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“That, Royal Sister, did you just say that you were sitting in the arms of the Prime Minister?”

“Yes! This morning, I went to his house, then…then I accidentally fell, and he caught me, and then…”

Xia Yuqing breathed a sigh of relief, so she didn’t force herself on him.

“Then you fell into a pile?”

“Yeah.” A suspicious blush appeared on Xia Muyun’s face. At that time, she suddenly fell into the man’s arms, she was obviously shy and happy, but it didn’t take long…

Kaca… Xia Yuqing stared wide-eyed at the broken porcelain cup in Xia Muyun’s hand, then the raging anger that had materialized behind her.

“But, not long after, he actually pushed me away! He pushed me away like a plague G.o.d! In fact, he has been hiding from me, so I can’t find him anywhere!!!”

Xia Muyun was already gritting her teeth at the end, the anger was cras.h.i.+ng over like a wave and it burned Xia Yuqing’s body directly.

Xia Muyun took another shot at the table and approached Xia Yuqing, “Royal Sister, what’s wrong with me? Is that b**tard a block head? I have done so much for him, does he not feel at all? I am really angry!!!”

Xia Yuqing put her arms around her chest. She looked at Xia Muyun’s angry face, then said with a dry smile: “Royal Sister, I think it’s not that you are not good enough, it’s the way you chase people.”

“The way I chase people?” Xia Muyun was taken aback, she looked at Xia Yuqing inquiringly.

Xia Yuqing stretched out her hand and pushed Xia Muyun back into her seat, “Royal Sister, haven’t you heard of the saying, men chasing women is like crossing a mountain, women chasing men is like tearing gauze! With you being such an outstanding person chasing prime minister, isn’t it as easy as piercing through a paper window? Besides, I can tell that the prime minister does have some feelings towards Royal Sister.”

Xia Muyun groaned, “Then why does he always ignore me?”

“Like I said Royal Sister’s method of chasing people is wrong. Take a look at yourself. For the prime minister, you have traveled a long way from… ahem, the neighboring country and have chased him all the way here. When you have arrived, you have been obedient to the prime minister, no wonder the Prime Minister ignores you.”

Xia Muyun twisted her eyebrows, she was a little puzzled: “How come I feel a bit strange when I hear your words? Is it true that I am wrong with how I handle him?”

“Yes, it’s wrong.” Xia Yuqing suddenly slapped the table and stood up. She took the initiative to approach Xia Muyun, “Royal Sister, don’t you know? Men like creatures are cheap. The better you treat him, the more he takes it for granted. But if you suddenly treat him badly, he will feel uncomfortable, then slowly…hehe he will discover how precious it is that you were so good to him before. Then you will no longer be chasing after him, instead, he will be chasing after you!”

This is the iron proof she has learned through reading countless turning their heads to turn into devoted semes after realizing their love!!! After the tempering of time, the tempering years, the enduring truth! ! !

“Really?” Xia Muyun began to shake after hearing Xia Yuqing’s words.

“Of course this is the case!” Xia Yuqing said pa.s.sionately, “There are countless precedents for this kind of thing, we have to believe it. Let’s not talk about others, let’s talk about Xiang Er and our Eldest Royal Brother. When have you seen Xiang Er have a good expression with our Eldest Royal Brother? But Eldest Royal Brother is not willing to fight and endures all day in front of Xiang Er. Also, also, Royal Sister, look….”

Xia Yuqing pushed aside the upper window and pointed to the two people not far away: “Look over there, you know Cui Er? She is the most powerful girl beside me. The one who is trying hard to pursue her is my Senior Brother, he was originally a famous playboy. He often treated the brothels as his home and played with every girl he saw. But what about now? All day long, he would be like a dog skin plaster and would not let go of her. One small fight a day and one big fight every two days. Last time at Eldest Royal Brothers, did you not see how Cui Er chased Senior Brother around the entire mansion with arrows? The more repressed my Senior Brother is, the more he wants to stick on to Cui Er for 24hours a day.”

