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Chapter 1587: Seen

“It’s such a pity that I was unable to be fortunate enough to meet this person once. If we can make friends, it will definitely be beneficial to our Duan Family. Pity, what a pity.” Duan Patriarch sighed as he leaned back on his bed and expressed his regret.

“But he killed second brother’s Master, I’m afraid…” The City Lord said hesitantly, and thought of the of the Meng Family, then said to Duan Mubai: “The aftermath of the had four Four Celestial Strong Exponents and dozens of Nascent Soul Cultivators ready to take Feng Jiu’s life no matter what.”

“It’s likely the Sect Master ordered them to do it. If it really is the Sect Master’s orders, then I’m afraid the Pill Sun Sect is in trouble. The person who is with Feng Jiu is h.e.l.l’s Lord from h.e.l.l’s Palace. That day, if it weren’t because the Elder protecting the sect had interceded, I’m afraid the Sect Master would have lost his life.”

Speaking of this, Duan Mubai said helplessly: “I was worried that the Sect Master would send someone to her. He has already sent two disciples to find her whereabouts. I didn’t expect to be one step behind.”

“With h.e.l.l’s Palace’s h.e.l.l’s Lord by Feng Jiu’s side, it won’t be that easy to kill her. Moreover, they probably didn’t know the ident.i.ty of h.e.l.l’s Lord, because if they knew they probably wouldn’t have accepted the mission.” Duan Patriarch said in a deep voice. Although his complexion was still pale, his qi was good and his body was recovering quickly.

When the three of them were under the same roof, it was easy to mistake them for brothers. Because of Duan Patriarch’s cultivation, he looked the youngest out of the three of them, just like he was Duan Mubai’s brother.

“That’s true, besides, Feng Jiu’s cultivation and strength is quite outstanding too.” Duan Mubai said, and he said to the two of them: “Father, Elder Brother, since there is nothing more to discuss, I will return to my courtyard first to take a rest. Tomorrow morning I will leave for the Sect. If something major happens at home, remember to inform me at once.”

“Don’t worry!” Duan Patriarch waved his hand to indicate he was fine and to go back to his courtyard.

Eventually, the City Lord accompanied Duan Mubai out of the courtyard and the two brothers chatted casually along the way until Duan Mubai came to his courtyard and entered his room. At that, the City Lord turned and left.

In the evening, the rested Duan Mubai thought of what his elder brother had said, Feng Jiu and the others had been staying at his elder daughter’s courtyard. Therefore, he walked over towards her courtyard.

Someone who could get in Feng Jiu’s good books roused his curiosity. What kind of a person was she?

Although he was the Second Master of the Duan Residence, he seldom came home. He barely knew anyone in the Manor, let alone his elder brother’s two daughters. He only knew that they were identical twins and the older twin was deaf and mute from a young age and she couldn’t be cured.

At this time, he was really curious as to what kind of a person his eldest niece was. Why did Feng Jiu give her special treatment?

After he crossed the formation outside the courtyard and entered, he couldn’t help but nod his head in satisfaction when he saw the well maintained spirit herbs in the garden.

He heard that this courtyard was occupied solely by his eldest niece, so naturally she was the person who looked after the spirit flowers and plants.

As he walked inside slowly, he checked out the small courtyard and after he turned a full circle, he saw the two sisters outside a room. One of them wore a pink dress and the other wore a plain white dress. That made it easy to tell them apart, after all, he had only met the younger one this morning.

However, when he saw the younger one had distracted the older one and then took something out of her sleeves and poured it into the teacup on the stone table, his brow scrunched up involuntarily.

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