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The Aloof Prince - Chapter 124: You Scolded Me Again

Mu Yunjin flew all the way to the courtyard of the Prince's Mansion with Zixiang. After landing, Zixiang's legs were soft and she fell to the ground on to her b.u.t.tocks. She trembled and stretched her fingers towards Mu Yunjin, her eyes full of astonishment.

"Miss, you ..."

Mu Yunjin made a ‘shh' gesture signaling her to be quiet, leaned over and pulled Zixiang up from the ground, whispering, “Secret, remember not to talk rashly.”

Zixiang covered her mouth, nodded, and looked at Mu Yunjin from head to toe.

Mu Yunjin reached out and poked Zixiang's head, "Don't look, I'm your lady, not an impostor."

Zixiang has been exposed to many new things from Mu Yunjin recently. At this time, after listening to Mu Yunjin's words, she takes it in her stride.

Mu Yunjin was really tired. She ordered people to prepare hot water for bathing. After bathing, she slept heavily.

When Chu Li left his room in the morning, he glanced at the closed door directly opposite. Ding Xian came to him and reported to him about last nights happenings.

"Prince Rong and the princess yesterday completely slapped their faces, but the princess's mouth was also very poisonous, and everyone in the Qin family was scolded." Ding Xian said.

Chu Li heard the words, and with a faint smile on his lips, "It's not her that is poisonous."

"Yes, the princess is not a foolish little character. It is estimated that princess rong will really be in an ill temper for a few days now."

Chu Li nodded faintly, and after walking out of Liquan Pavilion, he seemed to think of something, and he looked at Ding Xian with a quirk of his eyebrow. "In the next few days, another group of purple guards will follow Mu Yunjin."

"a.s.sign more? She has 500 already... more than any princess in the royal family ..."

Ding Xian didn't finish his sentence. After meeting Chu Li's cold gaze, he immediately covered his mouth.

After walking far away, Ding Xian exhaled with a sigh of relief, glanced back at Chu Li again, and clicked his fingers. The purple guard a.s.signed to the Sixth Prince, about a thousand people, half of them are already with the princess, and now she needs more......

Alas, the people who moved the heart are different. It is estimated that it won't be long before one thousand purple guards are all for the princess.

When Chu Li came to the front hall, Rong w.a.n.g Chu hurried in through the door, full of anger. When he saw Chu Li's figure, he yelled.

"How do you discipline your concubine? How dare you run against your elders! Shu Ning's health has improved a lot but she got sick early in the morning!"

Chu Li didn't get angry when he heard his words, instead he sat down, sipped his tea slowly, and his eyes glowed with cold light, "Uncle w.a.n.g, my woman, when is it your turn to talk?"

Prince Rong s.h.i.+vered inexplicably from those cold eyes, suppressing his anger, "It was Uncle w.a.n.g who was anxious, but this nephew, after all, is a junior, how can she be ill again? You have to take care of this. "

Chu Li rubbed his temples, "If you have an opinion, go and talk to Mu Yunjin yourself."

"This, this ..." Prince Rong was hesitant. He heard about last night. The neice-in-law's mouth was really poisonous. He was more inclined to deal with Chu Li.

Asking him to go and talk to Mu Yunjin, he'd rather not, and it would diminish his status to have to deal with a woman.

The two were talking, and saw Mu Yunjin walk into the front hall from the back garden with a lazy gait. After entering the front hall, she squinted, glancing at Rong w.a.n.g Chu, she chuckled. "Did Uncle w.a.n.g come to apologize to me? I really don't need it. Uncle w.a.n.g's work is really too hard to handle, but it's all from his own family. I won't get involved.''

After hearing this, Chu Li almost choked, his lips were lifting at the corners, and he couldn't hide his excellent mood at this time.

Prince Rong really felt that he had forgotten to check his horoscope this morning when he went out. Looking at the couple in this hall, he had a inexplicable fear of them so he fled quickly.

After Prince Rong left, Mu Yunjin poured herself a gla.s.s of water and sneered, "What a wonderful family."

"Mu Yunjin, it seems that the prince worry for you is superfluous." Chu Li's said with clear eyes and a slight smile.

Mu Yunjin heard the words, and blinked at Chu li, "That's natural, because you have big men covering me from behind!"


"Get out of here, you called me stupid again!" Mu Yunjin frowned.

Chu Li squinted and said coldly, "You say it again?"

"Shen Yun, I'm hungry, roll me two eggs ..."

After having breakfast, Mu Yunjin is going back to the Xiangfu.

Chu Li happened to need to go out to do some things, and the two separated at the entrance of the Prince's House.

Walking on the street, Mu Yunjin was in a very good mood today. While walking to Xiangfu, she wandered all the way. When she and Zixiang came to Xiangfu, they had already mentioned a lot of things.

Mu Yunjin strode in and saw that there was no one in the front hall, so she went directly to the Pearl Courtyard.

Walking halfway, she met Mu Xiarou and Luo Ningyu.

"Third sister ..." Mu Xiarou flashed in front of Mu Yunjin after running over.

Mu Yunjing gave a sigh, nodded to Luo Ningyu and said h.e.l.lo.

"Did Yunjin come to see Lingzhu?" Luo Ningyu asked carefully, knowing that the sister's relations.h.i.+p had always been bad, and at this time she was afraid she had asked the wrong question.

