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Published at 13th of August 2019 04:50:00 PM Chapter 153

Murong Rou Is Pregnant

Song Tianwen frowned . He threatened Murong Xue, only wanting her to save Qingyan but not to kill her . Since Murong Xue had already declared she couldn’t treat Qingyan’s wounds, he could never let her help, otherwise Qingyan’s life…

Qingyan was both badly poisoned and  wounded . Could she make it through till the imperials doctors treated all the other patients?

 “The imperial doctor is here . The imperial doctor is here…” An exciting screaming sound interrupted Song Tianwen’s thinking . He raised his head and saw an imperial doctor about 40 years old walking to them .

He then immediately ran to the imperial doctor and bowed to him, “Doctor Li, both my wife and daughter are severely injured and in a coma . Please treat them…”

 “My lord, you’re too modest!” said imperial doctor Li smilingly . He then took big strides and came before Song Qingyan . He tucked up his robe, squatted down and put two fingers against her pulse .

Feeling her pulses beating weak and light, imperial doctor Li frowned . He took out the silver needles and gave Song Qingyan an acupuncture treatment . With the black poisoned blood slowly shedding from her wound, Song Qingyan’s dark purple lips gradually went back to normal…

Qingyan is cured!

Song Tianwen now felt much relieved . He then glanced at Murong Xue who was lying beside Qingyan . He took off his robe and covered Muroug Rou’s body…

The robe was warm, plus it had his unique masculine smell, which warmed Muroug Rou’s cold body . She then gradually came to herself . She slowly opened her eyes and looked at Song Tianwen’s charming face, saying in a weeping voice, “Tianwen!”

 “You wake up!” said Song Tianwen flatly .

 “Hm!” Murong Rou nodded and tried to sit up with the support of her hands .

 “Be careful!” Song Tianwen moved forward and helped her slowly sit up, “You’re badly injured . You should lie in there…”

 “Tianwen!” Murong Rou stretched out her hand and held his neck, with joyful tears streaming down her face . When she was in a coma, actually she kind of heard Tianwen in s.n.a.t.c.hes . In order to save them, he threatened Murong Xue, begged imperial doctor Li . So he still cared about her!

Actually she also cared about him . After all they had been married over ten years . Murong Xue set up a trap to make her lose her virginity . Tianwen was extremely angry so he claimed to divorce her . But now he had cooled down . Maybe she could try to get close to him and win him back…

She wanted to be the first wife of Wu’an Marquis everyone was jealous of and grow old together with Tianwen happily…

Murong Rou was longing for the beautiful life in the future, with her lips curled up . She then buried herself in Song Tianwen’s arms, tears wetting a large part of his long robe . That kind of slimy feeling really made him uneasy .

Song Tianwen frowned . He held Murong Rou’s arms and tried to hold her up without a trace . Pity that Murong Rou held him too tight . He just couldn’t, however hard he tried…

Song Tianwen became a bit impatient . And when he tried to use force, a familiar male voice was heard from behind, “Eh-hem…My lord, Miss Song has been detoxified and she is in a stable state now . I mean, does Mrs . Song still need the treatment?”

Murong Rou was startled . She suddenly remembered they were on the high platform, surrounded by the crowd . So the intimacy of her and Tianwen was all seen…

She immediately took back her hands from Song Tianwen’s body, lowered her head, face b.l.o.o.d.y blus.h.i.+ng…

While Song Tianwen looked still blandly . He looked at her casually and then stood up slowly, “Please, doctor Li . ”

 “My honor, my lord . ” said imperial doctor Li smilingly . Then he moved before Murong Rou, put his finger against her wrist and felt another pulse within her pulse . He was a little surprised, thinking he might make a mistake . So he concentrated himself and felt her pulse again . But still another pulse was felt within her pulse, light and weak . Imperial doctor Li nodded while smiling, “Congratulations, My Lord . Madam Song is pregnant…”

His words were like a bomb, making both Song Tianwen and Murong Rou drop their jaws: What…wait…Pregnant?

Murong Xue was also surprised with her eyes wide open, with all gloat in her eyes: Murong Rou is pregnant now? Then who is its father?

 “How long has she been pregnant?” Song Tianwen also thought of this and asked in a deep voice, with kind of suspiciousness in his eyes .

After carefully feeling her pulses for some time, imperial doctor Li said flatly, “Nearly a month . ”

Murong Xue blinked, thinking, “It’s been over twenty days since Murong Rou and Xu Wen had an affair . After that, she has been staying the Marquis Mansion and never met Song Tianwen, let alone sleeping with him . And before that, Murong Rou has been in prison for 20 days . So all in all, she hasn’t been with Song Tianwen for over forty days . But she is pregnant less than a month…Of course her baby should never be Song Tianwen’s, but Xu Wen’s b.a.s.t.a.r.d…

 “Thank you, doctor Li!” Song Wentian threw these words behind grim-faced, and then strode away without even turning back .

 “Tianwen!” Murong Rou’s heart was broken . She struggled to get on her feet and tried to catch up with him: So many years she has been hoping she could get pregnant . But what was beyond her expectation was the day she knows she is pregnant is the most shameful day in her life…

Watching them two quickly walk away, imperial doctor Li was totally confused . Shouldn’t it be a happy thing that the first wife got pregnant? But why did both of them look kind of upset…

Murong Xue blinked, pulled out the silver needles on the back of Ouyang Shaochen’s hand, and dragged him to run, “Come on . Hurry! Let’s go watch the drama!”

Looking at her exciting delicate face, Ouyang Shaochen was kind of confused, “It’s just Murong Rou has an affair and has someone else’s baby . What’s the fuss?”

Murong Xue looked sullenly, “Actually I set her up to have an affair . Murong Rou must be extremely angry now . So she will try everything she can for Song Tianwen’s forgiveness . ”

Ouyang Shaochen’s eyes darkened, and he said flatly, “It’s true Murong Rou is smart, but Song Tianwen ain’t no fool . He wouldn’t bear getting cuckolded and help the adulterer to raise his kid!”

 “So I follow them to see how they are gonna solve this problem . ” Murong Xue smirked and pushed Ouyang Shaochen, “Come on . Hurry! Or we’ll miss the most wonderful part…”

Looking at her glittering eyes, Ouyang Shaochen sighed in his heart and could only go with her .

A pile of luxurious carriages were parked by the Skywater Lake . Song Tianwen strode before one of them . When he pulled the curtain aside and was about to get on, Murong Rou caught up and grabbed his sleeve, begging him, “Tianwen, listen to me . I can explain…Please…”

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