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Chapter 151: S's Spirit + mini side story

In Xie Jun Ai's heart, his memories of S is clear like a painting that never fades in color.

He clearly remembers that the first time S said those words was during dusk.  The few of them were sitting at a bar counter.  The bar was opened by R; it was quiet and empty.  There was always a smell similar to blood permeating the air.

At the time, R was wiping behind the counter with T helping him.  The others were playing darts.  S was in his usual suit; his s.h.i.+rt was unb.u.t.toned at the top making him look more casual and gentle.

He was drinking absinthe, but his gaze was sober like the morning or moonlight.

He said, "Don't ever blame yourself.  The most frightening thing in the world is not us few psychopaths, it's the majority of normal people and their desires."

Everybody was quiet.  He poured another gla.s.s of wine and said slowly, "It's just that we have already lost our ability to hide our desires whereas they are able to hide theirs."

And after that, many mornings and many nights, A would think of his words and feel unbearable pain.


In the dimly lit room, the noises from the square sound as if it's right next to him.

A raises his head and looks into the camera.  If anyone were to look closely, one would notice that A is showing a self-mocking smile carrying sadness.

He thinks quietly by himself: it's just like what I said, and I'm not lying to you guys.  Those who are about to kill you all are not us seven-member organization. At the end of the day, it's somebody among you with the greediest desires.

Han Chen, Su Mian, and Xu Si Bai who are underground are the same.  Can you see the filthiness of people's hearts now?

Therefore, this grand performance is to tell everybody one truth——the mentally ill may have been born differently, but the most frightening thing is not us.

It's yourselves.


This is a memorial to S.


"Be careful!" Su Mian shouts.

But it's too late.

Ji Zi Chang has been running too fast and didn't pay attention to what's below him as he steps into a hole filled with water in the mud, splas.h.i.+ng himself dirty.

Han Chen reaches out his hand and pulls him out.  He smiles, "I'm fine." He kicks his feet to shake away the muddy water and wipes his face with his palm.  But probably because he was putting his hand on the wall for support, his face is covered with dark dust. His handsome face becomes dirty immediately.

But he doesn't seem to care as he looks ahead and points, "It should be there!"

Han Chen and Su Mian look over at the same time.

The three of them are 2 levels underground at a faraway construction site near the edge right now.  There are only dim lights above their heads. There's a corner stuffed with construction materials in front of them.

Probably because their voices can be heard, someone actually shouts from behind the pile of materials, "Help!  Help! I'm over here……"

It's a woman's voice.

"The major wall over here is not up to standards," Ji Zi Chang explains, "so if anything happens in the future, this area will definitely be the weakest point."

He and Han Chen rushes toward the pile of materials and start to remove them.  Su Mian helps them while she confirms in her head that this is the only female hostage in the clip——the Peninsula Hotel Group's PR manager, Chen Su Lin.

They soon help Chen Su Lin out of the pile.

Just like Ji Zi Chang, she looks like an intelligent working woman with wealth but is in a wreck right now.

"You are police officers?  Thank you!" tears run down her cheeks as she chokes.  Su Mian supports her body. Chen Su Lin then looks toward Ji Zi Chang, "Zi Chang, where are the others?  Where is the young CEO?"

"I'm not too sure.  We are trying our best to save them," Ji Zi Chang answers.

His voice sounds indifferent.  Su Mian glances at him. Compared to his cooperation with her and Han Chen, he seems a bit cold toward Chen Su Lin.

Su Mian doesn't say anything.  Han Chen pretends that he doesn't see this and looks at Ji Zi Chang, "Where's the other one?"

"Level 1, right below the central square.  That area also has problems with sustaining weight," he says calmly and convincingly.  But right after he finishes, Chen Su Lin's expression changes as she glances at him.

Everybody knows what Chen Su Lin is thinking about.  Han Chen and Ji Zi Chang ignores her reaction and continues running toward the path to ascend one level.  Su Mian follows behind. She takes a look at Chen Su Lin's complicated and scared expression and feels that it's laughable.

