game, I’m protecting you.”

“I don’t need you to protect me. Wait until after Wednesday’s game when you have to drink Fu Yan Jie.”

In the end, I wasn’t able to practice basketball on Sunday as Niu s.h.i.+Li formed teams and did 3v3 practice while leaving me left out. I ran a few laps around the track and treated it as some stamina training.

I heard some good news right when I got to school on Monday.

The basketball and volleyball finals were supposed to be held at the same time, but the listened to some of the students’ suggestions and separated them into morning and afternoon matches. It would make it easier for everyone to watch and cheer for their cla.s.s (It’s great for cla.s.s 2-3 who made it into both the basketball and volleyball finals).

It means after I finish the basketball match in the morning, I can watch the cla.s.s leader play volleyball in the afternoon.

But if I lost my match, I would be too ashamed to go and cheer for the cla.s.s leader. Plus, if I lost my bet to Niu s.h.i.+Li and drank Fu Yan Jie, I might not even be able to go to cla.s.s.

Even if that was the case, I was still imagining the cla.s.s leader’s youthful body when playing volleyball while sneaking glances at her seat.

Huh, why does the cla.s.s leader seem down today? She was resting her head in her hand while not looking in the direction where the teacher was pointing.

I didn’t really take it too seriously. I thought maybe the cla.s.s leader was on her period.

On the next day, Tuesday, even inattentive students could tell the cla.s.s leader wasn’t at her best.

Shu Sha usually put a lot of weight on our cla.s.s’ reputation, but when she was telling the cla.s.s to wear our uniforms and cheer for our cla.s.s, her tone was monotonous and she seemed exhausted.

After cla.s.s, I went to ask Shu Zhe if something happened to the cla.s.s leader. It turns out Shu Zhe was completely oblivious about the matter and said his sister came home a bit late these days. He said she would also head out after dinner, but his sister was always busy so it didn’t seem strange to him.

How does that not seem strange? Why would you head out at night when you know there are hoodlums out there who want to get revenge? What’s she doing late at night and why is her mood getting worse?

I was puzzled and wanted to ask the cla.s.s leader directly, but thought she wouldn’t tell me.

It began to drizzle on Tuesday night.

A small light shower of rain.

I opened the window and enjoyed the moist air I haven’t felt for a while, then I heard our home phone ring.

“h.e.l.lo.” The caller ID was familiar, but I couldn’t remember who it was.

“Is it Ye Lin? It’s Xiao Ding from the pet hospital.” I suddenly remembered after he introduced himself. I can’t let him find out I’ve been playing LOL recently or he’s going to cut off our relations.h.i.+p.

I looked at the caller ID and Xiao Ding was calling from the hospital’s phone.

“It’s already past 7, are you working overtime?”

“Yeah, it’s only me and Dr. Zhao here, so it’s normal to work overtime…” Xiao Ding paused for a bit, “Ye Lin, if it’s convenient for you, come over right now. Shu Sha isn’t in a good state right now.”

Huh, the cla.s.s leader is at the pet hospital? What does Xiao Ding mean when he said she isn’t in a good state? Is she sick? But even if she’s sick, why is a veterinarian telling me that?

Xiao Ding had work at hand, so he hung up after telling me. I didn’t have anything to do at the moment, so I grabbed an umbrella and walked downstairs.

It wasn’t easy to hitch a cab in the rain. It wasn’t far, so I decided to close the umbrella and run to the pet hospital.

My shoulders and hair was soaked as I pushed open the gla.s.s door to the pet hospital. I saw the cla.s.s leader leaning against an IV stand, carrying a furry black object with red eyes.

It turns out the sick dog that the cla.s.s leader was taking care of finally couldn’t refuse the beckoning of death and ended its journey in this world.

The cla.s.s leader must have come out late at night to take care of the little black dog. But even if you were meticulous in taking care of the dog, there are some lives you still can’t save and I understood.

As I walked in, Xiao Ding and Dr. Zhao, who were standing behind the cla.s.s leader, both sent meaningful glances at me.

“Neither of us could say anything.” Dr. Zhao stuck one hand into his gown and said, “It’s been an hour since he stopped breathing, but Shu Sha won’t let us touch the corpse. I feel bad I couldn’t cure his illness, but it’s summer right now, and we can’t keep a bacteria-laden corpse here.”

As far as I know, according to the laws preventing animal diseases, stray dogs kept by pet hospitals that die from sickness have to be sent to the city’s incinerators to be cremated. The pet hospitals that have agreements with medical schools will send the corpses there for research.

I felt it wasn’t unreasonable to have the little black dog cremated. Right now land is really expensive in China, even dead people can’t get buried, so why would a dog get to be buried?

But I could understand why the cla.s.s leader was crying without regards for others.

Although the little black dog wasn’t the cla.s.s leader’s dog, she still took care of it like it was her dog.

It might have been a frail stray mutt, but the cla.s.s leader didn’t despise it. Every time the dog was critically ill, the cla.s.s leader would put the dog when it was getting an IV drip and use love to encourage the dog.

But the little black dog’s life finally came to an end. It was inevitable since medical skills aren’t omnipotent, no matter how much effort you give, the end will still come.

I felt empathetic when I saw the cla.s.s leader shriveled up behind the IV stand.

It’s different than turtles and goldfish. It’s much more of a shock to their owners when cats or dogs die.

Especially if it was the first time.

Shu Sha, who was wailing over a dead puppy, laid bare her frail self in front of me. Someone who was as clean as her even used her dust covered hand to wipe her eyes.

“Cla.s.s leader.” I walked behind her and spoke carefully, “Everyone tried their best, but the little black dog won’t come back to life. Let’s let Dr. Zhao take care of the proceeding matters, okay?”

The cla.s.s leader slightly turned her head and looked at me with her red eyes. She opened her mouth like she wanted to say something, but tears began pouring out her eyes again.

“Don’t cry.” I persuaded, “I have experience dealing with this. You can have a chat with me and maybe feel a bit better.”

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