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Chapter 115.1 Scram further away, got it? (1)

The second auction was different from the first, or it could be said that they were opposite. The second auction had things from the underworld such as arms and ammunitions, poisons, and people. In any case, as long as it was something you could buy in the underworld, it was something you could find here. Of course, for an item to be in this auction, it wasn't something you could get so easily in the underworld either.

The rules of the second auction were similar to the first; cash would be used for the exchange, and all items to be auctioned were at least USD$1 million. There was a change in the auctioneer to an even hotter lady who, with a wink, incited countless of wolf whistles.

“… The second auction has begun. Now, starting with the first auction: military weapons from M country which has been eliminated six months ago. This includes hand guns, machine guns, rifles, and sniper rifles… the starting price is USD$8 million. Each raise will be by at least USD$200,000.”

Qin Jiran listened to the introduction on stage, then at Su Yanyi and the secret team, all of whom had indifferent expressions. All of a sudden, he felt that reality was more fascinating then the movies.

Firearms had always been an existence liked by those from the underworld. These firearms very quickly reached an asking price of USD$16 million, having increased by a whole two times. What's more, it was still increasing. Clearly, it could be seen how popular they were.

“Are you not interested in this?” Qin Jiran looked at Su Yanyi's indifferent manner and asked curiously. He felt that given the Su family's power in the underworld, these things were necessary. Now that the auction had items worth s.n.a.t.c.hing up, why didn't Yanyi seem to have any intention of purchasing? Was it because she had her own purchasing channels?

Qin Jiran's mind only thought of smugglers, arms dealers, and other international arms organizations and their related dealings. It painted a very interesting picture, to the extent that it could become a movie.

Who knew that the moment he finished asking, everyone in their vicinity including Su Yanyi all looked at him with a weird expression, as if asking 'do you not know?'.

“Don't you know? The Su family has their own arms factory. If we need anything we can just make it ourselves.” Su Yanyi asked instead, thinking about it seriously as well. She thought about the times when she, her brother, and her father spoke. Had they never mentioned it before?

This time, Qin Jiran's expression had some shock, an arms factory? Was that really something that could be privately held? So private planes and yachts weren't anything. The real wealthy should own an arms factory!

“The factory can manufacture all these things?” Qin Jiran asked with some unsurety. He was referring to the firearms on stage, which could also be said to be various kinds of weapons and ammunition.

“Of course.” Su Yanyi said with 100% confidence. If an arms factory cannot manufacture firearms and ammunition it might as well be a toy manufacturing plant.

“Can you build other things too?” Qin Jiran was even more curious. As a man, it was very normal to be interested in weapons. When they were training at the base, he had really liked the shooting training. Now that he knew the Su family had their own arms factory he really wanted to visit, it was definitely more interesting than watching animals fight!

“Of course!” If not how could it be called an arms factory! Su Yanyi felt that this man was a bit too wishy washy, but seeing the gleam in his eyes, she suddenly got it. So this man liked this kind of thing!

“If you want to go, I can bring you to have a look when we leave the day after.” This was a honeymoon anyway, the Old Man and Kang Zhong probably wouldn't mind if she extended her vacation a bit. It was better to enjoy oneself, she didn't want to be a workaholic like in her previous life.

“Will it affect your work?” Qin Jiran knew how busy Su Yanyi was. Before they had come, Kang Zhong had sent them off with a grumbling look.

“It's fine, Kang Zhong is there.”

“…Okay, then let's go have a look.” Kang Zhong, you have to hang in there!

As the two of them were chatting, the batch of weapons had been auctioned off. The final price had been USD$18 million, though this could only be considered an appetizer.

With the following rounds of the auction, the firearms and ammunition really couldn't be considered much because items to be auctioned didn't just include weapons, there was even a tank, a fighter plane, a canon, etc. Some of these were phased out by a country while some were from a country's new research. At the end of the auction, there was even a half-sc.r.a.pped aircraft carrier. This left someone like Qin Jiran whose first visit it was with opened eyes. There really was everything under the sun.

“There's even an aircraft carrier, is it really okay?” Qin Jiran asked with some uncertainty.

“Who do you think is selling these items?” Su Yanyi gave Qin Jiran a glance and asked with deep meaning.

Qin Jiran thought about it and his eyes flashed. In that instant, he understood Su Yanyi's meaning and said: “You're saying that it's from our own country?”

“Of course. You have to know that the biggest arms dealers in the world are all backed by governments behind the scenes, if not where would they obtain so many weapons and equipment.” This matter was a secret that didn't need to be said amongst underworld bosses.

“That's true.” Qin Jiran then understood that logic; any power that wanted to make it big had to have the backing of the government!

Thinking to this point, Qin Jiran looked down. All of a sudden, he thought of a question and asked: “the Wallens clan as well?”

“Hehe, behind them is the ruling party. That's not right, it should be that behind the ruling party is the Wallens family. After so many years, the Wallens family has supported so many prime ministers of M country, no less than double digits.” Su Yanyi let Qin Jiran know all the secrets of the underworld without hiding anything. These were matters that she had been aware of since she was young.