It's so laughable.

They make it to the first level. Ahead of them is a s.p.a.cious store with many racks standing.  There are a few rooms with their doors closed right beside the aisle. Ji Zi Chang guides them to one of the storage rooms.  He knocks on the wall, looks up and says, "It should be somewhere near."

Han Chen asks, "Let's check our watch.  How many minutes are left?"

Su Mian and Ji Zi Chang look down at their watches at the same time.  Chen Su Lin isn't wearing one, so she looks at theirs. Su Mian is wearing a watch provided by the station.  It's digital and the counter shows that they have 4 minutes and 20 seconds left. She lifts her head and looks at Ji Zi Chang.  He has one arm on the wall while he rolls up his sleeves to look at his watch. Although there is sweat on the back of his hand, his palms are fair white, and his nails are tidy.  His watch's faceplate is also clean and s.h.i.+ny as a mirror; it's a big brand-name Swiss watch. The patterns on the plate are intricate; it's probably a very complex watch. Therefore, he takes a look at it and announces the time precisely, "12:13:35."

Han Chen nods, "We still have 4 minutes and 15 seconds."

Now that they've checked the time, all three of their expresses are determined.

"Move aside," Han Chen says coldly.

Su Mian and Ji Zi Chang back away at the same time.  Chen Su Lin stands even further back. Han Chen lifts his leg and kicks the door hard.  The storage room opens with a thump.

"Ah——" a voice screams.  A young man tied inside looks up in fright.  He immediately shows joy on his face once he sees who they are.  Chen Su Lin rushes to his side, "Ya Yao!" Ji Zi Chang rushes over as well and helps untie him, "Young CEO!"

The fourth hostage is saved——the Young CEO of the Peninsula Hotel Group, He Ya Yao.


"What should we do now?" Ji Zi Chang asks.

The five of them stand at the doorway of the storage room.  Su Mian is standing beside Han Chen; Chen Su Lin is holding onto He Ya Yao's arm to give him support; Ji Zi Chang is standing in the middle.

Han Chen looks at the three of them, "Let's meet up with the others first.  Which way can we go to get out?"

The three of them exchange gazes.  He Ya Yao is pretty calm as he nods and answers, "The mall hasn't officially opened yet, so the exits to above ground are sealed.  We can't get out right now. Only at the third level……" he pauses, "There is an emergency elevator that can reach above ground."

"Yes," Chen Su Lin agrees.

Han Chen and Su Mian look at Ji Zi Chang.  He nods as well, "That is indeed the only way to get out."

"Let's go," Han Chen says swiftly.  Su Mian and he turn around and go downstairs first.


There are 2 minutes left.

Su Mian doesn't know if they'll make it out in time, or if they will be able to meet up with Xu Si Bai and the others again.  She and Han Chen are leading the pack. A dark landing of the stairs is just in front of them; only an emergency light is on at the corner, making this underground world seem gloomy.  She looks up at Han Chen's face.

He's deep in thoughts as he turns to look at her.

In the dark, they seem to be talking through their eyes.

The other three are a few steps behind them.  Han Chen yanks his arm and pulls her into his embrace.  They turn at the corner and disappear from the others briefly.

"Be careful of them," he whispers, "especially that person."

"Mm," Su Mian agrees.  She has noticed everything that he says.  In the dimly lit s.p.a.ce, she sees that his lips are dry from being dehydrated, but his pupils are pitch black.

They exchange gazes for a second before the other three catch up to them.

They s.h.i.+ft their eyes and continue moving.

They make it to level 3 soon.

Based on their directions, they need to retrace their footsteps and walk past an unfinished parking lot before arriving at the emergency elevator.

It's just that……

Su Mian raises her head and looks to the front.

If all of the hostages are saved, what is the seven-member organization's next step?

They once used explosives, wax figures, and heart extraction to create panic in the city.  Therefore, they will definitely bring even more panic this time. It's targeted toward the people at the Peninsula, as well as her and Han Chen.

What could cause an even bigger panic?

