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Chapter 1676: Seated Firmly In The East Palace

After he listened to his words, Xuanyuan Mo Ze was silent. After a while, he stood up: “Nurse your health well! Leave the rest to me.” Saying that, he turned around and left without another word.

“Wait a minute.” The Country Ruler called out to him.

Xuanyuan Mo Ze stopped and looked back at him: “Is there anything else?”

“Did you not bring my daughter-in-law back with you?” The Country Ruler asked.

“Something happened in her family and she has gone back to deal with it.” He walked away as soon as he had finished speaking.

As soon as Gray Wolf and Shadow One saw him come out, they followed their Master to the Palace quarters that was used by him. This part of the Palace was where their Master would conduct his business. When they saw their Master head towards there, they knew that their Master wasn’t planning on returning to his residence.

Just after Xuanyuan Mo Ze had sat down and picked up the latest piece of information to peruse, a Black Guard hurried inside to report to him.

“Master, Duke Cheng has entered the Palace and wishes to see the Country Ruler. He is making a scene in the main hall right now and has injured a few Palace Guards.”

Upon hearing this, Xuanyuan Mo Ze frowned slightly and said in a calm voice: “Let’s go out!”

“But Duke Cheng has brought several leaders who help run the Imperial City and said that they’ve learned about the Country Ruler being injured seriously. They want to enter the Palace to protect the Country Ruler and they would kill anyone who tried to stop them.”

The Black Guard said. He hesitated before continuing: “At the moment, there is no stopping them, they seem intent on entering the East Palace. That’s why subordinate has come to report to Master immediately so that Master can tell subordinate what to do.” After all, Duke Cheng is a member of the Xuan Yuan Imperial Clan, if his intention was to kill, then…

Xuanyuan Mo Ze listened to all this information with a calm face. He put the material he was reading down on the table and stood up with a calm face and walked out. Gray Wolf and Shadow One followed immediately upon seeing this.

In the main hall.

A man with a chubby stature dressed in splendid purple robes stood with his hands behind his back as he glared at the guard in front of him. Behind the man stood about a dozen guards dressed in Imperial City Guard uniforms and one or two men dressed in Court Officials uniform.

“Truly presumptuous! You dare block the way of this Lord? Have you eaten the heart of a bear and taken the courage of a leopard? Step aside! If you don’t step aside, then you better be careful or this Lord will kill you!” The man dressed in splendid purple robes shouted. With a flick of his sleeves, a blast of air flowed out and the guards in front of his were blasted away.

Those guards were tolerant due to his status. Even though they were injured by the airflow of the opponent, they were afraid to use too much force, but at the same time, they had to stop them from getting past them. When they heard a cold and low voice, the guards were delighted and looked up immediately.

“Oh? How come this Lord didn’t know that there is anyone else in this Palace who can kill anyone at will?”

Upon hearing his voice, everyone’s hearts were shaken, even the splendid purple robed Duke Cheng couldn’t help but feel a flicker of fear. As he turned back to look at the figure in black robes approaching from a short distance away, the severe expression on his face was replaced by a wide smile.

“Ha ha ha, Mo Ze is back!”

He greeted him with an elder’s gesture: “Mo Ze!” It’s good that you are back, it’s so good that you are back. You don’t know this, but ever since you left, so many things have happened in the Palace. I was worried at first, but now that you’re back, I can finally rest a.s.sured.”

“Greetings Your Royal Highness The Crown Prince!” All the guards hurried knelt on one knee and saluted respectfully in awe.

Xuanyuan Mo Ze stopped in front of them, his deep sharp eyes flickered over each and every one of them

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