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Chapter 149: For The Sake of You Part 2

No matter how many thousand times hate, love, and frustration revolve in his head, it's only a brief moment of staring.  On the underground level, the five of them are walking briskly in order to not waste time to search for the next victim.

Right now, there are less than 12 minutes left to L's countdown.

Zhang Fu Cai doesn't give up.  He follows them and nags, "Fellow officers, can you guide me out of here first?  If you don't find the others, are we all just going to die?"

The three men don't bother answering him.  Su Mian turns around and glances at him, "If you want to leave, find your own way out then.  If you continue to complain, see if I'll beat you up."

Zhang Fu Cai doesn't dare to leave by himself.  What he has experienced today is like a nightmare.  He shuts his mouth quickly and follows them from behind.

At the front, they're nearing another construction area.  The five of them walk past a wide corridor. Han Chen is at the very front of the group.  He is a bit stunned before turning around.

Everybody halts their footsteps and follows his gaze to see what's there.

Beside the corridor, there are three thick columns standing supporting the ceiling.  The paint is still fresh, the smell stinging their noses.

"What's the matter?" Ding Jun asks.  It's been the most strenuous for him out of them all; his forehead is already covered with sweat.

Han Chen and Xu Si Bai both remain quiet.  Su Mian gets it right away, but she's shocked from the thought of it, "You guys are suspecting that someone is sealed inside a column?"  The person who's in a tight s.p.a.ce?

Xu Si Bai and Han Chen exchange gazes.  As usual, they have nothing to say to each other.  Xu Si Bai reaches out his hand and brushes it against the column while saying indifferently, "The paint is still a bit wet, which means it was done not long ago.  In order to prepare for the crime, those people must have come in at an earlier time. It's possible that this paint wasn't left behind by the workers."

Su Mian is a bit stunned as she glances at Xu Si Bai.  Han Chen, on the other hand, grabs the emergency fire hammer and shouts, "Move aside."

Su Mian retreats to a spot behind him, and Xu Si Bai also steps back.

"Bang!" a loud sound that startles all five of them.

It turns out that the column is like made of bean curd; it breaks in one blow, revealing the stuffings inside; there are actually sponges, styrofoam, and even plastic bags.


Ji Zi Chang doesn't know how long he's been in the dark.

He just feels that it's becoming more and more difficult to breathe and that he's starting to lose his consciousness.  If someone doesn't come to save him, he believes that he might die soon.

He is one of City Lan's youngest and most talented architect.  He has received many awards for his designs. But he never thought that he would go against his conscience for this peninsula project and help the He Family with falsifying the results.  This has been a dark spot in his heart. Every time he thinks about the possibility of the building collapsing one day, he would feel like he's suffocating like this.

Therefore, is he being punished today due to this?

He feels very depressed in his heart.

In a blur, he hears some noises.  There are voices, sounds of footsteps, and then a loud strike.  But it's not coming from the column that he's in.

He opens his eyes right away and starts to twist his body vigorously while shouting with all his might, "I'm in here!  I'm in here! Please save me! Can you hear me?"

"Bang!——" a loud sound comes from above his head.  The sealed off prison is broken into letting light penetrate through instantly.  He feels a vast amount of fresh air rus.h.i.+ng into his lungs. He sees a couple of worried faces appear outside of the column.

Ji Zi Chang is almost in tears: finally, I'm saved, aren't I?


They knocked down three columns before finding this person.  Han Chen and Xu Si Bai help him out of the column standing on each side.  Zhang Fu Cai obviously knows him, "Zi Chang! How come you were……" He keeps himself at a distance, but seeing Ji Zi Chang's ruffled clothes and pale face, he's a bit afraid.

Su Mian gives him a once-over.

He's in his thirties wearing a simple looking s.h.i.+rt and suit.  He looks quite handsome. It's just that he's covered in dirt, making him look rather miserable.

"Thank you!  Thank you!" he says repeatedly.  Compared to Zhang Fu Cai, he's a lot nicer.

Han Chen and the rest of them cut to the chase.  Ding Jun asks, "What should we do now?" Han Chen lifts his head and looks toward Zhang Fu Cai and Ji Zi Chang directly.

"Where are the other four?" he asks.

The two of them are stunned.

Ji Zi Chang's mouth moves, "They're……"  Zhang Fu Cai interrupts right away, "How would we know where they are?  Fellow officer, we're out of time. Hurry and get us out of here."

But to his surprise, Han Chen, Su Mian, and Xu Si Bai all look at him coldly.

"How could you not know?" Han Chen says indifferently, "Aren't they also hidden in areas with construction problems?"


Above ground.

The sun is blazing.

But all four acts have ended.  The black curtains close and don't reopen again.  The square is filled with noises from the crowd.

And then A appears on the screen again.

He's wearing the clown mask as usual and his eyes carrying a hint of a smile as usual.  He looks into the camera and actually murmurs to himself first, "It's finally over. L's screenplay is too long….." and then he clears his throat and says out loud, "Now, I need to ask you two questions."

The square falls into silence.

The smile in A's eyes grow deeper, "Mmhm……of course, these people on stage are just actors whom we've hired.  The real ones are underneath your feet and are trying their hardest to escape. And four officers are helping them right now.  Therefore, my first question is: do you think that they should be saved? I'll let you all decide."

Discussions start in the crowd again.

"No!  No, they shouldn't!" many voices say.  Gradually, the voices become louder and the majority of the people support this decision.

For the sake of your own desire, they actually dare risk everybody else's lives.  If an accident does happen in the future, how many lives will it take? How many families will it destroy?

A is clearly very satisfied with the answer as he lets out a small laugh and answers, "Okay, as you wish.  They will die below ground. Second question: should the super project still exist in this world?"

The majority of the crowd understands now.  The "super project" mentioned in the play is the construction project at the peninsula in front of their eyes.

"No, it shouldn't!"

"No, it shouldn't!"

"Take it apart!  Imprison them!"

This time, the shouting is more fierce.

And A is having a great time as he nods firmly like he's a judge at the court, "Okay, I'll do as you wish as well."

At this point, everyone has more or less realized what's going on.  And once they make the connection to T's case, which impacted City Lan greatly, almost everyone believes that the criminals here will also punish the wrong just like T did.  Their goal is to carry out justice on those individuals who might have caused thousands of lives in the future!

But unexpectedly, A speaks suddenly.

"Ha!…..don't tell me you guys think that we're here to carry out justice, do you?

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