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Chapter 4.2 – Escape From Delos Island

Looking back, Adelos saw his mother wielding a bronze spear circling around the black snake. His brother, Apollo drew his silver bow and shot arrows after arrows.

Just that… Apollo was too young, his strength insignificant like an ant compared to the python. The arrow landing on the python did not cause any trace of damage, only a slight itch.

"Go, Artemis. Once you leave, we'll be able to escape easier." The gentle breeze carried the voice of Asteria as it echoed in Artemis' ear.

Artemis stared intensely at the colossal python from a distance. She engraved the image deep in her mind before untying the coiled rope tied around the pole. Grunting, she pushed the boat into the water and like strings of arrows ready to fly, the boat quickly rushed out.

Adelos and Artemis figure soon dimmed from the island till they could no longer be seen.

Artemis looked back every now and then, tender eyes looking at the island she knew as her only home. "Mother… Aunt Asteria… Apollo… please be safe… you must stay alive…"

Though aware Apollo and Leto were capable of handling themselves, Adelos grew solemn and despondent over the matter. He pulled on Artemis' arm and leaned on her chest as he made a secret vow.

I must improve my strength as soon as possible. No longer will I allow this to happen once again.

After travel long a certain distance, the island suddenly rose from the sea. A dark, murky, cloud soon formulated high above the azure followed by a smog of smoke. All was hazy at first before the whole island disappeared. It was replaced by angelic G.o.ddess dressed in plain clothing. The G.o.ddess, she looked much like a bewitching beauty. She held an elegant aura and was more beautiful than Leto, the night G.o.ddess. Especially those pairs of dark starry eyes, it'd cause many a man to grow intoxicated.

Adelos had never seen her before but he knew her to be the G.o.ddess of falling star, Asteria.

She held a longbow and drew it high. Pulling the strings back, dozens of arrows released and shot out like a lightning bolt.

The python had no route of escape as the arrow contained with divine power struck the middle of its head.

The python screeched, roaring in pain as its tail threw Leto and Apollo many feet away. Beset with fury, the python rushed towards Asteria.

Apollo rushed forward and drew his bow only to be met with the tyrannical force of the python's tail. He was sent flying away. As there was no island to stand upon, Apollo crashed directly into the blue sea.

Asteria avoided the python's attack. She quickly flew overhead and grabbed Apollo. She waved to Leto and swiftly flew to the other side.

Seeing the three figures fleeing, the python screamed and quickly chased after them.

Soon, their presence disappeared.

Artemis sighed and looked at her little brother. "Little Adelos, now it is only us. We have to live together, okay?"

Adelos smiled softly and comforted his elder sister. "Don't worry, Big Sis. Mother, Aunt Asteria, and Big Brother Apollo will be fine. Apollo once said that he'd help me find a G.o.ddess more beautiful than you to become my lawfully wedded wife, but I think he'll never find it."

He chuckled.

"In the future, Big Sister Artemis will definitely be the most beautiful G.o.ddess in the world."

When she heard him, Artemis choked and burst out in laughter. "What do you mean by in the future?" She grabbed his cheeks. "Isn't your big sister the most beautiful G.o.ddess right now?"

Adelos hurriedly retracted his statements. "I was wrong. Whether it is now or in the future, and even the past, my dearest sister will always be the most beautiful G.o.ddess I've ever seen."

Artemis smiled. "This little guy's mouth is really cheeky. Forget Apollo. I, Artemis will give you a good wife in the future."

"I want a lot of wives." His eyes brightened. "One to do laundry, one to cook sweet meals, one to serve me in bed… coughs…"

"Oh, this little guy is asking for so much. Looks like your big sister will have a lot of work to do."

The two siblings joked around to alleviate their worries as the boat drifted further and further away from the sea. Even the harsh wind and the rough seas stopped its work with means to listen to the jokes of brother and sister.

Two days later.

In the place where Delos Island once stood, two G.o.ds, one man, and one woman arrived at an empty sea.

Suddenly, the G.o.ddess in white tunic robe wailed. Her crying howl darkened the azure sky. The waves rumbled and the sea rolled over.

Far away in Atlantis, Poseidon, king of the seven seas heard the voice. A smile tugged the corner of his lips. Seems someone will soon be troubling Zeus.

"Oceanos, Tethys, come out." The male G.o.d donned gray chiton called the name of the two G.o.ds. The voice bellowed throughout the seven seas and many souls and sea creatures were surprised to hear the names called out.

Oceanos and Tethys were the monarchs among the G.o.ds and G.o.ddesses of the ocean and sea.

Though Poseidon was king of the sea goods, he stood no chance against the two t.i.tans who not only were overwhelming domineering and powerful, thousands of G.o.ds stood behind them. He can only situate himself in Atlantis. He'd never intervene in the affairs of the seven seas.

It's unimaginable the strength the two t.i.tans wield hence the surprise of many G.o.ds and sea creatures daringly call the names of the t.i.tans openly in the seven seas.

As the sound of the G.o.ddess' voice fell, two men and one G.o.d later made an appearance. They wore blue robes and walked over the raging waves. Behind were dozens of boys and girls fooling around.

"Coeus, what is it you ask me to do?"

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