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Chapter 1759: I will look for you

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

Murong Yixuan glanced at Xuanyuan Mo Ze. With a slight smile at Feng Jiu, he nodded. “Alright, if I have the need in the future, I will look for you.”

“Where do you live now, Young Master Murong?” Xuanyuan Mo Ze opened his mouth to ask. His deep, dark eyes were fixed on the man.

When she heard this, Feng Jiu’s gaze also fell on Murong Yixuan. “I haven’t heard the news about you these years. Where have you been?” It seemed that he had some luck after leaving.

“I am now in a sect on the upper continent. ” He smiled and told his story in an unhurried tone. “After accidentally meeting my master that year, I left with him. I have lived in the upper continent for the past few years and seldom come here.”

After chatting with him for some time Feng Jiu said to him, “You must be tired after this journey. I’ll have someone take you to have a rest.”

“Yes.” He answered and started to stand up.

When Feng Jiu looked out, she saw Leng Hua standing outside the door and summoned him. “Leng Hua, please take Young Master Murong to the rear palace to have a rest.”

“Yes.” Leng Hua replied and walked into the room. He made an inviting gesture to him. “Please, Young Master Murong.”

After Murong Yixuan left, Feng Jiu looked at Xuanyuan Mo Ze. “I have to go and talk to Luo Yu so as not to let grandfather and grandmother know the truth.”

Xuanyuan Mo Ze pulled her hand and let her sit down next to him. “I just told Gray Wolf and Leng Hua to explain it to them. But, paper can’t wrap fire, after all, the truth will come out. How long are you going to hide it from them?”

Feng Jiu kept silent for a long time, then said, “I’m afraid they won’t be able to bear it if I tell them. I know I won’t be able to hide it for long, but now is really not the best time to divulge it to them.”

“Then, take your time!” He clasped her hands. “Don’t blame yourself too much, it’s not your fault.”

Feng Jiu sighed. “I was very happy to see my grandfather coming back alive. It’s just that I feel upset when I think of Little Feng Ye.”

Xuanyuan Mo Ze didn’t speak and accompanied her quietly. After a while, he went with her to the Feng Guards to explain the matter to them and set up a statement, so that there wouldn’t be slip-ups when asked and made them notice.

After that, she remembered what her grandfather had said earlier. Feng Jiu could not help but stop and look at Xuanyuan Mo Ze. “Earlier, my grandfather said he wanted to ask me something. Do you think it’s about…”

“Never mind. If he asks, tell him the truth!” Xuanyuan Mo Ze advised. “He should be able to bear it. And, I don’t think this matter can deceive your grandfather.”

“Do you mean he noticed?”

Xuanyuan Mo Ze nodded. “He should have some doubts. When you were talking earlier, you focused on your grandmother and didn’t notice the change in your grandfather’s look. I suppose he had some guesses.”

Feng Jiu was silent. It turned out that Grandfather had guessed it long ago.

“I’ll go with you! He held her in his arms and walked towards the rear palace.

As soon as they entered the rear palace, they saw Feng Sanyuan standing with his hands clasped behind his back, looking at the sky with sorrow. Seeing this, the two looked at each other and Feng Jiu opened her mouth to call him.


Feng Sanyuan returned to his senses and looked at them. “You are here already? Please sit down!” He made an inviting gesture for them to take a seat.

Feng Jiu and Xuanyuan Mo Ze sat down by the table. After a short pause, Feng Jiu asked, “Grandfather, why didn’t you get some rest?”

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Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor Chapter 1759 - I will look for you summary

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