“That…” Qin Jiran wanted to ask another question but only said it halfway before he stopped, as if he felt that it was something he shouldn't be asking.

Su Yanyi had been taking note of the colour of Qin Jiran's face. These kind of underworld things to a person like Qin Jiran were bound to have a lot of shocking things so she had been taking note of Qin Jiran's feelings and explaining things when appropriate. Looking at Qin Jiran's face now, she more or less understood what Qin Jiran wanted to ask.

“You want to ask about the Su family?” Su Yanyi helped Qin Jiran to finish the words he had not yet spoken.

“Is it convenient to say, it just suddenly came into my mind.” Qin Jiran was a bit curious but it wasn't something that he absolutely needed to know. He knew this kind of thing was extremely confidential.

Su Yanyi didn't say anything this time but made a “nine” sign towards Qin Jiran. Qin Jiran understood this. Every country's situation and history really had similar aspects.

As the auction reached the end, there were items that occasionally weren't auctioned off but a large majority were carved up by the guests. Most people had not made the trip in vain. This time, Su Yanyi and her team did not buy anything. The Su family was the underworld's biggest seller so some of the stuff that had been auctioned off here were from the Su family. However, that had been arranged by her elder brother and father and Su Yanyi had not asked about it.

That night after the auction had ended, Su Yanyi and her team went to the casino. The casino at the Banquet was very magnificent and luxurious. Although some of the guests had gone for other entertainments, most of them would be gathered here, playing together.

Su Yanyi also allowed the secret team to go wander around. She had even very generously told them to count all their losses on her though in reality, it was actually on her grandfather.

The secret team left four members beside Su Yanyi's and Qin Jiran's side while the rest of them went to play, though they were all not far from the two of them. They played while keeping a lookout such that there were no loopholes in their protection of Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran.

“What do you want to play?” Su Yanyi asked. This was the first time the both of them were visiting a place like the casino together so Su Yanyi wasn't too clear on Qin Jiran's likes.

As this moment, Su Yanyi suddenly felt that there were a lot of things they could do together because there really were a lot a lot of things they hadn't done before.

“Up to you.” Qin Jiran had played a few rounds in the past but didn't have anything he was particularly inclined to or liked, it was just for fun.

Maybe it was because he had seen a side of the so-called underworld at the Banquet; violent and b.l.o.o.d.y, depraved and luxurious. These were the most true of human nature and also the most degenerate. Thus, Qin Jiran felt that he himself had become more calm and settled.

Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi were both people who could attract the vision of everyone by just standing there. That cold, arrogant air was even more harder to ignore so their appearance had already been noticed by many people. When the two of them finally sat at a table playing sic bo, that table received a lot of attention.

Not far away sat two men each holding a gla.s.s of wine. One of them said in a lewd manner: “Look at that missy, she's really b.l.o.o.d.y beautiful!”

“She's not your average miss, I've seen Corey that escorting her around. I'm just not sure which family she belongs to.” The other man said as if he was lost in thought though his gaze never left Su Yanyi.

These two men were both foreigners and they seemed to know Corey a bit. In terms of age, they were probably second or third generation underworld men with their foppish air.

“Corey accompanying her? Then we should ask Corey just who that missy is.” The lewd man immediately took out his phone to dial Corey. After they exchanged a few sentences, the face of the lewd man changed. He slowly and carefully withdrew the gaze directed at Su Yanyi.

“What's up, so which rich family's missy is she?” The other man asked, his gaze still fixed on Su Yanyi. He was obviously interested in Su Yanyi but before the lewd man could reply, he said in a playful tone: ”Or better to ask, which rich man's mistress is she?”

There were only three types of women who could come here: a rich miss, someone belonging to a rich and powerful man, or a strong woman who held her own power.

“Don't talk nonsense. That's the miss from the Su family, hurry and stop looking. Be careful of getting into trouble.” Even the voice of the lewd man had dropped by several decibels and his tone was a lot more anxious.

Violent Rabbit had been playing Blackjack near the two men and had overheard their conversation. In the beginning, she had been somewhat offended but now, she was only left with pride and disdain.

Pride, because of the Su family's power. Disdain, because of the change in these two men. Gutless men!

Actually, there were many similar discussions throughout the casino but not every one of them had this kind of exposure or connections. Only a few among the few was able to know of Su Yanyi's ident.i.ty so those without exposure brought themselves over.

Su Yanyi really was very beautiful. To use a few phrases to describe her, it would be 'bright eyes and teeth', 'priceless attractiveness', 'magnificent', and 'peerless elegance'. Plus, her most notable aspect wasn't her looks but her aura and the kind of aura she had, cold with incomparable arrogance and loftiness, made lots of men look, eager to conquer!

So, a few men who thought they were better than Qin Jiran appeared before Su Yanyi. This man obviously thought Su Yanyi was being maintained by Qin Jiran, or perhaps in many men's eyes they all thought the same. After all, most of the women here were like that.

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