This question hits her heart.  As if she's possessed, a phrase floats into her mind.

That person said, the most frightening thing in the world is not us few psychopaths, it's the majority of normal people and their hearts that they've hidden so deeply.


They are on full alert.  The three behind them have their own plans.

They reach a corner.  Chen Su Lin glances at He Ya Yao; they see the complicated look of darkness in each other's eyes.  They then look at Ji Zi Chang. The emotion in Ji Zi Chang's eyes change a few times, but he remains quiet.

That person's words at the time they were kidnapped float across their minds at the same time.

They were blindfolded, so they couldn't see that person's face.  They could only hear his deep and indifferent voice.

He said, "We're not interested in knowing whether or not you've committed a crime.  And we don't have the time to punish you. Our goal is those few police officers. We just want them to experience the pain of being stabbed by the people they save.

But even if we don't tell you, you guys are going to do this anyway, aren't you?  Those officers carry out justice and cannot be bribed. Once they make it above ground, everything regarding this construction will be exposed under the sun.  And you guys will be destined to go to jail. Do people like you rather die or go to jail?

Only if you kill them will you guys have a future and be able to cover all this up.  This underground mall is under my full control. And only if you kill them will I give you guys a chance to live."


Chen Su Lin gives He Ya Yao a look.  Her standpoint is clear: they only have 2 people.  Although they have guns, they won't be prepared for it, so they still have a chance.  Furthermore, it's not like they have another way out.

He Ya Yao thinks for a moment before nodding with determination, hinting that he will find an opportunity.  They look toward Ji Zi Chang again, who still hasn't made a decision yet.

Ji Zi Chang's eyes carry stubbornness.  He looks at his boss stubbornly, clearly not agreeing with the plan.  But this obviously isn't He Ya Yao's first time forcing his own plans onto him; it's also not the first time for him to disregard his principles.  They look at each other directly. Ji Zi Chang's expression is stiff, but he shows agreement in the end.

The alliance is complete.

Chen Su Lin and He Yao Yao speed up their walking to follow closer.  Ji Zi Chang, on the other hand, is at the end; his face still shows a depressed look.

After a while, Ji Zi Chang looks at the ceiling not far away without the other two noticing.

In the pitch black corner, there's a small camera.  And he suddenly reveals a sly smile to the camera.


Mini Side Story: Heartless Cold Face Final Part

The story returns to that night when the moon was high and pa.s.sion filled the air……

Cold Face dashes out of the kickboxing stadium, wanting to chase after her.  But he doesn't see her anywhere after running for a while. It's not until he arrives below the medical office building that he sees the lights on at her office.

Cold Face smiles suddenly.

Xia Zi Qi's face is burning red even after returning to the office.  But her emotions are definitely not as worked up as Cold Face. Warmth, sweetness, uncertainty…..and the occasional encounters with him as usual like the past few months.

Let's just leave it like that, she thinks.  Being friends is quite good. There's no way for them to advance further.  With Cold Face's personality, how can he possibly advance a relations.h.i.+p with a woman……

Just as she's deep in her thoughts, she hears two knocks on the door.

It's deep and powerful.

Xia Zi Qi feels strange: who could it be in the middle of the night?

"Who is it?" she asks raising her voice.

"Cold……" the man outside pauses and corrects himself, "Chi Chen."

They look at the door as if they can see each other.

Xia Zi Qi's heart pounds……What is he doing here?

The door opens slowly.  He's standing in the moonlight; tall and straight.  His short black hair is a little damp from sweating; it seems as if steam is emitting from his body.  He's staring at her with his rich brown eyes.

Xia Zi Qi can't look at him directly; especially in the night with just the two of them.  A certain feeling of nervously and heat seem to permeate the air.

She turns around and goes inside without looking at him, "Is something up?"

Cold Face follows her in without a word and closes the door behind him.

Xia Zi Qi's heart is beating faster.  She can't decide where to stand, so she returns to her seat pretending to flip through a book.  Seeing him stand in front of her desk and not saying anything, she asks, "You're……looking for me for something?"