Xia Yuqing closed the window with a bang, returned to the table, and said solemnly: “So, a man is like a m*sochist. You can’t be too comfortable, otherwise, three days and you’re exposed. At necessary times, you have to spur it on.”

One has to say that Xia Yuqing’s ability to fool people is quite over the top. Except for a certain beast, everyone including Xia Muyun was fooled. Xia Muyun who always leaked out her domineering side, in fact, had an incomparable little girl mentality.

Xia Muyun was a little unbelieving at first, but after hearing two such representative examples, she couldn’t help but… look forward to it.

“Royal Sister, what should I do now?”

Xia Yuqing smiled triumphantly when she saw the situation. With her head high and her chest puffed out, she was clearly saying, beg me, beg me!

“…” Xia Muyun suddenly had an illusion. It was as if she could see something resembling a cat’s tail swaying around behind a certain someone.

“Ahem, Little Royal Sister, doesn’t Royal Sister usually treat you quite well? Now that your Royal Sister is in trouble, as my only sister, shouldn’t you help out?”

Xia Yuqing was shaken by Xia Muyun and she was full of enthusiasm, instantly refreshed. Sure enough, a queen who acts cute and spoiled is striking and being striked is quite nice sometimes!

“Royal sister, hearing what you said, since you and I are sisters, how can your sister stand by when you are in trouble?”

“Ahahaha, royal sister, you are so kind!” Xia Muyun was overjoyed and asked cautiously, “Then I…”

Xia Yuqing, who was issuing a good person card, also put away her enthusiasm and said with a serious face: “Ahem, sister, I think for now, take the opportunity to loosen the reins to grasp it better.”

“Loosen the reins to grasp it better? How can I do that?”

Xia Yuqing held the appearance of a private school teacher, and taught Xia Muyun: “First of all, don’t go to the Prime Minister’s for a few days. Let him calm down. From the moment you are not by his side, he will discover your importance. Take advantage of this victory. Two or three days later, you must have people spread rumors that you are going to return to your country in the near future. I don’t believe the prime minister can bear it.”

Xia Muyun hesitated while listening to Xia Yuqing’s arrangement, “Are you sure there’s no problem with this?”

“Of course there is no problem, my royal sister. I am your royal sister, your happiness is my happiness, how can I harm you?” Look at my sincere little eyes, look at my sincere little eyes! ! ! Xia Yuqing used her beautiful eyes and began to discharge electric currents at Xia Muyun.

Xia Muyun groaned and patted the table again: “Okay, then let’s do it.”

Then she turned around and patted Xia Yuqing’s shoulder fiercely: “Little Royal sister, if royal sister can succeed this time, in the future, I will make sure to thank you properly!”

“Cough cough cough… royal sister is too polite.” Xia Yuqing almost fell apart by Xia Muyun’s pat, and reluctantly replied.

“Then I’ll leave first.”

“…En, Royal Sister, take care.”

Seeing Xia Muyun’s excitement as she left, Xia Yuqing sighed slightly: “This pair really overworks one’s heart!”

After dealing with Xia Muyun, Xia Yuqing was in a happy mood and decided to have a full meal to reward her resourcefulness, but she didn’t expect…

“Lu Rui, where is the salted chicken I wanted?”


“I wanted the Buddha jumping over the wall!*”

* soup name


“Where is the longan and lotus seed soup I wanted?”


“Then what about the dessert I wanted, the hibiscus sweet-scented osmanthus cake?”

“Niang Niang, Nu Bi really didn’t mean it, but Xiao Bai…sigh…” Lu Rui sighed helplessly.

“Xiao Bai!!! Spit out all master’s things!!!” Xia Yuqing was stunned for a moment before bursting out.

Outside, Xiao Bai who was burying his head comfortably in a beauty’s chest, hearing this low growl, his hairs stood up. He jumped out of the beauty’s arms and quickly fled away.

“Wowo…” Don’t chase me master, don’t chase me master. Xiao Bai was wronged again! I didn’t steal it, it’s really not me! ! !

The two little buns in the cradle watched the chaos. One chuckled and slapped her short hands together, while the other snorted in disdain. He rolled his eyes silently while holding his sister. He was about to close his eyes, when he suddenly heard a small movement.

