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Chapter 771

771: Orfalve Falnis

「Hmm…… Though Weena Rhyn may be absent, you have some persons of power.」

The Dwarf Queen looked at Fran and Hilt while smiling confidently. Not a grin, but a smirk.

Her smile had some fierceness behind it, like a warrior's smile in the face of a foe.

「My name is Orfalve Falnis and I am the Queen of Snorabbit, land of the dwarves. Let me hear your names.」

It's a very superior att.i.tude, but considering that she's the queen of a large country, it still felt a bit too easy-going. This Dwarf Queen would be like if we took Mea and added some more dignity and charisma.

I'd say the Dwarf Queen was stronger than her too.

I just remembered now that the Dwarf Queen was counted among the Seven Sages along with Weena Rhyn.

If I remember correctly, they were: the three owners of the divine swords Alpha, Berserk, and Diabolos, also Weena Rhyn the high elf, the Ruler of the Demonkin, the Ruler of the Insectkin, and finally the Ruler of the Dwarves.

I heard that the t.i.tle was created by the countries that were in conflict with the guild to compete with the Rank S adventurers, but Weena Rhyn was really on that level.

That meant the other Seven Sages should not be underestimated either. This queen could also be of Rank S strength.

「I-I am Admiral Brunen Boer of the Belioth Royal Navy. It is an honor to meet you!」

「Indeed. You were here last time with Weena Rhyn, so I remember you. I look forward to working with you again.」

「Thank you, Your Majesty!」

Since her demeanor was backed by her aura of power, even Hilt and Fran did not seem to be bothered. They introduced themselves as normal.

「My name is Hiltoria, Your Majesty.」

Hilt bowed her head deeply. She had no courtesy skills, but her crisp movements were beautiful enough to be understood by whomever she was talking to.

「I knew it! I thought you looked like Dimitris!」

「Y-You know my grandfather?」

「Indeed, I have even faced him in a mock battle before. That was my first time almost getting killed by someone bare-handed! A great experience!」

Though she talked about getting beaten half to death, her face had nothing but a smile. She really thought it was a great experience. There's another combat maniac to throw on the pile.

I guess that makes her weaker than Dimitris? Actually, she said it was a mock battle, so it's possible that she wasn't utilizing her full strength. However, it did prove she was strong enough to enjoy a fight with Dimitris.

「Mm-hmm. You are indeed similar. There is no doubt you will reach his level in the future! I look forward to that day.」

Orfalve meant these as words of praise. However, Hilt's smile did not seem to be one of joy.

I suppose that is half happiness at being told that she will be as strong as Dimitris, and the other half is mixed at being told she resembles that unbound old man?

「I am Fran, an adventurer.」

「Hoho? Fran, you say?」

Orfalve's eyes narrowed immediately after hearing Fran's name. There was no sense of hostility, but there was a strange pressure in her eyes.

「A black cat, and yet impressive strength. Also you wield an enchanted sword with seemingly bottomless power…… Are you the Black Lightning Princess Fran?」


『Fran, you should say "Yes" there!』

But Orfalve didn't seem to care about Fran's impudence. She simply widened her smile and came closer to Fran.

「I see, so you are Fran! I am so glad to meet you! Fuhahaha!」


She patted Fran on the shoulder as if she was a familiar friend, then grabbed her firmly and gave a big smile. There was no malicious or harmful intent in her words, so Fran simply let her do so.

It seems that she knew Fran already. Maybe word of Fran has reached the land of the dwarves?

But that didn't turn out to be the case.

「I wanted to thank you once in person!」

「Thank me?」

I'm pretty sure we didn't do anything the Dwarf Queen would need to thank us for, right?

「Indeed. I am very grateful to you for saving my son-in-law.」


「Hmm? You were unaware? He is a dwarf named Garrus.」

「Garrus! The blacksmith?」

「That is correct. Not only did you save his life, but you also set him up with a divine blacksmith!」


「Garrus was always called a master craftsman among the dwarves, but now he is under the tutelage of a divine blacksmith. This may be the first step to our long-cherished dream of surpa.s.sing the divine swords! I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart! Come to our country any time, and you will be treated as a guest of honor!」

Isn't "guest of honor" a bit much? And Garrus was her son-in-law? Fran was also curious about that revelation.

「Garrus is your son-in-law? So you are Garrus' wife's mom?」

「That is correct.」

「……He's the husband of the queen's daughter? So is Garrus a n.o.ble? A prince?」

「Fuahahaha! Him, a prince! That's a good one! He is no prince, and no n.o.ble either! Besides, what is more important to us dwarves is that he is a talented blacksmith.」

In the land of the dwarves, being a member of the royal family didn't give you any real authority. Apparently, a skilled blacksmith like Garrus actually received more respect.

She seemed to be grateful to Fran for Garrus' opportunity to meet Alistair, the divine blacksmith, and to receive various teachings from her.

「How old are you, Queen?」

『Wait a――』


Before I could stop her, Brunen interrupted Fran with his face completely pale. I mean, who would ask a queen how old she is to her face?

But Orfalve didn't seem to mind and was laughing hysterically.

「Fuahahaha! I do often hear the other races find it hard to tell the age of dwarves! I will soon be 150 years old, the prime of my womanhood, you could say!」

For a dwarf whose life expectancy is around 300-400 years, she is probably considered young. Still, if she's 150 years old with that appearance…… they might be one of the youngest looking races aside from elves.

「Us dwarves are a race that reach adulthood quickly and maintain prime physical condition over a long period of time. It is not surprising that other races would be unable to recognize our ages.」

「Garrus looks older than you.」

「I suppose that is simply how it appears to others.」

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