Cold Face remains quiet for a moment.

He pulls out his hands from his pockets and presses them on the table suddenly.  He leans over slowly. He's tall, to begin with, so it looks as if he's encasing her by standing below the light like this.

"Why ask the obvious?" his deep and slightly raspy voice says above her head.

Xia Zi Qi's mind is going crazy——what is the "obvious"?  What happened? She simply handed him a bottle of water from Bai Jin Xi's request.  Could it be that he knows her feelings just from this?

That's not surprising though.  He is one of the top detectives in the Black s.h.i.+eld Team.

"How come you remember my name?" his raspy voice says carrying a hint of a smile.

Cold Face wants to be clear.  If he doesn't say things clearly, he's not a man.

But this question stumps Xia Zi Qi, so she responds as a matter of fact, "Ah……I remember everybody's name at the station.  You're Chi Chen. There's also Zhou Xiao Zhuan, and Chatterbox's name is s.h.i.+ Heng……"

Before she finishes, she sees the man's expression change slightly.

Xia Zi Qi asks, "What's the matter?"

Cold Face is speechless, "……"

Xia Zi Qi senses the aura from the man across from her change suddenly.  When he entered the place just now, he was really imposing. This overbearing pose and his simple words, "why ask the obvious?", it was just……he was like a wolf revealing its claws suddenly.  He was super cool, handsome, and arrogant.

But right now, he's standing quietly like he's back to his usual quiet, stubborn, yet dependable investigator Cold Face.

Xia Zi Qi feels her heart go soft toward him.  Why does she feel pity toward him right now? But she can't pinpoint what's causing her heart to ache.

It can't be……it can't be because she can remember other men's names and so he's jealous about it, can it?….. That's impossible.  That's definitely impossible.

Many thoughts spin in her mind.  Cold Face is also in a tough position.

He originally wanted to make things clear.  No matter what she responds with, he would say, "Do you like me?  I like you."

But he never thought that she would also know Chatterbox's name.

Lightning strikes.

And he's not good with words; Xia Zi Qi is also not good with words.  The two of them stay still for a while until she changes the subject, "Today, just now……you didn't get hurt, did you?"

Of course, he didn't.

Right before Cold Face answers, he lifts his eyes and sees her glowing eyes in the light.  He swallows the words in his throat.

"My hand hurts," he says calmly.

Xia Zi Qi becomes worried immediately.  She gets up and holds his hand, " Let me take a look."

This is the moment Cold Face has been waiting for!  He has decided not to confess his love. Instead, he will take action!

Xia Zi Qi touches the back of his hand, but before she can react, it grabs her hand!

Xia Zi Qi looks up at him in a daze.

He looks down at her quietly.

She can feel her breathing becoming harder.  She says almost whispering, "What……do you want to do?"

Cold Face, "I want to……"


Below the window outside of the apartment.

Su Mian is using all her might to squeeze in for a good spot.  But Chatterbox is born to be nosy, so there's no way that he will give in; he blocks her off standing in the front.  Xiao Zhuan is speechless seeing the two of them. He lowers his voice, "Sigh, be gentle, you two! Don't let them see.  Since he's holding her hand, Cold Face will kiss her soon! Don't ruin it for them!"

If Cold Face can't notice the noise, he definitely can't sustain his "traditional investigation" skills.  He pauses but doesn't turn around. It's because he knows it's useless. Those three will always have a way to peek inside.  Furthermore, it'll just scare Xia Zi Qi and cause her to back away.

Although he's not good with words, he's decisive.  He says to her softly immediately, "Someone is outside eavesdropping.  Let's go into the room." He twists the k.n.o.b to open the door while still grabbing onto her hand.

Xia Zi Qi is still feeling a bit dizzy from being grabbed by him.  "Okay," she answers and then……is guided into the room by him. The door closes.

But what is this room?

It's a storage room.

They embrace each other as they enter.  Cold Face now realizes that it's stuff with many different things; there's only enough room for them to stand.  But he actually pushes her against the wall just like that.