When he looked up, he saw a slender figure, as smooth as a fish in water, leisurely and quickly sweep across the beam.

It seemed to have felt the gaze of the big baby. The black shadow paused with the corners of his lips slightly hooked. His feet moved on the beams, then with a swish, he flew past the two babies before disappearing into the shadows. He even squeezed the second baby’s face gently.

The second baby clapped her hands and touched her little face in a daze. After a while, she regained her chuckle and clapped her hands more joyfully.

Everything was restored to its original condition. In the whole room, except for the big baby who couldn’t speak, no one knew that this palace had ever had a…visitor.

After finally cleaning up Xiao Bai, Xia Yuqing, who was busy mourning the various delicacies that had become food for others, obviously was not thinking of her unintentional actions and the kind of disaster it brought to the Prime Minister’s Mansion… and this disaster quickly spread to the court.

Thus, three days later, in the courts of Ye Kingdom, everyone with aspirations silently stepped back. They all tried their best to avoid the live iceberg exuding air-conditioning in front.

“Wow, what happened to Ruofeng today? This angry? He will freeze everyone to death!!!” Shao Zitong touched the goose b.u.mps on his arms and asked with shaking teeth.

“I…I don’t know, it’s the first time I have seen him so…angry and so cold. It’s like winter came early. If I knew this ahead of time, I would have listened to my mother to wear more clothes.”

“Came early your head! Haven’t you seen the bright sun outside? Even if it’s mid-autumn now, it’s too early to talk about winter!” Shao Zitong pointed to the golden ground outside and shouted.


Feng Tingye looked at the s.h.i.+vering ministers and the chief culprit of the source of the air-conditioning: “If there’s something, present the memorial, if there’s nothing, then court is adjourned.”

“…” This was the first time since the founding of Ye Country that there was absolute silence in the morning court.

“Then court is adjourned, the prime minister will wait at the Imperial Study Room.”

When Feng Tingye’s voice fell, all the ministers acted as if they had seen a ghost and rushed away from the throne room, while the iceberg prime minister moved to the Imperial Study Room with a stern spirit. There were countless people in the palace that have been frozen, which caused everyone to make various detours when they saw him coming from a distance.

“…” Feng Tingye walked to the door of the Imperial Study Room and paused: “Xiao Shunzi.”

“What is the emperor’s order?” Xiao Shunzi leaned forward and asked earnestly.

“Go and get my fox fur cloak, I’m a bit cold…”


Feng Tingye took a deep breath after he was fully armed and pushed open the door of the Imperial Study Room. In the next second, a blast of cold air rushed towards him making Feng Tingye feel like he was in an ice cellar.

Leng Ruofeng heard the movement and turned around. A clear layer of ice also covered that expressionless handsome face.

Feng Tingye choked abruptly when he was about to speak. He coughed twice before saying: “Ruofeng, what’s wrong with you? Who made you angry?”

It’s okay if one didn’t ask, but since Feng Tingye asked, the atmosphere clearly condensed again.

Even though Feng Tingye was fully armed, he still s.h.i.+vered from the cold.

Just when Feng Tingye thought that Leng Ruofeng would not speak, Leng Ruofeng moved a little awkwardly to the side and muttered, “Tingye…”

Feng Tingye was slightly startled. Since he took the throne, Leng Ruofeng and the other Da Ren rarely called his name directly, especially Leng Ruofeng. With Leng Ruofeng’s temperament, unless he encountered something that he couldn’t solve by himself, he wouldn’t…

This made Feng Tingye even more curious about what made the omnipotent Prime Minister so distressed.

“Well, what’s the matter?”

Leng Ruofeng raised his head and glanced at Feng Tingye. A seldom seen embarra.s.sing manner of speech came out: “Well, if a woman who has been pestering you suddenly… doesn’t show up in front of you… what’s the reason?”

Feng Tingye’s eyes s.h.i.+vered slightly as if he understood something. Pretending to be ignorant: “Maybe they’re disappointed or have given up.”

