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Chapter 2796: Unexpected

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As soon as they heard her answer, everyone fell silent. They were also aware that it would be difficult for their master to travel there, and that it would be impossible to take them all. Even so, only four of the eight Feng Guards’ leaders were brought along. It was clear that the others had no chance.

“Other details will be relayed to you all later by Leng Hua and Du Fan. You may all leave! The eight of you will stay.” Feng Jiu told the eight Feng Guards’ leaders.

The eight of them stayed. After everyone else had left, Feng Jiu turned to the four people she left behind. “I chose Luo Yu and three others from among the eight of you to accompany me while the four of you will remain here. The burden that rests on your shoulders is not an easy one.”

She spoke after a brief pause and said, “Several of you are level-headed and well-versed in all matters pertaining to the Feng Guards. I cannot take everyone there. If I do that, I will feel uneasy about how things are going here. Do you understand?”

She had the eight of the Feng Guards follow her, but she could only take four to Peng Lai Immortal Island. Afraid that they would take this as an indication that she did not think they were good enough, she had to explain her decision to them.


“Master, we understand that this place cannot be left unattended after you leave. n.o.body knows more about Feng Guards or the Heavenly Dynasty Palace and how to deal with them than they do. Don’t worry! The four of us will a.s.sume responsibility for Luo Yu and take care of this side so that Master need not be concerned.”

When Feng Jiu heard their reply, she smiled and said, “Excellent.” She nodded, took out a hand-drawn map, and handed it to them. “Here’s the map I drew with the route to Peng Lai Immortal Island and things to look out for along the way,” she explained. “This is the route I’ve taken. Pay close attention to the areas I’ve highlighted. I also put some of my networks and familiar contacts on Peng Lai Immortal Island.”

She turned to face them and said, “I’m not sure when I’ll be back, so keep these items for future use when you go to temper yourself on the Immortal Ascension Ladder. I have also included explanations of what to look for on the Immortal Ascension Ladder. You must examine it closely at that time.”

“Many thanks, Master.” The four men replied, took the map, and put it away.

Feng Jiu turned to face the other four people beside her. “Luo Yu, hand over the matter to the four of them as soon as possible. In two days, you must complete the task at hand. After that, we must embark on our journey.”

“Yes.” The four men responded, and after a salute, they left with the others.

After everyone had left, Xuanyuan Mo Ze, who sat by the side, asked, “Is it enough to take only eight people there?”

“That’s enough, you can’t bring too many people there.” She removed the soundproof barrier with a wave, walked to the table, and sat down. “To be honest, whether they are the eight Feng Guards’ leaders or others, they have been with me for a long time. I thought long and hard about which eight people to choose from all of them.”

“In fact, I didn’t think you would give Bai Qingcheng one of the eight spots.” Xuanyuan Mo Ze smiled at Feng Jiu who sat in front of him with a troubled look. He reached out to take her hand in his. “Since you’ve made your choice, don’t worry.”

Feng Jiu smiled and said quietly, “Bai Qingcheng has completely transformed since her family experienced major changes. When she can control her arrogance, she’s quite valuable. Her exceptional talent may offer her opportunities when we arrive there.”

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