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Chen Xiang had already successfully refined Wild Dragon Saint Dan s using the Original source refining, so he was extremely confident in this Chongprofound Dan s.

The sale of Chongprofound Dan is tightly controlled and requires the consent of a few Alchemy G.o.ds. Otherwise, if it is discovered, the Alchemy G.o.ds who know how to refine Chongprofound Dan will work together to deal with you.

Therefore, Chen Xiang had to improve the Chongprofound Dan and add some other ingredients so that this pill would have the effects of a Chongprofound Dan, but if it was not a Chongprofound Dan, the Pill G.o.d would not be able to find trouble with him.

If he only wanted to earn a lot of money by selling the Holy Elixir, then Chen Xiang's elixirs would be more than enough. It would have a strong effect and be easy to make.

"Continue copying the White Profound Holy Lotus. When Qianqian and Xiangyue come out, if their pill refinement is successful, let them refine the White Profound Holy Lotus."

After Chen Xiang finished instructing, he entered the compet.i.tion and started refining the Chongprofound Dan.

Right now, he had to be familiar with the Chongprofound Dan before he could improve it.

There were a lot of materials needed to refine the Chongprofound Dan, three high quality panacea, three low quality panacea and one White Profound Holy Pellet. If they wanted to improve it, they would need to add two high quality panacea.

Before refining the Chongprofound Dan, he still had to refine the White Profound Holy Pellet.

The White Profound Holy Pellet was a Medial Grade Holy Pellet, and was naturally easy for Chen Xiang to refine. He then began to refine the Chongprofound Dan.

To Chen Xiang, the difficulty was about the same as Bati Dan and Wild Dragon Saint Dan, but the process was a little more complicated. Because he had first found three high-grade and three low-grade s, and then mixed them together with the White Profound Holy Pellet.

There were two crucial points in using the Original source refining. The first was to find the Spirit blood while burning the medicinal ingredients, and also to find it within a certain period of time. This was because when the medicinal ingredient was burned too much, the Spirit blood would disappear.

The second was to fuse all of the Spirit blood together after finding them.

The first crucial point was rather difficult, especially during the first refining process. This was because he had to familiarize himself with the stage of refining the medicinal ingredients before the Spirit blood would appear.

If it was the second time, it would be much easier to refine it. In the future, he could also use his own experience to release appropriate firepower and quickly burn all the medicinal ingredients until the moment the Spirit blood appeared. Then, he could capture and fuse the Spirit blood.

Chen Xiang was currently using very weak firepower to refine it, because burning it was too fast and he would miss out on that chance. This resulted in him not discovering the Spirit blood for a long time and he could only start over in the end.

In order to succeed on his first try, Chen Xiang was very patient, he started burning the herbs bit by bit. Right now, he was refining all six of the herbs at the same time, and he had to be very careful.

The Chongprofound Dan was one of the Four Great Sacred Pills, and the main thing was to cultivate the Mysterious power. As for the other three, they also had their own uses, and their effects were extremely good as well. It was something that many profound G.o.d and True G.o.ds loved, but it still required a lot of divine money to buy.

It was not easy for normal True G.o.ds and profound G.o.d to earn G.o.dly money. If they did not have a good technique, they could only accept missions and do dangerous things to earn G.o.dly money. However, it was not much.

If it was an Empyrean G.o.d, he would've been able to earn divine money much faster. However, the sacred pill was no longer of much use to Empyrean G.o.ds. What Empyrean G.o.ds needed were divine pills, and they were expensive items as well.

… ….

"The Chongprofound Dan is one of the Four Great Sacred Pills. If Chen Xiang is able to successfully change this Chongprofound Dan, its effects will be better than the Chongprofound Dan's, then he can replace the Chongprofound Dan and become one of the new Four Great Sacred Pills." Lv Qilian looked at the door to Chen Xiang's secret room. It had already been five days, and it had not been opened.

Wu Qianqian and Hua Xiangyue had already come out. They had successfully refined the Wild Dragon Saint Dan, and its quality was about the same as Chen Xiang's.

The Bati Dan s were easier to deal with than the Wild Dragon Saint Dan, so they wouldn't take too much time.

The only thing Long Xueyi and Lv Qilian could do now was to condense spirit liquid and duplicate some low level medicinal herbs, in preparation for the large-scale refining process in the future.

Long Xueyi said: "Sister Qilian, what if we sell off the new Four Great Sacred Dan Meeting s?"

Lv Qilian laughed: "It will definitely make our shop famous, there are many shops that do not have all four great Holy Pellets, there is only one kind in Divine Female Palace's shop, the Four Great Holy Pellet's recipe is only controlled by a small number of Pill G.o.ds, these pill G.o.ds have very strict control over these pill formulas."

Even though the pill G.o.d with these pill formulas wasn't an enemy, he wouldn't allow his pill formulas to appear in other pill G.o.d shops.

"Our Chongprofound Dan were bought from Fire Divine Palace's shop. What kind of pill is it that Divine Female Palace is selling?" Long Xueyi asked: "I don't think we went to ask the last time."

Lv Qilian said: "If Divine Female Palace had it, I would have bought it a long time ago. The Great Saint Pellet sold by Divine Female Palace is called the Soul Recovery Holy Pellet, and it is mainly used to treat serious injuries. If a middle profound G.o.d or even a Divine Sense Sea's divine soul is severely damaged, they can be cured by eating this pill, but Super profound G.o.d needs to eat more, so there would be an effect."

Rosy clouds Dan Saint s are famous for refining these kinds of pellets, and they are very expensive. Before, they would need around four to five hundred thousand gold coins per pellet, and right now, even if you offer seven to eight hundred thousand gold coins, you still might not be able to purchase one. Rosy clouds Dan Saint s can only refine a few pellets every so often, and they are all sold to customers who have good relations with Divine Female Palace.

Long Xueyi said: "Seems like the method to concoct the Soul Sage Pill was pa.s.sed down from the Dan G.o.d Ye to the Rosy clouds Dan Saint. Who knows, maybe that Ye Qin might be able to concoct it too. I keep having the feeling that this woman is not simple."

Lv Qilian nodded his head and said: "I feel the same, that she is after all, the daughter of the Pill G.o.d. We can only wait for Chen Xiang and the others to refine a large batch of sacred pills and exchange them for divine money.

The Four Great Saint Pills were also called the Great Sage Pills. If there were pills that were comparable to the Four Great Saint Pills, or were close to the level of the Four Great Saint Pills, they could also be called the Great Sage Pills.

"That little scoundrel hasn't come out yet." Liu Meng'er came out of the room with Xue Xianxian following behind her. All of them had a jade bottle in their hands, and they pa.s.sed it to Lv Qilian.

Lv Qilian took the jade bottle and smiled: "It's not out yet, it should be soon. You have already mastered the initial stage of Alive Slain Method, so the quality of these spirit liquids are all good."

The spirit liquid condensed from the Alive Slain Method could duplicate medicinal herbs, and Liu Meng'er and Xue Xianxian were both Chen Xiang's women, so Lv Qilian was very willing to teach them the Alive Slain Method.

Long Xueyi laughed: "Whether or not I really succeed in cultivating it will depend on little scoundrel …"

Liu Meng'er and Xue Xianxian did not really understand Long Xueyi's words. They did not know that the strongest part of the Alive Slain Method was the dual cultivation, which allowed one to condense those mystical purple pearls through fusing Yin and Yang.

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