His words did not completely come out when Feng Tingye clearly saw the person not far away stiffen. The raging chill suddenly rolled over, making Feng Tingye s.h.i.+ver again from the cold.

“What if… that woman who is pestering you not only doesn’t stay by your side, but also wants to return to their country?”

Feng Tingye sighed secretly. Hearing Ruofeng say so many things, how rare!

Sighing, Feng Tingye still didn’t show any traces on his face: “If they want to go, then they are naturally broken hearted and ready to give up.”

Leng Ruofeng paused and began to release low air conditioning. Feng Tingye couldn’t help but smile: “Ruofeng, is the woman you’re talking about the third princess? What’s the matter with you and the third princess? What d*mn thing did you do to make her want to return to her country?”

The cold air on Leng Ruofeng’s body stagnated, he hesitated for a long time, but did not speak.

Feng Tingye sighed and looked to the sky: “If you speak, Zhen can still advise you. However, if you don’t speak, even if I am willing to help you, I don’t know how to help!”

Leng Ruofeng bit his lip, nodded, and began to mumble and talk about the accident a few days ago.

After Feng Tingye finished listening, he raised his eyebrows and said with a chuckle: “In other words, because she accidentally fell into your arms, you hid from her for several days. When you found out she isn’t paying attention to you, you heard that she is going back to her country?”

Leng Ruofeng thought for a while and nodded solemnly. Feng Tingye touched his chin, “Ruofeng, tell me honestly, how did you feel when the third princess fell into your arms by mistake that day?”

Leng RuoFeng didn’t speak, the coldness on his body dropped. Feng Tingye’s hairstyle was almost messed up. Fortunately, Feng Tingye had become numb to this. After being blown for a while, staring at someone’s blush that spread directly from his neck to the back of his ears, he clearly knew the answer.

It looks like he was also a fool, he even ran away because of his shyness. No, according to his temperament he has to make a quick decision.

“Okay, Zhen won’t make it hard for you. Just tell me, do you still want the third princess to stay in Ye Kingdom and continue to stick to you?”

Leng Ruofeng was silent for a moment with a cold face, then nodded blankly.

Feng Tingye smiled lightly and said, “Then that will be easy, do this and this… and then that…”

Feng Tingye leaned over to Leng Ruofeng’s ear and whispered a few words. Leng Ruo Feng’s expressionless handsome face slowly changed from the initial surprise to a little dazed, and then he saw the light.

“That’s it, don’t mess it up this time. Don’t scare her off, or else even if you chase them you won’t get them back. Haven’t you learned enough from Yan Ran’s precedent?”

Leng Ruofeng was taken aback and nodded firmly. Towards Feng Tingye he bowed, then he couldn’t wait to rush out of the Imperial Study Room with a heat that was completely opposite to the beginning.

Xiao Shunzi, who was guarding outside the room, heard the movement, turned around, and almost got knocked over by him.

After fixing his hat, he couldn’t bear his curiosity and asked in a low voice, “Your Majesty, what did you say to the Prime Minister just now? Why was he completely different when he went out?”

Feng Tingye smiled and glanced at him: “Want to know? Xiao Shunzi, tell me first, has the third princess been to Ai Fei’s residence recently?”

The more Feng Tingye thought about it, the more he felt that something was wrong. Xia Muyun, that girl, clearly liked Leng Ruofeng so much, how could she suddenly stop pestering him and say she was leaving. After thinking about it, he suddenly realized that there was a possibility…

“Niang Niang’s palace?” Xiao Shunzi thought carefully. After a moment, he suddenly said, “Yes, three days ago. The third princess went to Niang Niang’s bedroom and chatted for a while, then left.”

“Three days ago? It just coincided with the day Ruofeng said it started. It seems highly likely that what Zhen thought was the case is the case. Xiao Shunzi, let’s go to Xiefang palace.” He walked out of the Imperial Study Room and headed towards Xiefang palace.

“…” Xiao Shunzi stood silently with tears in the wind. Your Majesty, you haven’t told this servant what you said to the Prime Minister just now, you lied!

