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Murong Xue paused, in the past, people who did a deed of merit were all rewarded according to the Emperor's preferences. Why was it now that she was the one to make her own demands?

She glanced at Ouyang Shaochen quietly and saw his thick black eyebrows puckering up. It seemed that he did not understand the situation, either.

Murong Xue's eyes flas.h.i.+ng, and she then lightly said to the Emperor, "Thank you for your recognition, Your Majesty. But I lack nothing, so I ask for nothing..."

"I've already granted you a right. If I take back my word, I would become the man without credit." The Emperor looked down from a height at her, with his eyes flas.h.i.+ng.

"Well..." Murong Xue frowned tightly, "I can't think of any request for now..."

Looking at her embarra.s.sing face, the Emperor's lips curved with a graceful radian which disappeared instantly, he then raised his voice, "Then you can make a request to me when you think it over...any request."

He purposely stressed the last two words, which shocked the Empress, concubines, and all civil and military officials present. The Emperor had given Murong Xue a great promise, she could get whatever she wanted, be it gold, silver, jewelries or power and status…

In a flash, all gazes mixed with envy, jealousy, nonrecognition, and anger, fell on Murong Xue...

Murong Xue, however, seemed unmoved, just smiled gently, "Thank you, Your Majesty."

Her eyes narrowed slightly. The fire she set off did burn many water snakes and saved many civil and military officials and royal families.

However, the Emperor was generally protected by the imperial guards, who were all skilled in martial arts. Even if she had not set the fire, they could have protected the Emperor from leaving here in good condition. Strictly speaking, she was not the biggest contributor. If the Emperor wanted to give her a reward, some petty favors were enough. How could he make such a big promise?

In previous years, when dragon boat races were held on the Dragon Boat Festival, only one or two water snakes could be seen at most. This year, thousands of water snakes poured out all of a sudden, which was also completely incredible.

In particular, having disappearing for many years, those large, thick and long water snakes at least 10 years old showed up again. Why did they appear today and were crazy about pestering and biting people since this year had no big particularity...

Were there any hidden facts she did not know?

Suddenly, a shadow seemed pa.s.sing by the corner of her eye, she looked up and saw a luxurious pleasure boat floating on the lake. A young man was standing at the hatch of the boat. He was dressed in a golden robe and had a handsome and evil appearance. It turned out the man was Prince Qin Haoyan from Mo Bei!

He looked at the high platform with a faint smile and gently put down the bead curtain. In the flash when the bead curtain hanging down, his eyes turned at Murong Xue, beaming with evil and strange lights. Murong Xue narrowed her eyes, Qin Hao Yan must be scheming something!

Murong Xue stood on tiptoe, and was ready to get up and go after him. At this moment, a small pale blue snake suddenly jumped out of the water, pouncing on Murong Xue as fast as lightning. With light fishy smell, the small snake's sharp teeth instantly approached her cheek, she wanted to dodge, but was already too late...

"Be careful!" Ouyang Shaochen grabbed the little snake with lightning speed. The little snake instantly turned into muddy flesh in his sudden clasped hands.

He looked down at Murong Xue with full of concern in his eyes, "Are you all right?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." Murong Xue shook her head and looked at him with a little nervousness, "How about you?" She worried that Ouyang Shaochen would get hurt by the poisonous snake.

"I'm fine too," said Ouyang Shaochen faintly, his eyes as deep as a pool.

"Really? Then show me your hand!" Murong Xue said softly, reaching for his sleeve. After he killed the little poisonous snake, his hand was covered by the hanging sleeve.

 "Never mind, I'm really fine!" Ouyang Shaochen's corners of the mouth bent up a shallow smile, he then casually put his arm behind his back.

Murong Xue frowned and was about to speak when the tip of her nose suddenly smelled a faint scent of blood, which was obvious mingled with the faint scent of ink and bamboo.

Her face changed greatly. She then grabbed Ouyang Shaochen's hand and pulled it to her eyes. There were two deep teeth marks on the back of his jade-like hand, gurgling black blood, "So you call this fine? You were obviously bitten by a snake and get poisoned."

At that time, the snake opened its mouth to bite her, but Ouyang Shaochen took it away, so it bit the back of his hand instead...

Looking at her angry eyes, Ouyang Shaochen forced a gentle smile and said, "I've taken the antidote pill, everything will be fine ..."

Before his voice had died away, his lips suddenly turned dark purple, with his corners of the mouth overflowing a wisp of blood and his entire figure slowly falling down...

"Ouyang Shaochen!" Murong Xue staggered and reached out to support him. Unexpectedly, Ouyang Shaochen fell on her shoulder, causing her to stumble back several steps before she could keep her feet. The thick blood smell lingered on the tip of her nose. The smell came from the large black and brown blood stain on the white sleeve of Ouyang Shaochen, which was truly shocking.

Tears flas.h.i.+ng in Murong Xue's pitch-black eyes, she bowed her head on the back of his hand, quickly sucked out a mouthful of poisonous blood, and spit it onto the ground, dark brown poisonous blood meandering along the floor gap. Seeing this, the Emperor frowned with a complex gaze...

With the snake toxic sucked out from his body, Ouyang Shaochen coughed a bit and slowly opened his eyes. A slim figure was faintly visible in the dim line of sight.

A warm touch came from the wound on the back of his hand. He was stunned, his misty sight was instantly clear. He quickly withdrew his injured hand and hid it behind his back. His pupils were like being filled with strong wind and torrential rain, "This is highly toxic. Stop!"

If he had been awake just now, he would never have let her approach his poisoned wound.

Murong Xue wiped away the poisonous blood from the corners of her mouth and glared at him fiercely, "That snake was extremely poisonous. If I did not suck out the poison, you would have been killed! Although the toxic was drew out mostly, but the residual poison in your body was still risky..."

"Don't worry, I won't die!" Ouyang Shaochen's voice was as beautiful as a harp, his obsidian eyes revealed a faint appalling storm. How could he, the son of Lord Freedom, die of snake venom?

"Then I will use silver needles to drive out the residual poison!" Murong Xue said angrily, took out the silver needle bag. Ouyang Shaochen was very stubborn, and did not want her to approach the wounded hand anymore. No matter what she said, he would resist. So she could only think of other ways.

Ouyang Shaochen hesitated for a moment and nodded, then said "Okay" and slowly stretched out his injured hand.

Murong Xue revealed a strange smile, opened the silver needle bag, took out all the silver needles, and mercilessly pierced them into Ouyang Shaochen's  acupoints. See what else you could do, you stubborn, bullheaded and loftily man…

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