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Lin Xirong saw that Chen Xiang was staring at her well-developed chest in a daze, causing her to clench her teeth. She was terrified, afraid that Chen Xiang would pull her out completely and then do that kind of thing to her.

"Your Primordial Dan is in your heart?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Well, you can see it?" Lin Xirong was a little surprised, she did not tell Chen Xiang where the Primordial Orb was.

Chen Xiang suddenly pressed her hand on Lin Xirong's chest, causing her to scream out loud. She was currently seated on a Six Realms mirrors, and could not move at all.

"You scoundrel, what are you doing? Hurry up and take your hands off me, I'm going to kill you …." Lin Xirong's ice-cold face was filled with panic.

"If you continue to call me that, I'll really skin you alive." Chen Xiang laughed, then activated the Devouring magic kungfu and absorbed a bit of the primordial internal pill's energy.

Lin Xirong also felt that a little of the original core's power had been lost. This did not have any effect on her, and she did not cry out.

"What are you doing? You can directly absorb the power of my original pellet? " Lin Xirong was very surprised. The man in front of him was just too powerful, he had all sorts of tricks up his sleeve.

Heh heh, just watch. Soon, I will also become an Emperor. Chen Xiang laughed, then took out his Chuangs.h.i.+ G.o.d furnace, and placed it inside the pill furnace after absorbing the power from the ball of him.

After he refined and used the Crash, the power of the Primordial Inner Core became much stronger and it was also extremely pure. After he took out a pellet from the Chuangs.h.i.+ G.o.d furnace, Lin Xirong's face was filled with astonishment.

"This is …" This is the primordial energy that only ancestors can possess, you … How did you do it? " Lin Xirong was shocked.

Chen Xiang swallowed the pellet, then kept it in his dantian, preventing it from melting.

"How about now? Do I still have the presence of a foreign cultivator on me? " Chen Xiang asked.

"There's nothing left …" But why did the aura just now become weaker? That is something that only our Ancestors possess. However, the aura that you are emitting right now is also that of an Imperial Clan. " Lin Xirong shook her head. What Chen Xiang had done had given her too much shock, until she felt like she was in a nightmare.

If Chen Xiang was to enter the Primitive Sacred Land, if he was a foreigner, then even if he had changed his appearance, he would still be recognized. Therefore, the first thing he had to do was to imitate the aura of the Primordial Clan members, and then he would be able to stay inside.

Very quickly, Lin Xirong understood the reason for this action. She had already seen Chen Xiang turning into an old man, this way, she would not be discovered when he entered the Primitive Sacred Land.

"Alright, I will enter the Primitive Sacred Land now!" Chen Xiang put away the Six Realms mirrors and teleported into the Primitive Sacred Land. Everyone inside knew that Lin Xirong had been captured, and by some outsider at that.

What made everyone talk the most was that before Lin Xirong was captured, he was forcefully kissed by a foreign cultivator, and it was in front of Zhao You, the Primitive Supreme Lord.

And Zhao You still hadn't caught that person!

At this time, many people from the Di Clan were searching for Chen Xiang, many spirit race warriors loyal to the Di Clan had also joined in.

After Chen Xiang asked around, he finally found out about Lin Ting's situation. Lin Ting was a spirit race, but he was doing things for the Di Clan, and they were searching for him.

When Lin Ting first sold him, Chen Xiang was still holding his breath. He was walking on the streets looking for Lin Ting and now, Lin Ting was also searching everywhere.

Before, Chen Xiang was very curious about the Beast Crystals inside, but now he knew what they were. They were coins made from Beast Pills, and they contained energy that could be used to cultivate.

"All of you, stand to the side. Don't block us." A shout suddenly came from the distance, and everyone moved out of the way.

"Boom! Boom!" The sound came from the main street as if there was a heavy and ferocious beast running wildly.

Indeed, on the other side of the street, a middle-aged man was riding a huge black lion.

When Chen Xiang saw that the person riding the black lion was really Lin Ting, he was overjoyed. Then, he stood in the middle of the street and revealed the aura of an Imperial clan Inner Core.

Sensing this aura, Lin Ting, who was about to swing his whip over, instantly became terrified!

Although he was one of the stronger spirit races and had also performed meritorious deeds, he did not dare to offend the Di Clan. He immediately stopped the huge black lion.

"Master, what are you doing?" Lin Ting anxiously walked down from the black lion and bowed as he asked.

"Humph!" Did you want to hit me just now? " Chen Xiang's cold voice caused Lin Ting's heart to tremble, he was drenched in sweat. He had indeed brandished his whip, wanting to break Chen Xiang apart, but luckily he suddenly sensed the aura of the imperial family, otherwise he would have definitely lashed out ruthlessly.

"This... "Since the Emperor has summoned us, I am in a hurry. Please forgive me." Lin Ting anxiously said.

"Oh? Why did the Emperor summon you all here? " Chen Xiang asked curiously.

"I don't know, just say that it's urgent!" Lin Ting immediately said.

Chen Xiang took out a black rod. It was precisely Ling Yuanguan's pole, and when Lin Ting saw the pole, he was immediately shocked, because he knew who the owner of the pole was. There was only one person in the entire Primitive Sacred Land who had a rod, and that was Ling Yuanguan!

However, Ling Yuanguan had already died, and his stick had been taken away by a foreign cultivator.

"You …" Lin Ting reacted and channeled his energy, but the black pole in Chen Xiang's hand had already hit his head.

"Ahh …" Lin Ting screamed out, he had only heard of the power of the rod, and knew that it was extremely painful, but this was the first time he had felt it for himself.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d, do you know who I am?!" I killed you b.a.s.t.a.r.d, but you tortured me. " The rod in Chen Xiang's hand continued to hit Lin Ting.

Lin Ting really wanted to say something, but under the continuous slaps of the rod, he could only scream miserably without stopping, unable to say a single word. Furthermore, the power that he was channeling in his body was being dispersed by the power released by the rod, he was unable to exert any strength.

"I'll beat you to death!" Chen Xiang hit Lin Ting from head to toe, and the people on the street only watched. After all, they were beat up by the people from the Di Clan, and it was even a very arrogant guy, which was something they liked to see.

Chen Xiang did not hold back when he was. .h.i.tting it, and now that he felt the power of the rod, he felt that the rod was definitely not made by someone from the Primitive Sacred Land, otherwise it would not be so powerful.

Especially when he was furiously whipping, the rod would extract the Primitive Tao Power from his body as if it had a mind of its own, and then use the strange power inside the pole to transform into a kind of power that would cause extreme pain to a person, but would not kill them.

Lin Ting had already fainted from the pain and seeing that it was about time, he swallowed all of Lin Ting's memories and threw them into the Chuangs.h.i.+ G.o.d furnace, setting it on fire.

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