When Feng Tingye rushed to Xiefang palace, Xia Yuqing was teasing the two children. making the second baby teary and the big baby wave his small fist to demonstrate his protest.

When she was having fun, she suddenly felt her body lighten and before she could react, she was picked up by someone: “Oh, Your Majesty!”

Feng Tingye cast a look at the big baby nearby: I’m taking your mother away.

The eldest baby was busy comforting the second baby, and reluctantly rewarded him with a roll of his eyes, as if to say, take her away quickly!

“Your Majesty, what are you doing? Chen Qie was playing with the babies!” Xia Yuqing protested a bit angrily when she was thrown onto the bed.

“Don’t play, Zhen has something to ask Ai Fei first.”

Xia Yuqing was startled: “What’s the matter?”

“The matter of the third princess and the prime minister…”

“It has nothing to do with me, I did nothing.” Xia Yuqing reflexively quibbled.

Feng Tingye looked at her appearance of having a guilty conscience, he couldn’t help but smile: “Zhen didn’t mention Ai Fei did something, why is Ai Fei so nervous? Zhen was only going to ask if Ai Fei knew about the situation between the third princess and the prime minister. Zhen didn’t expect Ai Fei to reveal what one was trying to hide….so what did Ai Fei try to hide?”

“…” Xia Yuqing cried. Ultra Seme Lord must have done that deliberately, it must be deliberate!

“Your Majesty, Chen Qie…. Chen Qie only heard about the situation between Third royal Sister and the Prime Minister a few days ago and Chen Qie has always kept it in her heart. When the emperor suddenly mentioned it, I… I…”

“Just heard it? But the prime minister didn’t complain to me like that.” Feng Tingye calmly looked at Xia Yuqing’s hard-mouthed appearance, and smiled more and more.

“What did the prime minister complain to the emperor about…?” Xia Yuqing asked with worry, her small eyes began to wander around.

“The prime minister said to me…” Feng Tingye deliberately dangled Xia Yuqing’s appet.i.te, and stretched his voice for a long time before saying, “He said since the third princess returned from Ai Fei’s, she started to ignore him. He suspects the third princess was instigated by Ai Fei, so…”

“He knows! How did he find out so quickly? So my third royal sister deliberately ignoring him in order to attract his attention has been found out by him? Oh, it was so hard for me to come up with such a good strategy and it’s all over.” Xia Yuqing said with regret, without realizing that she had fallen into the trap of a certain animal.

“In that case, the matter between the third princess and Ruofeng is really Ai Fei’s fault?”

Xia Yuqing was shocked and realized that she had slipped and hurriedly covered her mouth, but it was too late.

“Hey, Your Majesty, Chen Qie wasn’t… it’s just that third royal sister and the prime minister have not made any progress, so I was anxious for them…”

Feng Tingye smiled when he heard these words. He pinched Xia Yuqing’s cheek. “They are not in a hurry, what are you so anxious about? The emperor is not in a rush but the eunuch is*. Are you that anxious eunuch? Are you not afraid of trying to act clever and then end up falling on your face and really splitting the two of them?”

* when an outsider is more anxious than the person actually involved and there is no point for their anxiousness

“…” Xia Yuqing was embarra.s.sed. Eunuch? Why does it sound like you are talking about yourself, you demon! Your Majesty, you beast, at this time you still never forget to play with people, you big p*rvert!

Xia Yuqing laughed dryly: “Haha, how could it be? Chen Qie has gone over careful deliberations. You don’t know, Your Majesty, but men are like women sometimes. On the surface they say no, but inwardly they can’t decide… you should know!”

Feng Tingye was amused by Xia Yuqing’s appearance. He pinched her face again: “I didn’t expect Ai Fei to know men so well, Zhen didn’t know this before.”

“How could that be? Chen Qie needs to serve the emperor, so understanding this is natural.” If she didn’t even know this, then what would have been the use of reading those little yellow books for ten plus years?

“Then Ai Fei…” Feng Tingye leaned close to Xia Yuqing’s ear and blew lightly, pointing out, “Do you know what I want to do most now?”

