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Chapter 1353: Cosmic Tree Sea

The Heaven and Earth Spirit Root’s tree crown floating continent is a world that the universe of the world of Warlocks gestated for over 100 years and is formed from the quintessence of the universe.

Every time the universe great tribulation takes place, a universe will produce a Heaven and Earth Spirit Root with tree crown floating continent world. In this world, there are countless precious treasures as well as an Eternal opportunity. This is biggest Eternal opportunity of the world of Warlocks.

Many Empyreans from different eras longing for Eternal have fallen asleep in order to enter the Heaven and Earth Spirit Root’s world and compete for the Eternal opportunity.

A fearsome aura rose in the distance, and a gorgeous woman surrounded by countless silver threads appeared in the void and exuded a proud and invincible air.

“Primal Chaos Mother Spider! She’s here!”

“She is one of our greatest opponents in the compet.i.tion over the Eternal opportunity!”

“Primal Chaos Mother Spider is a first generation life form of the universe! She’s a fearsome character who once bit an Eternal Sovereign!”


Gazes full of apprehension fell on the gorgeous woman.

When Primal Chaos Mother Spider appeared, 5 Empyreans flew over from a distance and joined her.

“As expected of Primal Chaos Mother Spider! She actually has 5 Empyrean rank subordinates!”

“Primal Chaos Mother Spider has existed since virtually the time the universe was born! She is one of the most dreadful Empyreans in our universe!”


Primal Chaos Mother Spider is a first generation life form of the universe. She is a cruel and cunning character, and her means are dreadful. Who knows how many Empyrean subordinates and allies she has.

The surrounding Empyreans looked at Primal Chaos Mother Spider and her group, and their eyes flickered with apprehension.

Vast dragon qi rose from the distance, and an imposing dragon mountain flew over from afar. On the imposing dragon mountain, there is a person sitting. That person is the Third Ancestor Dragon. Below the Third Ancestor Dragon, there is Green Dragon Emperor and 6 other dragon Empyreans.

“The Third Ancestor Dragon! He came, as well!”

“Green Dragon Emperor is one of the strongest Empyreans of the dragon race. But even he became a subordinate of the Third Ancestor Dragon!”

“It can’t be helped! After all, the Third Ancestor Dragon is an ancestor of Green Dragon Emperor and the source of the power of dragons. Green Dragon Emperor is completely restrained by the Third Ancestor Dragon and has no strength to resist.”


Gazes filled with apprehension focused on the Third Ancestor Dragon.

Strange fluctuations surged, and a mountain constructed from the bones and souls of countless Holies flew over and a arrived here.

At the summit of the mountain of bones, there sits a person. That person is Evil G.o.d Ancestor. Below Evil G.o.d Ancestor, there sit 9 Empyrean rank evil G.o.ds.

The evil G.o.ds emanate wicked auras. With a ruthless flash in their eyes, the evil G.o.ds swept the void with their gazes and forced Empyreans hidden in the void into the open.

“Evil G.o.d Ancestor! A most cruel Empyrean!”

“Evil G.o.d Ancestor!  The master of evil forces!”

“He’s one of the most dangerous Empyreans in the universe!”


The eyes of the Empyreans that were forced out into the open flickered with anger, yet they remained silent, not daring to clash with the evil G.o.ds.

A sun suddenly emerged in the distance. A sun chariot pulled by 9 three-legged golden crows flew over from the distance. There is a person sitting in the sun chariot. That person is Sun Lord.

When Sun Lord appeared in the void, the temperature within tens of thousands of kilometers increased to 1,000 °C and raging fires rose in many places.

If a Moonlight Warlock were to looks at Sun Lord, they would be blinded and burned to ashes.

“Sun Lord! One of the powerhouses closest to the Eternal realm!”

“Sun Lord! He is the only powerhouse in the universe who may be a match for Devour Lord!”


When Sun Lord appeared, gazes full of apprehension focused on him. Even though he is alone, he is still extremely formidable and impressive. He is one of the most formidable Empyreans of the world of Warlocks.

Ripples rose in the void, and a battles.h.i.+p 3,000 kilometers long appeared in the starry sky.

“Here he comes!”

“He has come at last!”

“Devour Lord! The most powerful person in the universe!”

“It’s him! Devour Lord! The powerhouse who slayed Transcendent Lord!”

“The Ninth Warlock Emperor of the human race! Devour Lord! The most powerful person in the universe!”


As soon as the battles.h.i.+p appeared, everyone’s gazes focused on the battles.h.i.+p’s deck and landed on Yang Feng.

The eyes of Primal Chaos Mother Spider, the Third Ancestor Dragon, Evil G.o.d Ancestor, and Sun Lord fell on Yang Feng and s.h.i.+mmered with apprehension.

Devour Lord, the Ninth Warlock Emperor of the human race, is invincible in the universe in a one-on-one fight! This is a fact universally acknowledged by the whole universe.

Evil G.o.d Ancestor’s gaze moved slightly. An evil G.o.d sitting below him smiled lightly, and his eyes revealed a strange shade, surged with countless mysterious runes, and fired a beam shooting towards Yang Feng.

