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Chapter 1352: Dimensional Flower

Yang Feng said with a faint smile: “It was no big deal. It just took a little effort to predict the day when Du Ling Emperor will appear.”

Scarlet Dragon Great Holy’s eyes flickered with a complicated shade, “To be able to predict the time when an Empyrean will appear, that’s really scary. This sort of prophecy already involves fate force. Devour Lord has grown so fast.”

“Devour Lord, I found something nice! Come and have a look!”

An excited voice came from the star of the du ling shen race.

Yang Feng took a step in the direction of the star and disappeared.

Above the star of the du ling shen race, ripples rose, a gate opened, and Yang Feng walked out of the gate.

At this time, there are countless battle robots fighting du ling shen powerhouses on the star.

In the central place of the star, these is a shrine, which already has a large hole in it. The large hole is covered by a formidable barrier.

Countless du ling shen powerhouses armed with various weapons are attacking the formidable barrier.

“It’s him! It’s the b.a.s.t.a.r.d that killed our lords!”

“Kill him and avenge our lords!”


When Yang Feng appeared, the eyes of du ling shen powerhouses turned red, and they howled and attacked him.

A rain of beams barreled towards Yang Feng.

A black hole emerged behind Yang Feng and swept towards the du ling shen powerhouses.

As if a scene from the end of days, thousands of du ling shen powerhouses flew into the black hole involuntarily, had their life origin extracted, and turned into dust in an instant.

In several breaths of time, within thousands of kilometers, all du ling shen powerhouses were directly devoured and turned into dust.


“So this is an Empyrean! An invincible Empyrean!”

“How do we kill such a monster?”


Upon seeing this scene, the eyes of the remaining du ling shen powerhouses s.h.i.+mmered with despair, and their morale collapsed.

Without sparing the collapsed du ling shen forces a look, Yang Feng’s figure fluttered, and he turned into a stream of light and flew into the large hole blasted open by Magic Note Lord.

After crossing a pa.s.sage 100 kilometers long, Yang Feng stepped into the treasury of the du ling shen race.

In the treasury of the du ling shen race, the light treasures is everywhere. This place is full of precious treasures from another universe. Any one of these treasures can prompt Infinity Warlocks to go crazy over it.

However, although the treasures in the treasury are dazzling, but few can really attract Yang Feng’s attention.

For the current Yang Feng, only treasures on the level of eternal G.o.d fruits or devouring formidable Empyreans can quickly upgrade his strength. More than 99% of the treasures in the universe of the world of Warlocks already have no effect on him.

At the end of the treasury, there is a spirit mountain. On top of the spirit mountain, there is an altar 100 meters tall, engraved with countless mysterious runes. On top of the altar, there is a flower with three petals, radiating lights of different colors.

Sitting in front of the flower with three petals, Magic Note Lord surged with abstruse runes in his eyes and stared at the flower.

“Here you are! Devour Lord, this is the legendary Dimensional Flower! It can transfer the coordinates of our universe to Duyun Universe. Even if our universe is devoured, it will take root in a new universe and send the universe coordinates of the new universe to Duyun Universe. If we hadn’t found the Dimensional Flower, then after the war with Gumana Universe, we would have to fight Duyun Universe.

“After the war with Gumana Universe, the vitality of our universe would be greatly damaged and the universe barrier would be at its weakest, At that time, tour universe would likely be wiped out by Duyun Universe in one fell swoop. After Duyun Universe devoured our universe, it would continue to progress and become more formidable.”

“But now that we found the Dimensional Flower, Duyun Universe won’t be able to get our universe’s coordinates. Furthermore, now that the Dimensional Flower has fallen into our hands, we can a.n.a.lyze its structure and develop a Dimensional Flower that we can control.”

Magic Note Lord spoke enthusiastically.

Yang Feng asked, “Why did you call me?”

Magic Note Lord’s eyes lit up, and he stared at Yang Feng and uttered, “I need the memories of Du Ling Emperor and Du Ling Empress.

Du Ling Emperor and Du Ling Empress were Empyreans of Duyun Universe. Furthermore, Du Ling Empress was an unequaled overlord-level Empyrean. Needless to say, they both had a high status in Duyun Universe. Their memories and experiences are extremely precious.

With the memories of Du Ling Emperor and Du Ling Empress, Magic Note Lord can better a.n.a.lyze the technology of Duyun Universe and the Dimensional Flower.

Although Magic Note Lord is the No. 1 alchemy grandmaster of the world of Warlocks, surpa.s.sing even Yang Feng, but if he tries to a.n.a.lyze the Dimensional Flower without the memories of Du Ling Emperor and Du Ling Empress, he probably won’t succeed even after hundreds of thousands of years.


