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Chapter 5.1 – The t.i.tans Fall Apart

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When the sea G.o.ds, G.o.ddesses, and creatures heard the name Coeus, the whole seven seas fell in a sh.e.l.l shock intensity. He, Coeus was the embodiment of the celestial axis and the son of Gaia and Ura.n.u.s, the first King of G.o.ds. He, Coeus was the elder brother of Ocea.n.u.s and Tethys.

It is of no wonder he dare calls their name openly. Then, the G.o.ddess standing next to Coeus should be Phoebe. No wonder the intensity of her wailing cries was overbearingly tyrannical that it tore the seven seas apart.

"Ocea.n.u.s, I asked of you take care of the well-being of my daughter and grandchildren. You agreed, but look here, now my two daughters and grandchildren are gone!" Phoebe's face flushed with anger.

Ocea.n.u.s averted his gaze unable to concoct an excuse. Previously, he was occupied with matters of procreation with his wife in the sea. He put aside his duty and cared not for them. The dozens of newborn G.o.ds behind him were the fruits of his efforts over the years.

Next to him, Tethys persuaded her sister. "Sister Phoebe, worry not. I'll ask my daughters." Then, she turned around. "Did anyone see what happened?"

Behind her, a weakly, frail, and shy G.o.ddess spoke. "It was the colossal python. G.o.ddess Leto and her eldest son fled to the mainland alongside G.o.ddess Asteria. Her daughter, Artemis and the youngest son, Adelos took a boat and journeyed towards the far side of the sea. As for they where they went, I am unsure."

Hearing the name of the python, Phoebe gritted her teeth and rushed to her husband, Coeus. "I already said that Hera is a vile and sinister woman. Since she chased Leto once before, I warned you that there'll be a second time. You did not listen to me. If my daughter and her children meet an accident, I won't forgive you."

Coeus did not speak a word.

Hearing his wife, his countenance grew despondent and his eyes darkened.

He turned to Ocea.n.u.s, voice calm and soft, yet hinted otherwise. "Ocea.n.u.s, I asked of you to look after our little granddaughter and grandson. Find them. I will go to Olympus with Phoebe."

Ocea.n.u.s nodded.

"Do not worry. I will take care of them. What will you do in Olympia? Attack?" He questioned.

"Hera thought that when she became queen of the G.o.ds that she thinks she can step on us old G.o.ds. We will journey to Olympus and demand an explanation from Zeus and Hera."

"Are you not of the right mind? They are recognized by the G.o.ds and G.o.ddesses. Though their foundations are unstable they'll soon dominate the G.o.ds and living beings as Cronus once did. At this point, anyone who dares bring them embarra.s.sment will only meet death." Ocea.n.u.s persuaded Coeus.

Coeus remained impa.s.sive. "I am different from you. You have many children and thus would need to consider their safety. You endured when Métis was eaten by Zeus… but I only have two daughters, Leto and Asteria. For their safety, I am willing to risk my life."

The G.o.ddess of wisdom, Metis, was Ocea.n.u.s' favorite daughter and she was recognized by the G.o.ds as highly intelligent. She once advised Zeus in helping overthrow the rule of Cronus so he may rise and climb the throne as King of G.o.ds.

After Cronus' defeat, Zeus began pursuing Métis and she'd change her shape a many times to avoid his pursuit, but alas', the intelligent G.o.ddess grew infatuated with Zeus' love. As she bore his child, Zeus' seized the opportunity and swallowed her whole as Gaia prophesied the birth of her second born child will rise and grow to overthrow the throne of Zeus.

The incident occurred over a decade ago and none dare speak of it in front of Ocea.n.u.s. After hearing of it from Coeus, Ocea.n.u.s sighed, sorrow etched on his face.

Phoebe looked at Coeus after seeing Ocea.n.u.s' melancholic sorrow. "You say too many meaningly words. We must go to Olympus and demand justice for our daughter and her children."

Coeus nodded and the two t.i.tans left.

Thereafter, Tethys immediately ordered her children to find Artemis and Adelos in the seven seas.

The gloomy sky and rumbling waves reflected the mood of the two sea G.o.ds.

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