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Chapter 217: Continued Pressure

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“Gongzi Xiao.” Mu Donglai admired Xiao Yulv's a.n.a.lysis of the partic.i.p.ants and their conditions in the matches yesterday. Today, he sat beside Xiao Yulv and asked, “What's your opinion on today's compet.i.tion?”

Hearing Mu Donglai's question, Lan Mo, Jun Yanzi, Li Haoran, and Song Qingfeng all looked over.

Even Mu Hongzhu and the other instructors of Lingyun Academy and disciples of the other two academies looked over since they weren't in the compet.i.tion.

Now, Xiao Yulv had obviously learned his lesson yesterday and was determined not to predict the results casually. After stuffing a piece of spiritual fruit into his mouth, he looked at the people who were eating the spicy sticks and said, “From what I know, even though Mr. Fang set the rules that each force can't have more than one outside player, and thus there's no absolutely strong team which is destined to win, there're still some good teams with good players.”

“There are at least two strong teams from Lingyun Academy. One is Lingyun Team led by Ms. Nalan, and the other is Lingyun Team 2 led by Young Master Xi, who is a cla.s.smate of Ms. Nalan. This team consists of the remaining masters of Lingyun Academy, such as Guo Xiong who got the No. 1 Place in the Heaven List during the national examination… These guys are the oldest players who are the most proficient with the use of guns.”

“There is a team of independent warriors. They look quite strong, but I'm not familiar with them.”

“Of course, our Liuyun Daoist Palace's team is also good!” Xiao Yulv added.

“What do you think of the Royal Team?” Mu Donglai asked.

After all, he came from Jings.h.i.+.

“Royal Team…” Xiao Yulv closed his folding fan and said, “According to my observations over the last few days, this team is new to guns, but their training in the past days is quite effective…”

“However,” he continued, “they seem to be playing with a subst.i.tute in today's compet.i.tion?”

“One player is missing.” Mu Donglai nodded and checked the time, realizing that the daily morning meeting had just ended.

Xiao Yulv shook his head and said, “If they are going to play with the subst.i.tute longer, I'm afraid that they can't make the top 16.”

“Then… How about my Blue Flame Team?!” Lan Mo asked immediately.

Xiao Yulv's handsome face twitched, and he said after a long pause, “I haven't paid attention to it yet…”

As time went on, the ranking began to show on the big screen. As expected, the two teams of Lingyun Academy took the first two places, followed by Liuyun Team. The Cloud Ocean Team had dashed to the fourth place miraculously!

“Where's the Royal Team?” Mu Donglai looked carefully but couldn't see the Royal Team on the list.

After a long time, they saw the Royal Team beginning to rush up. The moment that they gained the 16th place, they were replaced by the Blue Flame Team.


Mu Donglai and Lan Mo looked at each other, and the atmosphere turned a bit compet.i.tive!

The traces of ‘murderous spirits' on their faces even chilled the air around them.

“It seems that our Blue Flame Team still has hope!” Lan Mo said in a deep voice.

The Royal Family of Dajin can't be taken out like this! Mu Donglai's face turned grim.

They all looked toward the big screen!

“Go for it! Royal Team!”

“Go! Go! Blue Flame Team!”

“Go! Royal Team!”

“Go! Blue Flame Team!”

The people around them fell silent.

“Xiaoyue, which team are you rooting for, the Royal Team or the Blue Flame Team?” Dong Qingli asked with her eyes on the big screen while eating spicy sticks.

“Neither!” Jiang Xiaoyue said with a pout, “I wish that the boss formed a team too!”

Then, she bit on a spicy stick and ate half of it.

At this moment, she heard cheers on the side.

“Yes! It is in!”

“The Royal Team entered the top 16!”

“The Blue Flame Team entered the top 16!”

“Ugh? How come they both enter the top 16?”

They glanced at the big screen and saw that they squeezed out the 15th team.

– Meanwhile in the distant Yundian Upper Realm –

It was in the beautiful mountains to the southeast of Dajin.

The magnificent and lofty city in the clouds was built on the peak of the tallest mountain in the region, and even birds and monkeys couldn't reach it. Only powerful cultivators could fly to this place.

For ordinary people, this was a place that they couldn't get to. But for cultivators, it was the most prosperous city in Yundian Upper Realm and the most radiant pearl of the Yundian Region – Yujing.

Looking down from the highest point of Yunjing, one could see tall mountains, spiritual boats that were flying around, and winding rivers. Cities were located on the peaks of the surrounding mountains, and they looked celestial in the spiritual lights and auspicious clouds.

There were no ordinary people living in Yundian Upper Realm; big and small cultivation forces or independent cultivators lived here for cultivation. Even warriors were rarely seen here, and the residents were mostly grand cultivators and their descendants.

Since this place had abundant cultivation resources such as spiritual crystals, celestial jade, and mines, it was well-known on the continent. Compared with the resources in this place, Dajin was poor.

Despite its rich resources, few people dared to target this land since the people who tried to grab this place had been turned into nutrients for the soil.

Even Ji Xuantong, the First Emperor of Dajin, had stopped here. He came to Yujing in person and reached a non-aggression pact with Yundian Upper Realm.

In Yundian Upper Realm, the families headed by the Gongyi Family were the top beneficiaries of the Cultivation Realm Conference. They attended each of the Cultivation Realm Conferences which were held each 30 years and gained a lot of benefits.

For example, the faint blue spiritual light named Guardian Pure Light which surrounded Yujing was one of the items that they got from the Cultivation Realm!

With this light guarding the city, no one could sneak in!

In Yundian Upper Realm, the Master of the Gongshu Family, the No. 3 Family, and the Master of the Gongyang Family, the No. 4 Family, looked displeased when they heard the reports from their subordinates.

“The Wuwei Daoist Alliance is stubborn. Instead of detaching themselves from that shop, the big forces in the alliance all sent people to attend the compet.i.tion organized by that shop.”

“Brother Gongshu!” Gongyang Jun, the Master of the Gongyang Family, was a white-faced Daoist looking to be in his fifties. “In my opinion, since the Wuwei Daoist Alliance doesn't want to attend the Conference, it's their own choice. We don't have to…”

“Brother Gongyang! You still don't understand the situation after so many years?” Gongshu Kuo was a middle-aged Daoist with a wide forehead and a big face. “The Journey to the Cultivation Realm! The Cultivation Realm Conference! The ranking in the Cultivation Realm Conference represents the order of the cultivation world!”

“If the Wuwei Daoist Alliance backed out the Conference on their own will, it would be fine. But obviously, that's not the case.”

“Now, they think that someone is trying to break this order. What do you think?”

Gongshu Kuo sipped the tea and cleared his throat. “If the Wuwei Daoist Alliance doesn't submit to us, we'll continue to put pressure on them.”

“No… This is their business, why should we…”

Gongshu Kuo flicked dust off his sleeve and looked at Gongyang Jun. “As long as our families still want to enter the Cultivation Realm, it is better for us to… Besides, we need this order in the world as well.”

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