Yang Feng replied decisively. He first uploaded the memories of the two Empyreans into the xizu database, and then pointed with his finger. Countless runes shone, and a memory crystal formed and flew into Magic Note Lord’s forehead.

“Alright! You can go now! If there’s nothing of importance, don’t bother me!”

Magic Note Lord immediately revealed a satisfied expression, and then waved at Yang Feng and spoke impatiently.

Yang Feng glanced at Magic Note Lord and smiled slightly. Countless mysterious runes appeared on his body, and he disappeared.

After Du Ling Emperor and Du Ling Empress died, the resistance of the du ling shen race was easily squashed.

After Yang Feng gave the order, Manirt carried out a great purge on Jing Yuan Continent. The rebellious aristocrats of the former three empires were purged, giving rise to rivers of blood. The remaining people fell completely under Yang Feng’s control and became his most loyal subordinates.

Time elapsed and 23 years pa.s.sed.

Cangzhi Plane.

At this time, Heaven and Earth Spirit Root has reached a height of 10 million kilometers. Even if it’s a Moonlight Warlock, it will be nearly impossible for them to see the tree crown from the tree base.

As if a huge vortex, the Heaven and Earth Spirit Root is absorbing all kinds of energies of the universe.

Wherever the Heaven and Earth Spirit Root has reached, it has become a sacred place of cultivation. At the same time, these places have become the territory of Devour Imperial Court.

Underneath the Heaven and Earth Spirit Root, there are new human cities, where countless human Warlocks practice cultivation.

Suddenly, terrifying energy storms rose within tens of thousands starfields,  and mysterious branches emerged in those starfields one after another and absorbed the energy of the energy storms.

The Heaven and Earth Spirit Root’s central tree crown radiated brilliant light, and a fearsome beam rose from the central tree crown and soared into the sky.

“The time has finally come!”

“This era’s Eternal opportunity!”

“This is our last chance!”

“This is the best and last opportunity!”

“Only with this opportunity will we be able to surpa.s.s Devour Lord and advance to the Eternal realm!”

“I’ve been waiting for billions of years! At last, it’s time!”

“Eternal opportunity! This era’s Eternal opportunity!”

“Heaven and Earth Spirit Root! This is the greatest opportunity to advance to the Eternal realm. At last, the long wait has ended!”


Fearsome Empyrean auras rose in the world of Warlocks as Empyrean awakened one after another and rushed over from all directions.

“All humans located underneath the Heaven and Earth Spirit Root, make an orderly evacuation at once!”

A voice echoed on Cangzhi Plane.

“Let’s go! An Empyrean battle is likely to break out in this area!”

“Empyrean battle! What dreadful auras! Those are Empyreans!”


When the human Warlocks in the cities underneath the Heaven and Earth Spirit Root heard this voice, they quickly began to escape to the Warp Gates and leave the cities according to the instructions of the escape manual.

A battle between Empyreans is too extreme. The aftershock alone can easily destroy the cities below.

If it were some other time, these Empyreans would have some restraint. They wouldn’t easily fight on Cangzhi Plane. But in order to compete for the Eternal opportunity, even if the entire Cangzhi Plane is destroyed and millions upon millions of life forms die, these Empyreans will not hesitate.

It is the dream of every Empyrean to advance to the Eternal realm. Only by advancing to the Eternal realm, only then will the Empyreans have an infinite lifespan. They won’t have to worry about their soul decaying and them dying of old age ever again.

Whether it is Yang Feng, Transcendent Lord, Death Lord, Magic Note Lord, they all desperately tried to advance to the Eternal realm. Only once they have advanced to the Eternal realm, only then can they protect the human race.

If a powerhouse from another race advances to the Eternal realm, then the human race will have to give face the other race. If it makes a misstep, the entire human race might even have to face the danger of extinction.

With a flash of light, an Empyrean with dragon wings on the back suddenly appeared and flew towards the tree crown floating continent.

The heaven and Earth Spirit Root’s tree crown floating continent released a green radiance that swept towards that Empyrean. In an instant, the green radiance crushed that Empyrean’s defensive barriers, disintegrated the person themselves, and then returned to the tree crown floating continent.

“Sure enough, it’s really dangerous!”

“Although the Heaven and Earth Spirit Root’s tree crown floating continent contains an Eternal opportunity. But at the same time, it also contains infinite danger.”

“This is both a danger zone where even Empyreans can die and a holy land that contains an Eternal opportunity!”

“We have to be absolutely careful here, or else even though we’re Empyreans, we will die.”


When the Empyreans hidden in the surroundings saw this, they felt a chill in their hearts.

In the world of Warlocks, Empyreans are already the pinnacle of existence. There are few danger zones that can threaten their lives. Although the Heaven and Earth Spirit Root’s tree crown floating continent is such a danger zone, but it is also a holy land that contains an Eternal opportunity.


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