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With the silver needles inserted on the back of Ouyang Shaochen's hand one after another, it made his hand like a hedgehog, with the sharp point of the needles sparkling slightly under the sun, reflecting kind of cold light, making one s.h.i.+ver down the spine.

But the expression on Ouyang Shaochen's face didn't change a bit.

It made Murong Xue feel a little frustrated. So many silver needles on the back of his hand, he didn't even feel a bit of pains! His endurance was really extraordinary.

Murong Xue picked up the last silver needle and inserted it into the back of his hand bitterly and said grumpily, "Gou Feng, get me a deck chair." Since all the silver needles were done, it was time to detoxify him. Ouyang Shaochen had to sit up, for her convenience.

 "Yes!" said Gou Feng and then moved two chairs to their side, one was a deck chair, and the other a common chair.

Ouyang Shaochen sat on the deck chair, with his injured hand rested on the armrest randomly. Only such an ordinary move already made him extra charming and n.o.ble.

Murong Xue curled her lips and then sat by his side. She then entwisted the silver needles and said in a deep voice, "Gou Feng, you go check on the water snakes in the lake now. I have a feeling there's something wrong with the snakes!"

The water snakes had been living in the Skywater Lake and never hurt people so many years. But today they came out of water to attack people with no reason. Thousands of them all together, like they were controlled by something…

Standing behind Ouyang Shaochen, Gou Feng lowered his voice, "I have caught a few of them and sent them to the doctor. The doctor said they took kind of medicine…"

 "What?" Murong Xue popped her eyes out with surpris.e.m.e.nt!

 "Yeah, someone sprinkled some kind of medicine into the Skywater Lake. And the snakes would go crazy after taking it and attack people insanely!" said Gou Feng, with something flas.h.i.+ng in his eyes: Actually it's not a natural disaster but with someone behind it!

Murong Xue nodded, "Do you know what kind of medicine it is?" It was strong enough to control so many snakes. It should be something very poisonous…

 "Urgh…the doctor said he doesn't know…" Gou Feng shook his head. The doctor was a good one, but he could only tell the snakes took some kind of medicine, but didn't know what it was…

Murong Xue frowned slightly. If so, it'd make it much harder to smoke out the one behind…

 "There's a kind of mysterious medicine in Mo Bei called Madness Pill. Whatever kind of animals it is, once they take it, they would go mad. The patricians like using it on all kinds of beasts like leopards, pythons…and then let them fight for fun."

said Ouyang Shaochen, with his silver fair-sounding voice, which made Murong Xue a little stunned, "So those snakes took the Madness Pills?"

 "Quite possible!" said Ouyang Shaochen with a low voice, with kind of cold light flas.h.i.+ng in his eyes.

Murong Xue looked gloomily, "You mean it's Qing Haoyan who is behind this?"

Ouyang Shaochen didn't answer her, which kinda meant he approved her guess.

Murong Xue narrowed her eyes: No wonder Qing Haoyan would appear on the lake. So he was here for fun. But why would he do this?

The emperor, the empress and the princes had the imperial guards to protect them. They wouldn't get hurt a bit. The officials and their female families might get hurt. But since there were thousands of officials in Qingyan Kingdom, losing dozens of their lives would not shake the foundation of the kingdom a bit…

Wait! She bears the grudge with Qin Yuyan. As Qin Yuyan's younger brother, he is here to help Qin Yuyan. Is it possible he did all this to deal with her?

But she is only a fragile lady. Using so many snakes only to get rid of her? Isn't it like breaking a fly on the wheel?

 "Qin Haoyan is cooking something evil against you. You should be extremely careful when you meet him!" said Ouyang Shaochen with a very serious tone, with kind of caring in his eyes.

Murong Xue nodded, "I know!" Qin Haoyan was Qin Yuyan's younger brother. Even Ouyang Shaochen didn't tip her, she had already taken precautions against him…

 "Qingyan, Rou!" some kind of anxious voice was heard, Murong Xue then raised her head, seeing the guards pulled two persons out of water, whose clothes were already totally wet, clinging on their bodies, faces smoked, as well we their hairpins, earrings, etc.. She could tell they were Murong Rou and Song Qingyan.

Murong Rou was in coma, eyes closed. But her moving chest indicated she was alive.

Song Qingyan was also in coma, with black blood gurgling out of the wound on the arm, reeking some kind of thick stench smell, making one frown and want to puke.

Murong Xue blinked: Murong Rou was wrapped by snakes while Song Qingyan got bitten by snakes, and both had been floating in the lake on fire for so long but survived! Those two b.i.t.c.hes are so lucky…

Wu'an Marquis Song Tianwen shouted at the high platform while looking at those two with all anxiousness under his eyes, "Imperial doctor…imperial doctor…"

An imperial guard came forward and replied, "The imperial doctor is saving those injured. Please wait a minute, My Lord…"

Song Tianwen caught a glimpse of the dense ma.s.s of the crowd in front and frowned. There were only a few imperial doctors while hundreds of injured. G.o.d knew when they could finish treating so many people. Qingyan got bitten by the snake and needed immediate treatment, otherwise she might die. What to do?

While Song Tianwen was burning with anxiety, he glanced at Murong Xue randomly and suddenly his eyes shone, "Xue, please save my Qingyan…"

What? Ask her to save Song Qingyan? Did she hear it wrong? Murong Xue popped her eyes out and turned to Song Tianwen little by little with shocking…

Watching her knitted brows, Song Tianwen suddenly remembered the hatred between her daughter and Murong Xue. He then said in a very serious tone, "Xue, I know you and Qingyan don't get along. But anyway she is your cousin. You can't watch her die and do nothing…"

Like father, like daughter! He threatened her to save his daughter, and even with the same reason! She'd definitely never save her if in the mansion. But now under so many pairs of eyes, she was a "good person". How could she be so indifferent? Hehe…

 "My lord, you sure you want me to save her?" asked Murong Xue with a fake smile.

Song Tianwen's eyelid twitched, and he asked, "What do you mean?"

 "I can only detoxify her but I can do nothing with her injury. I can tell Qingyan my cousin is both poisoned and badly injured. If she dies while I use the silver needles to detoxify for her, don't blame me!" said Murong Xu with a crooked smile.

Murong Rou and Song Qingyan had tried set up traps and framed her so many times. They had already been like water and fire. And they asked for it to end up like this. They deserved it! She'd never be so silly to save them. If Song Tianwen nodded, she'd instantly send them to h.e.l.l!

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