Mu Yunjin nodded, and asked, "How is her health?"

"Now the illness is under control. When she was delivered last night, it was really scary. Later, the doctor prescribed the medicine and bandaged the wounds, so now it is better." Luo Ningyu said with a sigh. 

Speaking as much, the three have reached the entrance to the Pearl Courtyard.

In the bedroom of Mu Lingzhu, three doctors were present at this time. Mu Xiang was sitting on a chair with a solemn look, next to her head. Mu Lingzhu on the couch closed her eyes hard, her arms were exposed, and the medicine was being painted on. The smell of the wound medicine was strong. 

"Father." Mu Yunjin approached.

Seeing Mu Yunjin entering, Mu Xiang stood up, beckoned towards Mu Yunjin, and the two went out.

Outside of Mu Lingzhu's bedroom, Mu Xiang frowned and said, "Did you send Lingzhu back last night?"

Mu Yunjin nodded and told Mu Xiang to listen to what happened last night at Rongw.a.n.gfu.

"Bang--" Mu Xiang slammed the table heavily.

"Is this true? The Qin family bullies too much!" Mu Xiang growled, his face flushed.

Mu Yunjin swallowed. Mu Xiang's att.i.tude was not strange. She said indifferently, '' Sending her back to Rong w.a.n.gfu would only lead her to death.''

"So, what do you mean?" Mu Xiang's words deepened with meaning.

"It doesn't mean anything, see if my father can be kind and leave Lingzhu here in the Xiangfu."

"Although she is newly-married, she must endure the shame of staying in her maiden house, it is the best for her."

Mu Xiang took a breath, and after a long silence, clenched his fists and said, "What if Qin Shuning is removed?"

If Qin Shuning was allowed to live, Mu Lingzhu's life will definitely be completely destroyed. Besides, the Qin family has recently attacked Mu Xiang again and again, he has to fight back once.

Mu Yunjin shook her head, disagreeing with Mu Xiang's statement, "Qin Shuning was born Qin family, naturally she should not be underestimated. Besides, if anything were to happen to her, the outside world will first suspect the Xiangfu."

"Qin Shuning is a married woman. The Qin family will certainly not be important to her. If she dies, the Qin family will only lose a p.a.w.n. Though the small Xiangfu, maybe even the entire Xiangfu will be implicated."

"Then there is nothing we can do?" Mu Xiang was angry.

"After Fourth Sister gets better, then let's talk. She has been reading books for so many years and may have a few ideas." Mu Yunjin smiled slightly.

Mu Xiang understood and sighed, this can only be endured for the time being.

"Prince, Fourth Miss has woken up and wants to talk to you." Cuiyun stepped out of the door and looked at Mu Yunjin.

Mu Yunjing signed, got up and went in.

After entering the door, Mu Lingzhu retired all her servants, leaving only her and Mu Yunjin.

Mu Yunjin found a chair and sat down, her eyes calmly rested on Mu Lingzhu, waiting for her to speak.

Mu Lingzhu looked around and struggled to get up. After a moment, she knelt down on the bed in a kneeling position, and kowtowed to Mu Yunjin.

Mu Yunjin watched this scene quietly without saying a word.

"I'll give you these three kowtows, thank you for saving me last night, Mu Yunjin, I did not expect your heart to be so good." Mu Lingzhu lay down again.

Mu Yunjing t.i.tled her legs and raised her eyebrows. "I can't be as bad as you, when your heart is pulled out it will be black."

"Didn't you promise me that day.... I will share the secret with you, you will help me once? Since you are so capable now, it shouldn't be difficult to get rid of Qin Shuning, right?" Mu Lingzhu reasonably said.

Mu Yunjin rolled her eyes. "You just said that I would help you once. I saved you last night. Doesn't that count?"

"This ..." Mu Lingzhu said, biting her lips, unsatisfied.

"I'll never let Qin Shuning get away with trying to kill me." Mu Lingzhu reached out her hand and clutched the quilt tightly.

Mu Yunjin smiled slightly. "That's right. When it comes to doing bad things, no one can compare to you. You can deal with a Qin Shuning. I believe you have a way."

"You ..." Mu Lingzhu naturally heard the mockery in Mu Yunjin's words, turned over with her back facing Mu Yunjin. "Go out, I don't want to see you."

"Ah, then I'll wait for sister's good news. I wish you as soon as possible to be in the position of Princess Rong." Mu Yunjin said without smiling, and left.

After leaving the room, she saw the outside courtyard was full of people.

"Brother, you're here." Mu Yunjin looked at Mu Yunhan sitting to the side, and smiled without hesitation. 

Mu Yunhan nodded, and reached out to Mu Yunjin to signal her to approach.

Mu Yunjin approached.

"You girl, the scar has forgotten the pain, who can believe you would save the white-eyed wolf!" Mu Yunhan stretched out his hand and poked Mu Yunjin's head.

Mu Xiang beside them glanced at Mu Yunhan, and naturally knew who the white-eyed wolf he spoke of was, but at this time he really couldn't speak up for Mu Lingzhu.

Mu Yunjin rubbed her forehead and pursed her mouth. "Brother, that was behind closed doors and between ourselves. To outsiders though, we must show a united front!"

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