“What gall!”

With a cold flash in his eyes, Yang Feng beckoned with his hand, and the Warbringer Halberd appeared in his hand. He brandished the Warbringer Halberd, and it easily crushed the beam fired by the evil G.o.d, and then continued to shoot towards the person himself.

“Devour Lord, to attack my subordinate, do you want to become an enemy of us evil G.o.ds?”

Evil G.o.d Ancestor showed a sinister smile, his eyes flashed fiercely, and he brandished the Evil Ancestor Sword in his hands and slashed at the Warbringer Halberd.

From the Warbringer Halberd, a torrent of time gushed out, and the Warbringer Halberd disappeared from the present and dodged the Evil Ancestor Sword.

In an instant, the Warbringer Halberd appeared from the future, slammed into the Empyrean rank evil G.o.d, and sliced him in two.

A black hole emerged, swallowed the evil G.o.d, and jumped back to behind Yang Feng in an instant. The black hole trembled slightly, and the Empyrean rank evil G.o.d sliced in two turned into dust that drifted away with a gust of wind.

“So strong! He killed an Empyrean just like that!”

“Devour Lord has grown this strong!”

“How terrible! It is said that when the universe was just established, there were many powerful beings who preyed on true spirits. They could kill Empyrean rank true spirits with ease. I always thought it to be a myth. Who knew I would be able to see such an Empyrean with my own eyes.”

” He’s too strong!”


The spectating Empyreans felt a chill in their hearts.

When Primal Chaos Mother Spider, Sun Lord, and the Third Ancestor Dragon saw this, their eyes constricted and flickered with a dignified shade.

“Evil G.o.d Ancestor, no one in the universe can offend me without paying a price! If you evil G.o.ds want a fight, then I will fight you! And kill all you evil G.o.ds before going to the Universe Tree Sea!”

Yang Feng’s eyes s.h.i.+mmered frigidly. He pointed at Evil G.o.d Ancestor with the Warbringer Halberd, his eyes surged with scorching fighting spirit, and he said coldly.

Ripples surged, and Ling and Ying appeared behind Yang Feng and stared at Evil G.o.d Ancestor, a cold expression on their faces.

Feeling both shocked and angry, the 8 evil G.o.ds sitting below Evil G.o.d Ancestor stared at Yang Feng, yet they remained silent. They are already fully under Evil G.o.d Lord’s control and can’t resist at all.

Evil G.o.d Ancestor stared at Yang Feng and suddenly showed a smile: “Well done! Devour Lord, that poor devil didn’t obey my orders and tried to provoke you. He was asking for it. Killing him is equivalent to helping me tidy up my place. Way to go. This is a small token to show my respect for you. Please accept it.”

Evil G.o.d Ancestor flickered his finger, and a jade box flew out and landed in Yang Feng’s hand.

Yang Feng took a look at the jade box and immediately revealed the color of satisfaction. In the jade box, there is a precious ore that has already disappeared in the world of Warlocks. According to Yang Feng’s deductions, that ore is a primary material needed to refine a level-8 stronghold.

Yang Feng smiled faintly and said, “Since it’s just a misunderstanding, then let’s leave it at that.”

“Depending on the situation, he can bow, or he can stand tall! That’s Evil G.o.d Lord for you!”

“In order to achieve his goal, Evil G.o.d Ancestor will stop at nothing. For him to bow his head to Devour Lord is nothing.”

“I thought there would be a big fight. Yet unexpectedly, things ended just like that.”

“Since neither Devour Lord nor Evil G.o.d Ancestor want to fight here. Naturally, no fight will break out.”


The spectating Empyreans thought that a shocking fight would erupt between Yang Feng and Evil G.o.d Lord. Yet unexpectedly, Evil G.o.d Ancestor bowed his head to Yang Feng.

It should be mentioned that Evil G.o.d Lord is the primogenitor of evil G.o.ds and a fearsome being born from universe malice. He’s an old monster who competed with a number of Eternal Sovereigns over Eternal slots, yet still managed to survive to this day.

Evil G.o.d Ancestor looked at the stunned Empyreans, and his eyes s.h.i.+mmered with derision, “A bunch of fools! When compared to the Eternal slot, what does honor count for? The Eternal slot is everything.”

Evil G.o.d Ancestor took a deep look at Yang Feng, and his eyes flashed with apprehension, “But Devour Lord’s control over the essence of time has become more formidable than in the past! To deal with him, you must break his s.p.a.ce-Time Walk and give him a fatal strike, or else things will be really troublesome.”

After 7 days, the Heaven and Earth Spirit Root absorbed enough energy. The energy of the entire universe seems to have become weaker by a lot.

The Cosmic Tree Sea at the top of the Heaven and Earth Spirit Root flickered slightly, shone with colorful lights, and radiated the dazzling light of treasures.

“Cosmic Tree Sea is open!”

“It’s finally open!”


The eyes of Empyreans lit up, and they turned into streams of light and flew into the Cosmic Tree Sea.

Yang Feng’s figure fluttered, and he stepped into the Cosmic Tree Sea.


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