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Chapter 702

「We're really sorry!」

The man who seemed to be a n.o.bleman, rubbed his head on the floor and begged for forgiveness next to Viscount Emmert, who had lashed out at Fran and leaked his pants at the mere intimidation

「My name is Lerian Chart. I am a Count of the Kingdom of Shallus!」

『So he really is a n.o.bleman… However, the Kingdom of Shallus?』

《It is a small country located on the coast of the southern part of the Kingdom of Kranzel. It produces several kinds of ore, but most of it is exported to other countries and used to import food》

Ooh, as expected of Announcer-san!

『So, it's a typical weak country with low national power huh?』

《Yes. Due to the small amount of flat land and the damage caused by salt, the country's self-sufficiency in food is low and food imports are putting a lot of pressure on their national budget》

Well, their ore was inedible after all. It seems that food-producing countries are taking advantage of this too.

『Do you think he may be plotting something?』

《Not enough information to answer that》

While I was exchanging information with Announcer-san, Count Chart continued to apologize, or should I say, making excuses.

「I apologize for the rudeness of this dimwit from my country. I don't know what he had said, but my country has nothing to do with what this man said! It's all just his nonsense and his own responsibility!」

『Uwaah… He ditched Emmert in one breath』

「What does this man have to do with your country?」

「H-he is not a man who should have the authority to be in a place like this. Even in my country, he is considered to be a sc.u.m, or should I say, trash…」

「Then, how can someone like him become a messenger?」

「W-well… It might be because of a slight blunder on His Majesty the new King's part… After all, this me doesn't need an adjutant like him either…」

In other words, he's not usually the kind of man to be given such important positions, but for some reason, this time he was given the role of a messenger to Fran? Did he bribe the king or something?

He did mention a new king before, so there's a possibility that it was because their country's policy has suddenly changed.

Count Chart must have known how stupid Emmert was. That must be the reason why he decided to put all the blame on the Viscount for causing problems outside the country.

Or perhaps, the reason why a piece of s.h.i.+t like Emmert is kept alive is to make him a sort of sacrifice to put the blame on when something goes wrong.

After all, this guy is clearly l.u.s.ting over something. Maybe they deliberately let him do this to make it easier to push the blame on him.

He can't pretend that his remarks didn't happen, but he can at least save his neck by putting all the blame on Emmert.

But I guess, he never expected the situation to go out of control like this.

「He said he was going to make me a knight. He even claimed that it was the word of the King」

「I-it must be a figure of speech」


「It is true that our king has taken an interest in you! And I'm sure he wants to make you a knight! But I was going to give up if you refused, and I have no intention of forcing you to be a knight!」

The last part, the part where he said that he would give up if Fran refused was a lie. But he's not lying about the part where he said that they won't force Fran to be a knight.

Originally, he must have planned to contact us again and again to have further discussions.

But it seems that Viscount Emmert, who was still sitting on his leak, got ahead of him and ruined it.

It seems they're not plotting on some conspiracies or something and this was just a forceful solicitation…

This is exactly when we have to use "that".

『Fran, show them "that"』


『I mean the medal we got from the Beastman Country』

(Ooh, I see)

We've been told that we can use this medal in this kind of situation. This is exactly when we have to make full use of it!

Fran then took out a golden medal from her dimensional storage and held it up high just like when lord Mito's escort shows up his family emblem.

(TLN: Ref. Mito Komon, see TLN in ch593 for more detail)

I even give Fran a line to say.

「Can't you see this medal!?」


Umu, I'm satisfied.

Nevertheless, it seemed that Count Chart knew about the Golden Beast Fang Medal. The moment he saw the medal, he looked even paler than before.

「You know what's this?」


He was already on his knees, so he couldn't lower his head any further, but he was still desperately rubbing his head on the floor.

But isn't he overreacting? It's not like we're some sort of important figure in the Beastman Country…

Well, for a weak country like their, a large country like the Beastman country is not something to be made enemy of. Besides, they've just made a blunder. No matter what we say, he's still trying to get down on his knees.

This should be enough to scare them off.

「Can I go now?」

「Yes! We're really sorry for the trouble we've caused!」

Count Chart stayed in a kneeling position until the end, and then he sent Fran off. I also lifted the wind barrier to silence Viscount Emmert from earlier, and an ugly scream could be heard along the hallway, but I'm sure Count Chart would do something about him. Or rather, he should!

『Well, they won't be coming back with this』


『We should report this to the adventurer's guild though. I'm sure they'll do something to prevent something like this』

After all, for someone as popular as Fran, this kind of thing might continue to happen in the future…

It has been a bit of a mess, but we made it back to our seats in time for the match we wanted to see.

『Next up is the match between Biscot and Dimitris' disciple. And there's Sibylla match today too』

「Nn. I'm looking forward to it」

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