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Chapter 3141 Despair

As everyone else around had left, they were the only ones left. The two Venerables came out of their daze immediately, then they lifted their breaths and headed in that direction at once.

Feng Jiu stood in place and looked towards the loud noise and distress signal in the sky, the distress signal had sounded twice in a row. It seemed that the situation was critical. She lowered her head and looked at the teleportation jade token in her hand. Finally, she let out a sigh and her figure flashed, then her breath lifted and she swept away in that direction.

Her speed was extremely fast, and her movements were superb. Her white figure shuttled through the forest like a ray of light, so fast that no one was able to see her figure.

And so, the two Venerables didn't see the flash of light that was that of Feng Jiu who had only just been standing next to them and talking to them. Furthermore, they hadn't expected that the young boy who had said he was leaving this place would actually rush to the place where the distress signal was being sent out from.

Feng Jiu felt that she was a little too soft-hearted and she liked to meddle too much.


It would be another matter if she hadn't obtained the Millennium Wuling Tendon. However, she had already found it, yet she delayed going back because of the distress signals that sounded one after another. Although she hadn't been inside the Mystic Realm for a long time, it would take some time to refine the elixir. If she could go back earlier, then it would be beneficial to repairing Xuanyuan Mo Ze's tendons.

However, she was still unable to leave someone in the lurch, she was after all, too soft-hearted.

Her speed could be described as the speed of light. She left the two Venerables far behind and arrived at the place where the distress signal was sent out. What she saw was two ninth-rank Sacred Beasts besieging Si Que and Mu Xin.

Mu Xin had been knocked away by one of the ninth-rank Sacred Beasts and his whole body had slammed into a big tree. He bounced off the big tree and fell to the ground. The force was so great that the big tree had snapped, the thick roots fell to one side with a cracking sound.


Mu Xin spat out a mouthful of blood and fell to the ground. The fallen tree was pressed against his chest. His face was pale and as he had suffered serious internal injuries, he was unable to push the tree away. At this moment, the ninth-rank beast that had knocked him to the ground was coming towards his neck with its mouth open and sharp teeth exposed.

His heart skipped a beat at that moment, the despair of death covered his whole body and he felt that he was close to death.

"Mu Xin!"

Si Que turned his head suddenly and exclaimed heart-piercingly when he saw this scene.

He wanted to step forward to save him, but as he got distracted, his arm was scratched by the ninth-rank Sacred Beast that was fighting with him. The few claw marks were deep enough to expose his bone in his arm. Blood dripped shockingly and added a new wound to his already scarred body.

"Mu Xin! Get up quickly! Get up!"

They were fellow disciples from the same Immortal Sect and they two of them had the same Master. Therefore, at this time, when he saw that Mu Xin's life was hanging in the balance, he almost went mad and rushed forward despite his injuries.

However, the figure that rushed forward was stopped by the ninth-rank Sacred Beast. The Sacred Beast roared loudly and slammed into him suddenly with such a powerful pressure and aura that he was forced to bear the pain of the wounds on his body and dodged the attack. However, this move had also distanced him from Mu Xin.

As he watched Mu Xin in front of him, and he was unable to save him, he couldn't help but close his eyes in despair as a tear seeped from the corner of his eye…

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