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Chapter 5.2 – The t.i.tans Fall Apart (Teaser)

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On Mount Olympus, Zeus wantonly enjoyed the songs and dances of the Nine Muses in the main hall. Suddenly, a gust of cool wind fell and touched Zeus' fleshy cheek.

"There is an enemy coming from the sea." He picked up his chalice and looked at Hera and Themis.

As he spoke, a domineering voice shouted. "Hera, come out!"

All G.o.ds on Mount Olympus suddenly felt a repressively overbearing pressure.

Zeus countenance turned unsightly where Hera donned a furious expression. She was born n.o.ble and now the Queen of G.o.ds. She did not expect anyone speak her name impolitely.

"Phoebe." Themis said.

Above the main hall, the figures of the two t.i.tans, Phoebe and Coeus appeared.

"Why have you come to Mount Olympus?" Zeus sipped on the chalice and smiled.

The G.o.ds familiar with Zeus knew his anger rose to new levels the more he smiled. He'd been crowned King of G.o.ds here in Mount Olympus for nearly a century and this is the first an uninvited guest knocked on their doors.

Phoebe snorted. "You seem happy. It is a pity my daughter Leto and her children and my grandchildren are being pursued by that d.a.m.ned python sent by Hera! Now, whether they lived or not remains unknown…"

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Supreme God Chapter 5.2 - Titans Fall Apart summary

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