Cold Face feels worked up all of a sudden.

The words that Xiao Zhuan often says floats into his mind: G.o.d-like a.s.sist.

He can't deny that after working together for so long, for once, he's not being taken advantage of by them.  Instead, he's actually getting a G.o.d-like a.s.sist!

Xia Zi Qi notices the ambiguous atmosphere.  The light is dim and he's too close to her, almost leaning against her body……She asks nervously, "Who's outside?"

"The few of them from my team."

"What are they doing here?"

Cold Face thinks for a second and answers objectively, "Chatting, and joining in on the fun."

"Oh……" Xia Zi Qi asks softly, "What are they chatting about?"

Before she finishes, he lowers his head and stares at her.  His eyes are deep causing one to lose their thoughts. His face is actually showing a hard to read smile.

G.o.d-like a.s.sist.  This is an absolutely amazing and perfect G.o.d-like a.s.sist.

"They're chatting about……" he answers slowly, "Cold Face is about to kiss."



Next day.

Xia Zi Qi keeps feeling uncomfortable after going to work.

It's probably because……cough, cough…her lips are swollen from kissing.

And as a member of the Black s.h.i.+eld Team, although he's busy night and day, Xia Zi Qi discovers that he's actually able to show up any time he pleases now that they're together.

In the morning, he drives to her place to pick her up for work.

Even when he had driven her home the night before at 3 am.

When they arrive at the office, he takes out a thermos with soup from the trunk and gives it to her.

Xia Zi Qi opens her eyes wide, "You……Why did you make soup for me?  Did you get any sleep last night?" Although she has heard about his superb soup making skills, happiness seems to come too suddenly, so she's still very surprised.

Cold Face doesn't say anything.  Why did he make soup for her? It was because Su Mian texted him last night saying: "Congrats!  Congrats! Cold Face, remember to make more soup for your little doctor. Then you'll be able to hold onto her heart forever."

This is exactly what Cold Face wants.

And last night……

"Mm.  I didn't sleep," he answers, "I couldn't sleep."

Xia Zi Qi holds onto the thermos feeling as if happiness is overflowing.  And the truth is……she was in the same state. She was thinking of this man the whole night, and her eyes were open till dawn came.

At noontime, although everybody eats in the cafe, the medical team's table has never had much contact with the Black s.h.i.+eld Team.

But today, Xia Zi Qi watches him carrying a plate full of food and thinks: he eats so much——under everybody's gaze, he walks directly to the medical team's table and sits down.  He even says to the other girls beside her, "Move down please."

The entire cafeteria of people watch the whole event and it's as if they want to say, "Holy s.h.i.+t!"  Everybody watches the two of them; Xia Zi Qi's face is red like it's bleeding. But there's more embarra.s.sment to come.  The other members of the Black s.h.i.+eld Team are also coming to sit with the medical team's table. Zhou Xiao Zhuan chuckles and says, "We're all family, we're all family, so no need to be polite!"  Su Mian whispers directly into her ear, "Little Doctor, you'll have to get used to this. The men at Black s.h.i.+eld Team are unruly and don't care about what other people think. Isn't that embarra.s.sing?  Let me tell you, there are more embarra.s.sing things. Cold Face is……" Before she can finish, Han Chen pulls her back.


If she counts the days, today is her eighth day together with Cold Face.

They spend very little time together each day.  But each day is filled with sweetness.

It's afternoon.  Xia Zi Qi spreads herself across the table looking at the blue sky outside the window.  In the courtyard, many officers are heading toward a mission; many are running hurriedly.  The medical office is especially quiet. She turns her head and starts watching the news airing on the TV.

The square at the peninsula is being held hostage.  The police are attempting to save them. Apparently, a building has collapsed and there are people buried underneath.

At the same time, there's another piece of news: a subway train is being held hostage, but the situation is not clear.

Xia Zi Qi closes her eyes and buries her head in her arms.

She waits from morning till night time.

Cold Face still isn't back yet.

Cold Face, when exactly are you coming back?

(End of Cold Face's mini series)

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