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Chapter 1751: That’s right

Mo Chen took a look at them with a gentle and courteous smile. “I’m afraid that if I say that, the other eye will be swollen, too.”

Hearing this, Feng Jiu couldn’t help laughing. She glanced at Xuanyuan Mo Ze who was staring at Mo Chen coldly and then told Mo Chen with a smile. “No, Ze is not that kind of impulsive person.”

While listening, Xuanyuan Mo Ze curved his lips joyfully. His woman was protecting him.

Mo Chen took a glance at Xuanyuan Mo Ze. “That’s alright! I’ll be frank. This time my master asked me to come down the mountain to follow you. I have told you the reason before.”

Feng Jiu was stunned. She recalled the story that he had told her that she was the Phoenix Star. He also divulged that his tribulation as well as his life and death was related to her. She didn’t believe it and didn’t take it to heart at that time. Now that he told her this again, for a moment, she didn’t know what to say.

“Isn’t there a way to resolve it?” She asked him.

Xuanyuan Mo Ze snorted coldly. What kind of tribulation? Was he trying to put the blame on his woman?

“The only way to resolve it is to keep me at your side, for there is no escaping it.” He spoke lightly as if he were indifferent to this predestined fate.

Feng Jiu was silent. After a while, she spoke, “In that case, stay here then!” After getting to know him for some time, she naturally didn’t want him to die because of her. She felt that it might be fine if he didn’t follow her. But if this divination came true and he stayed at her side…

Xuanyuan Mo Ze didn’t speak. He minded his own business and ate. Inwardly, he thought that his punch was too light.

For the next two days, Shadow One personally boiled the herbs for the country ruler. Feng Jiu was in seclusion and concentrated on refining pills and elixirs, hoping to help nurse Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s father back to health as soon as possible.

Perhaps because of the Scarlet Water Kingdom’s demise as well as the Glorious East Empire’s surrender, the whole Xuanyuan Empire had calmed down a lot. Those threatening forces dared not rise after seeing this situation.

In the following month, the Setting Moon Empire was destroyed. If the large empire was directly annexed by the Glorious East, the last remaining empire would not be spared.

When those people in the upper continent learned about the fate of the Eight Supreme Empires, it was too late. They dispatched their people there. After obtaining the news that Ghost Doctor Feng Jiu reappeared, they quickly reported to their superiors.

Murong Yixuan, who also got the news, rushed to the house and conveyed it to Feng Sanyuan.

“What? Did Little Feng really, really kill the Scarlet Water Kingdom’s ruler? She also forced the Glorious East Empire to submit and swallowed up the other two country rulers?” Feng Sanyuan asked incredulously. He felt that the news was too hard to believe.

No matter which, each of those Eight Supreme Empires was not easy to provoke. Wasn’t she still a Nascent Soul Peak cultivator? Even if she had advanced, she should only become a Celestial Strong Exponent. With that kind of strength, how could she manage to do all this? Did someone perhaps come to her aid?

“It’s true. I just received the news.” Murong Yixuan said ruefully. No matter where she was, she’s too dazzling that everyone will be inferior to her.

“So she, she must be at the Eight Supreme Empires now?” Feng Sanyuan asked. After a pause, he continued his inquiry. “Is she at the Xuanyuan Empire where Xuanyuan Mo Ze is?”

When he heard this, Murong Yixuan’s eyes flashed. He nodded. “That’s right.”

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