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Zero grabbed one of the thick vines and yanked it forward, letting it swing forward.

Using the momentum, he grabbed another one and began to move around the canyon like a ape-man.

Although she was carrying Monnie on her back, the African girl's moving body rapidly moved forward with the speed of a pendulum, creating a distance of nearly a hundred meters between her and Zero.

The two of them had already used this method to "travel" through the canyon, but with the pa.s.sage of time, Zero could clearly feel traces of cold wind blowing across the canyon.

The wind caused the DeathG.o.d's flower on the valley floor to slightly flap, making one's heart tremble.

He knew that the time of the wind was getting closer and closer, so he was slightly anxious.

The deeper they went into the canyon, the fewer vines there were.

When they first entered the valley, the thick vines were almost intertwined with each other without the slightest gap.

However, at the beginning of the middle section, the gap between the plants became wider and wider. In some places, there was even a gap of nearly three meters between the plants.

In this way, it was naturally impossible for them to pa.s.s through easily. The two of them could only grab onto some vines that were hanging down and swing to the other side.

If there was a single mistake, he would fall to the bottom of the valley accompanied by the Flower of the Death G.o.d. It truly made one's heart beat faster.

Fortunately, this area was only about ten kilometers. After the two of them pa.s.sed by, the vines at the top of the canyon began to gather again. Immediately, the speed of the two increased greatly.

Zero thought, the vine's density should be related to the intensity of the radiation in the canyon.

In the middle of the canyon, Zero could clearly feel the increase in the radiance of the canyon.

Even with his physique, he still felt numb all over. That was the signal that the amount of radiation had reached a certain level of danger.

Meanwhile, Monnie's anti-radiation kit was even more glaring at red lights. After pa.s.sing through that area, the lighting of the suite was reduced to a relatively low level of yellow light.

He silently calculated the time. Based on their speed, they should be able to leave the valley in half an hour.

He felt relieved. It took a lot of energy to move in a pendulum like this.

Normally, it would be fine. But Zero had just recovered from his injuries, so it was not suitable for such intense exercise.

Now he could feel all sorts of bad signals coming from all over his body. Even though he used his willpower to suppress them, he knew that he wouldn't be able to hold on for long.

Beads of sweat had long since soaked his forehead, and his hair that had been fluttering in the wind now stuck onto his face.

The sterile bandage on Zero's back was also soaked in sweat, and there was a slight flush on his face, which was due to the intense exercise that caused the wound that was originally healing to start cracking again.

But now that he could no longer stop, he could only persevere on.

Gritting his teeth, he continued to wave his almost numb hands, speeding up his movements.

However, when she thought the three of them were about to successfully leave the valley, a violent tremor came from the direction of the entrance.

The tremor pa.s.sed through the ground and reached the area where the two of them were at. The walls of the canyon started to tremble, causing the vines that were connecting the two sides to sway unceasingly.

Not only did the two of them have to move forward, they also had to struggle to stabilize their bodies.

What's going on?

Zero could sense the danger coming from behind him. However, he could not see what was happening at the entrance of the canyon due to the natural angle of the canyon.

However, from the look on her face, which was not very good, the situation was not simple at all.

Then, a strange shout came from afar.

It sounded like the whistle of a steamer, but it also sounded like the cry of some animal, giving off a sense of déjà vu.

He quickly compared the source of the sound with the countless data from the memory center in his brain. In less than a second, he realized that it was the voice of a whale.

However, the three of them were on land and not in the ocean, so how could there be the sound of a whale?

Hearing the same voice, she screamed, "Not good, it's the Filthy Devourer!"

Zero was stunned.

He'd seen a record of the monster in the Monster's Notebook that Ben had given him, and he was impressed.

The reason for this was that this monster, known as the Filthy Devourer, was one of the few mutated beasts on land that possessed a huge body.

The Filthy Devourer was like a blue whale living on land. The mature Devourer's body was similar to an aircraft carrier, and even if it was young it would still be at least the size of a small mountain.

Devourer is similar in shape to whale, then the eye degenerates.

Like whales, the Devourer can observe the outside world by acoustic positioning.

This was a monster with elemental domain ability, just like the Finley Wolf. However, it was different from the Finley Wolf's Ice and Snow attribute. The Devourer's ability was earth descent.

It lives underground and feeds on nuclear waste and any material with a radioactive source.

In the turbulent years, for the foul devourer, its food was almost ubiquitous.

[Devouring Power]

Yóu roamed between the ground and the ground, thanks to its powerful earth-controlling capabilities.

The surface of its constantly flowing sludge could emit earth elemental wavelengths, which could cause molecular changes on the hard ground.

The moment the Devourer disappears from the earth, it softens into sand. Thus, the earth becomes the ocean for the Devourer to swim in.

But the larger the creature, the less fertile it was.

The balance of the G.o.ds always maintained a relative balance. Otherwise, if these monsters existed in large numbers, they would have long become the masters of the earth.

Zero didn't think there would be a Nefarious Devourer in Death Valley, and this monster was here for this reason. It was obvious that it was for the Death G.o.d Flower that was everywhere in Death Valley.

To the majority of creatures, the DeathG.o.d Flower was a deadly existence, and in the eyes of the Devourer, it was an extremely delicious food.

It was precisely because of this that these whale-shaped monsters were named 'Filthy Devourers'. In a sense, they were actually useful creatures. After all, they were the horn of the Earth Eraser.

However, when the Filthy Devourer ate, it did not specifically differentiate between the categories of food.

To them, although they weren't the staple food, the Devourer wouldn't intentionally spit them out by accidentally swallowing them whole.

After the whale-like cry, the earth trembled and rumbled like a bulldozer from the entrance of the canyon.

However, in the blink of an eye, they could already see a mountain-like voice pus.h.i.+ng towards them from the end of their line of sight.

This was an early devourer, but its size nearly filled the cross section of the canyon.

The Nefarious Filthy Devourer opened its mouth wide, its body not even touching the ground as it continued to push forward, like a bulldozer plow.

The DeathG.o.d's Flower that was everywhere along with a large amount of sand entered the Devourer's mouth and went straight into its stomach.

From the looks of it, it didn't mind eating all three of them.

"Come on, once the Devourer eats, it won't stop until it has cleared the valley of Death's Flowers!" she shouted.

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