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Chapter 1396 A glimpse of a graceful woman

As an alchemist, he narrowly had his refining vanish in the course of concocting pills. It’s really amazing.

She secretly shook her head in disbelief. Since this person was an alchemist, shouldn’t he know what herb to add and at what time, as well as the refining time after adding the herb? Even if the furnace exploded, he should have known it in advance so that he had time to avoid it.

She couldn’t learn this ability to blow up the furnace while at the same time almost losing all the refining skills.

“Are you the errand boy who delivered the herbs?”

Suddenly, a voice came. She looked up and saw an old man coming towards her.

“Yes, I’m the one who sent the spirit herbs.” She stood up and answered him.

“Well done. They’re lucky to have met you today, otherwise, if it was delayed for half the time it took a column of incense to burn, they would have lost their lives.” The old man stroked his beard. He looked at Feng Jiu. “Did you say that the furnace blew up? So, how did you get in there? How come you’re still alright?”


Feng Jiu blinked. “How I came in yet not in danger? It’s not me who refined the pills, of course I’m fine!”

“No, not that. I mean, how can you still be alright after smelling the medicinal scent? This is the Seven Rest Gra.s.s, if used well, it’s a life-saver. But, as in Alchemist Ke’s furnace blast, the herb was too strong. Otherwise, he wouldn’t end up like that. Even the alchemist apprentice who went in lost consciousness. ”

“Oh, this.” She understood immediately. “That’s because when I went in, the smell of the medicine was dispersed and I only smelled a little. It should have no problem.”

The old man nodded. “What’s your name? You have done a good job today in saving people. I’ll have it recorded later.”

“My name is Feng Jiu.” She answered, smiling with her eyes narrowed into a crescent.

“Feng Jiu? Alright, I know. You can go!” The old man signalled Feng Jiu to leave.

Seeing this, Feng Jiu left after giving him a salute.

She went to the place where the spirit herbs were to be distributed and found the fat man in charge. After telling him about the circ.u.mstance, she took baskets of spirit herbs and distributed them.

As the day went by, she took the opportunity of delivering spirit herbs to walk around, familiarizing herself with Third Sun Peak. In the evening, as she was walking back with a basket, she caught a glimpse of a figure on a flying sword going up the peak.

She couldn’t help but stop and stare at the beautiful woman in white standing quietly in the wind. That face. That face somewhat resembled her own. That face was exactly the same as the image of Shangguan Wanrou that she had seen before.

Was that her mother?

She was so excited that she opened her mouth and intended to shout out loud. Her lips moved, but she didn’t make a sound at all.

Perhaps Feng Jiu’s gaze was scorching. It attracted the attention of Shangguan Wanrong. She slowed down her speed in the high alt.i.tude and looked down slightly. Her glance caught a young man in blue.

After that one glance, she withdrew her gaze and continued to pa.s.s quickly. Not long after, the elegant figure disappeared from Feng Jiu’s line of sight.

This was her mother! The real person was more beautiful than the portrait. However, she just brushed past her when she flew in the air..

She sighed at the thought. Well, anyway, they were all here, she was not in a hurry. She had never been with her mother before, so she tried to understand what kind of person she was.

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