“…” Xia Yuqing felt the two closest parts between them change, and her face burst into tears instantly with the familiar feeling. D*mn, why do you have to be so energetic, Ultra Seme Lord?! Nu Bi can’t stand it anymore… please let me go! ! !

“Your Majesty, we, just a few days ago… and now… isn’t it too frequent? We should be more restrained, otherwise, I’m afraid it will be harmful to the emperor’s dragon body!” All day long, thinking with your sperm, be careful of dying from excessive ej*culation! ! !

Feng Tingye raised his eyebrows: “It turns out that Ai Fei is worried about this. There is no need to worry about it. Since ancient times, there have been three thousand beauties in the emperor’s harem. Now, Ai Fei is the only one in my harem. So even if Zhen is even more exuberant, it cannot be compared to the past emperors. There is no need to worry.”

“…” So I’m saying the love of three thousand placed onto one person is too d.a.m.n cruel! Why don’t you say that since ancient times the emperors born would fall due to excessive indulgence?

There is a good saying that evil stays behind for thousands of years. The Ultra Seme Lord wreaks havoc in court with the Da Ren’s scheming for him, yet there is only one person in the harem. Thus, he should be able to live a hundred years. Xia Yuqing resolutely refused to admit that she was a little worried about someone just now.

“Ai Fei has nothing to say? Then Zhen…”

“No!” Xia Yuqing broke the jar and began to become uncooperative.

She thought Feng Tingye would be angry, but didn’t expect Feng Tingye to laugh lowly.

“Laugh…What are you laughing at?” Xia Yuqing asked with a trembling heart, making her body cold when Feng Tingye laughed.

“It’s nothing, Zhen just remembered what Ai Fei said about men and women often saying one thing but meaning another. In fact… Ai Fei you…hehe, Zhen understands, Zhen will definitely satisfy Ai Fei well.”

Understand? Understand your sister, don’t use other people’s words casually, ah~~~ Don’t take my clothes off!

“It’s not like that, um…”

It turns out that the little white rabbit cannot defeat the big bad wolf after all!

When she was dragged into bed, Xia Yuqing had only one thought in the end, she won’t be nosy anymore. Being nosy…it hurts!

After working hard all night, early the next morning, Feng Tingye went to the morning court refreshed. Xia Yuqing continued to bite the sheets, especially after seeing Yin Xiang again as scheduled. Her resentment deepened! Why is her own man not as tender and considerate as someone else’s? ! This black-bellied beast, it’s unfair!!!

“Niang Niang, do you want to go to the Grand Tutor’s Mansion to see the Grand Tutor?” Xia Yuqing was worrying about herself when Lu Rui suddenly asked.

“Go to see the Gorgeous Tutor?”

“Yes, I heard that the Grand Tutor has been lingering in bed since he fell into the water a few days ago, and he still hasn’t healed yet.”

“If that’s the case, let’s go and see.” Xia Yuqing nodded, and turned to look at Li Yuan and Yin Xiang. “You two…”

“We will go too.” As soon as Li Yuan said this, everyone’s eyes focused on her.

She evaded the looks with some guilty conscience: “After all, when the Grand Tutor fell into the water, we have some responsibilities as well, we should also take a look at him.”

Xia Yuqing s.h.i.+fted her gaze to Yin Xiang, “Then Master Yin…”

“Xiao Yuan is right, we really should go and take a look.” Yin Xiang looked at Li Yuan’s profile and smiled slightly.

“Then let’s go together.”

Xia Yuqing gave an order, and everyone went to the Grand Tutor’s Mansion together, but there were some issues being created not far from the Grand Tutor’s Mansion.

“Lu Rui, do you see that? The young boy in front has gone back and forth several times at the street entrance.”

“Really? Oh!” Lu Rui looked up and suddenly exclaimed.

Xia Yuqing froze slightly: “What’s the matter? Do you know the person in front?”

“Yes, isn’t that boy the grandson of the imperial physician of the medical inst.i.tution, the new Gong Zi that arrived?”

