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Chapter 622: Feng Jiu Gets Beaten Up

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

Feng Jiu jumped away quickly and stepped out of the way.

She saw how shy Ye Jing was as she watched her being pointed at by the people surrounding her and felt apologetic towards her. Even though she was a woman, she was dressed up as a man at the moment. In other people’s eyes, it looked like she was a man who took advantage of girls.

She saw Ye Jing save the little child and how gentle she was, so she admired her. As she looked at her now, red faced and angry, tears in her eyes that refused to fall, she felt very apologetic.

She slowed down as she backed away. Without warning, she was. .h.i.t by a palm and fell to the ground. She hadn’t been hurt by Ye Jing who was swinging her palm in a fit of anger, like she wanted to beat her up. She decided to let her have her way.

“Hey! Don’t hit me, I really didn’t mean it!”

She was kicked to the ground. Her red clothes were stained with dirt. She got up in a panic and ran away shouting as she was chased. Her sorry state made the people who were watching laugh as they pointed to her.

“Look at that young boy being beaten up, what a sorry state he is in.”

“Serves him right, who asked him to take advantage of the girl.”

“That’s right, he deserves to be beaten up.”

“Look at his horse, just like his master, just stood there licking his b.u.t.tocks and drooling!”

“Yes, I saw it too earlier on. The horse was swaying and twisting his hips while running. What a strange horse. I can’t tell what breed it is either.”

“Hahaha, it’s getting excited seeing its owner get beaten up, how funny.”

When she saw that everyone had stopped pointing and commenting on Ye Jing but their attention was on her horse instead, she ran back to her horse, Old White. She turned and smiled at Ye Jing and pulled Old White away.

“Quick, Old White, run!”

She pulled on the reins hard, red faced and blus.h.i.+ng, she saw that Ye Jing was chasing after her with her palm up. She jumped up in shock and exclaimed.

“Ah! Again! Don’t hit me anymore, I really didn’t mean it…..”

In the midst of it all, she hid on the other side of Old White.

Old White looked at the lady chasing them, his mouth wide open as saliva dripped down. He snorted and stuck his tongue out to lick her face.

When Ye Jing saw the young man hiding behind his horse scared, she calmed down. She knew that he had been thrown off his horse, but when she thought of being touched by the boy in red clothes, her heart was seething with anger.

She had eased some of her anger by beating up the boy. She looked at the strange, l.u.s.tful horse who stuck his tongue out at her and took a step back in shock and glared at the boy in red clothes.

“Don’t let me see you again!”

Feng Jiu looked out from behind her horse innocently and watched as she walked away pulling at a woman in white clothes. She looked down at her sorry state and laughed as she shook her head. She sighed and patted Old White’s head then twisted its ear.

“Set your master up? Huh? You dare set your master up?”

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