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Chapter 2094: Nothing Better To Do After Eating

Upon hearing this, Xiao Er smiled sweetly and looked at Leng Hua saying: “Thank you Brother Leng Hua, thank you Brother Du.”

“Alright alright, eat up!” Du Fan said with a smile. When he saw her smiling happily, he said to the two of them: “I will go to the front to take a look first.” Saying that, he turned and left. When Xiao Er wasn’t paying attention, he made a well done gesture to Leng Hua.

Although Feng Jiu was not at Heavenly Pill Tower, with the two stewards Du Fan and Leng Hua around and the Feng Guards in the building, everything was running smoothly and no one had dared to cause trouble for them.

Though the medicinal pills and medicine concoctions were not cheap, there were still many people who came to buy medicines everyday. On the evening of this day, just when Heavenly Pill Tower was preparing to close, a person came seeking medical treatment, and the one who had brought the person seeking treatment was someone they hadn’t expected to see, Murong Yixuan.

The man Murong Yixuan brought with him was dressed in elegant clothes. And behind the man in elegant clothes were four cultivators with good strength.

“Where is your Master?” Murong Yixuan looked at Leng Hua who was on the first floor of Heavenly Pill Tower and asked.

Leng Hua’s gaze flicked over from Murong Yixuan to the man in elegant clothes behind him, then back to Murong Yixuan and asked: “Why are you looking for my Master?”

Though Leng Hua’s att.i.tude was gentle, his demeanor was indifferent. Therefore, Murong Yixuan introduced him to the man in elegant clothes next to him: “This is Opulent Celestial Sect’s Muxin Immortal Lord’s clan relative. He is here to seek medical treatment.”

“My Master is not here.” Leng Hua replied and gestured to the people to leave: “Please make your way out! We are about to close the shop and rest.”

Upon seeing this, the elegantly clothed man twisted his brows slightly, his handsome face showed a hint of displeasure. If Murong Yixuan hadn’t explained before they came, he would definitely have taught the presumptuous young man in front of him a lesson.

When he heard Leng Hua’s words, Murong Yixuan was taken aback and asked: “Did she say when she will be back?” He didn’t think Leng Hua was brus.h.i.+ng them off at this time, because he knew that Feng Jiu was not someone who would stay in one place and not move around. He knew that something must have happened for her to leave.

“Young Master Murong must be joking, how will I know when Master will return?” Leng Hua replied. He looked at Murong Yixuan in front of him and said: “You should look for a doctor elsewhere so as not to delay treatment!”


The elegantly clothed man shouted in a deep voice and stared at Leng Hua sharply: “You’re a mere steward and you dare to put on such airs!”


Murong Yixuan frowned slightly and looked at the elegantly clothed man next to him, a little displeased at his sudden outburst. No one knew better than him how much Feng Jiu protected her subordinates, how could she allow others to scold them? Moreover, Leng Hua was someone she valued highly and has been with her for some years. He is by no means comparable to ordinary people.

Leng Hua seemed oblivious to what had just happened. He maintained a gentle smile on his face and looked at Murong Yixuan: “Please take your leave Young Master Murong!”

Upon seeing this, Murong Yixuan sighed and said: “Then we will come back another day!” He turned and walked away as soon as he had finished speaking.

When he saw this, the elegantly clothed man frowned and glanced at Leng Hua with a sullen face. He snorted then turned and left with a flick of his sleeves.

After they had left and Heavenly Pill Tower had closed its doors, Du Fan walked out from behind along with Luo Yu, Fan Lin and the others…

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