“The grandson of the imperial physician? Go ask him why he was wandering around in this place.”

“Okay.” Lu Rui led the way, then soon led the little doctor back, her face was a little… strange.

Xia Yuqing looked at the young imperial doctor carefully for a while, her eyes lit up.

“Imperial doctor, why are you not at the medical inst.i.tution, but lingering here?”

“Replying to Niang Niang, Chen… was invited to the Grand Tutor’s residence to treat the Grand Tutor.”

Xia Yuqing was taken aback: “If they are asking for an imperial doctor from the palace, could it be that the Gorgeous Tutor is really very sick? No, the Grand Tutor’s mansion is not here…”

Xia Yuqing turned her head and glanced at the gate of the Grand Tutor’s not far away, then glanced at Lu Rui’s awkward expression. She instantly felt that this scene was a bit familiar.

“…” Okay, so I really can’t blame people for being bad at directions! Xia Yuqing looked at the little imperial doctor with a little sympathy for an instant, then at the same time a trace of suspicion rose in her heart. Is it possible that all the road idiots these days have a cute face?

Yan Ran was peeling oranges in his bedroom when he heard Xia Yuqing and the others were visiting. In shock, the oranges dropped out of his hands and hit the reporter’s face.

“Why are they here at this time?” Yan Ran was shocked and glanced at the curtains beside the bed and exclaimed, “Hurry up, put the curtain down.”

The little book boy who was waiting on the side was startled. He hurriedly put down the curtains. As soon as he finished setting up the bed, he heard a door being pushed.

When Xia Yuqing opened the door and walked in, she saw the red curtain covering the bed. She could only vaguely see a looming figure within and could not see the other party’s face at all.

“Gorgeous Tutor?” Xia Yuqing asked tentatively into the red tent.

Not long after, she heard a weak voice from inside: “Cough cough cough, this minister is seriously ill, it is not good to greet Niang Niang personally, please forgive this minister Niang Niang.”

Xia Yuqing glanced suspiciously at the curtains: “The Grand Tutor is seriously ill, so don’t force yourself. Little doctor, hurry up and see the Grand Tutor, how is the Grand Tutor?”

As soon as Xia Yuqing finished speaking, the young man quickly walked away from the crowd. He stumbled over to Yan Ran’s bed, fixed his doctor’s hat that was crooked on his head, and whispered softly: “Grand Tutor, please stretch out your hand.”

Yan Ran coughed again pretending to be a little slow. He stretched out his hand from inside.

Under the gaze of everyone, the little imperial doctor stretched out his hand to cover the wrist of the Gorgeous Tutor and began to diagnose and treat him meticulously.

“How is it?” Xia Yuqing asked curiously, the other people also looked over.

Yin Xiang looked at the figure hidden by the red curtains and the look of the servant standing next to the bed, probing his head. There was a clear light that flashed across his eyes, but soon the light was suppressed by him. He did not let anyone discover it.

“Little doctor, what’s going on?” Xia Yuqing looked for a long time and couldn’t see anything, so she was a little anxious.

The little imperial doctor pinched Yan Ran’s pulse with one hand, then touched his bare chin with the other and frowned, “Grand Tutor’s pulse is as smooth as a ball going back and forth fluently…”

“Don’t say that, just tell me if the conclusion is good or bad? Is the Gorgeous Tutor really seriously ill and incurable?” Xia Yuqing interrupted the little doctor’s words and asked eagerly.

The little doctor replied blankly: “The conclusion is that this is an auspicious pulse, the Grand Tutor is pregnant.”

“…” What? The expressions on everyone’s faces cracked for a moment.

The little imperial doctor was surprised, and whispered in a low voice: “It turns out that the Grand Tutor is a girl, congratulations!”

“…” Little imperial doctor, have you misunderstood something? Wait, what did the little doctor just say?

“!!!” The Gorgeous Tutor is pregnant? He’s going to have a child? Whose child is it? Does this mean……

Xia Yuqing’s stiff body turned around and looked at Yin Xiang’s frowning handsome face. The villain in her brain suddenly uttered a long scream: “ahhhh……”

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