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Chapter 1526: The Sacred Land’s Sacred Spirit

Sacred Wind uttered unhurriedly, “No! It’s scarier than you think. The last time he devoured an origin energy sea, it took him three days.”

Desolate Lightning’s complexion changed drastically, “That is to say, he has become so strong in such a shot period of time. That’s terrible!”

Desolate Lightning and the other two young lord candidates of Azure Sacred Hall are peerless geniuses among Eternals and they each have the power to contend against Eternal tyc.o.o.ns. They need to spend years in order to completely refine an origin energy sea. For Yang Feng to be able to refine an origin energy sea so quickly, this is simply outrageous.

The scariest thing about Yang Feng is that his rate of progress is continuously accelerating. Such a rate of progress is simply despairing.

Sacred Wind contemplated for a moment, and then said slowly, “Perhaps he can become an Eternal King of the human clan!”

Desolate Lightning retorted coldly, “Impossible! There are countless geniuses and powerhouses in Eternal World. In the past 100 million years, geniuses that have surpa.s.sed us have appeared one after another. Yet not a single one of them was able to advance to an Eternal King. His limit should be the unequaled Sacred Lord realm at most. There’s no way he can advance to an Eternal King.”

Above 8th layer Eternals are 9th layer Eternals who are also know as Eternal tyc.o.o.ns. Eternal tyc.o.o.ns are divided into into three levels, namely ordinary Eternal tyc.o.o.n, Sacred Lord realm Eternal tyc.o.o.n, and unequaled Sacred Lord realm Eternal tyc.o.o.n.

The gap in terms of strength between the three levels of Eternal tyc.o.o.ns is like an insurmountable chasm. Unequaled Sacred Lord realm Eternal tyc.o.o.ns even possess some characteristics of Eternal Kings. When they fight Eternals, they can crush the enemy’s Eternal imprints and truly kill him.

Sacred Wind’s eyes flickered, and he said slowly, “What you said isn’t wrong!”

Ripples surged, and Sacred Wind and Desolate Lightning disappeared from this place.

In an origin energy sea, endless darkness covered everything.

A tyrannical aura slowly diffused from deep within the origin energy sea. A terrifying eye projection appeared above the origin energy sea and emanated fearsome fluctuations.

Along with a flash of afterimages, Yang Feng walked out from the void and appeared above the origin energy sea.

“Get lost!”

Origin Dark Eye’s cold and domineering voice transmitted from the origin energy sea.

Sacred Wind and Desolate Lightning exchanged a look and revealed a bitter smile.

“You get lost!”

With a cold look in his eyes, Yang Feng surged with runes and unleashed a punch, and a star appeared, entered the endless darkness, and ripped the darkness apart.

“Seeking death!”

In the endless darkness, Origin Dark Eye opened his eyes, and numerous pupils appeared in his eyes.

True dragon, phoenix, kunpeng, and other kinds of true spirit eyes appeared abruptly and condensed into a giant black eye.

When the giant black eye formed, a world filled with endless darkness and despair appeared in the abyss the black eye, looking like it could pull people into endless darkness.

The world in the abyss of the black eye is Origin Dark Eye’s Origin Dark World. It is a world he refined from countless precious materials. Even if it’s an 8th layer Eternal, if he enters Origin Dark World, he will be directly eroded and become nutrients of Origin Dark World.

Even if it’s a 9th layer Eternal realm Eternal tyc.o.o.n, he won’t lightly enter Origin Dark World.

Origin Dark World is the most tyrannical secret method of Origin Dark Eye. More than 10 8th layer Eternals have died in Origin Dark World and become the world’s nutrients.

A black light emerged from Origin Dark World, illuminated the star unleashed by Yang Feng, and pulled it into Origin Dark World.


Yang Feng’s eyes flashed coldly, and he spoke icily.

The star exploded in an instant, and terrifying force smashed Origin Dark World bit by bit.

In Origin Dark World, cracks appeared on the countless strange eyes, and a large amount of blood sputtered.

“Origin Dark Eye, to be able to block my attack, I’m quite impressed! However, you’re still too weak! Now scram!”

Another star emerged in the endless darkness, ripped the darkness apart, and slammed into Origin Dark Eye.


In the middle of a heaven-shaking blare, countless black barriers appeared on Origin Dark Eye’s body.

When the star knocked into Origin Dark Eye, it instantly crashed his barriers and blasted him hundreds of thousands of kilometers away, and a large amount of blood spilled. 

“Scram! Otherwise, die!”

Yang Feng shot Origin Dark Eye an indifferent look, and then turned into a stream of light, plunged into the origin energy sea, and frenziedly devoured pure energy within the origin energy sea.

Origin Dark Eye gazed in the direction Yang Feng disappeared, and his complexion alternated between ashen and flushed. He then moved his gaze, looked at Sacred Wind and Desolate Lightning, and said through gritted teeth, “Why didn’t you warn me?”

Sacred Wind responded with a faint smile, “We though that it would be much more interesting if there are three people who are down on their luck rather than two.”

Desolate Lightning smiled and felt much more comfortable within.

Among the three young lord candidates, Origin Dark Eye is the strongest and the most arrogant. Sacred Wind and Desolate Lightning find him an eye sore and are happy to see him down on his luck.

Origin Dark Eye heaved a deep sigh, restrained his anger, and asked unhurriedly, “If we three work together, what are our chances against Yang Feng?”

Sacred Wind replied flatly, “Yang Feng will devour the origin energy sea within a day.”

“A day!”

Origin Dark Eye drew in a sharp breath. He understood the meaning behind this.

To refine an origin energy sea in one day, only Eternal Kings as well as some top unequaled Sacred Lords can achieve this. For Yang Feng to be able to refine an origin energy sea in a day, he is very likely already comparable to an Eternal tyc.o.o.n in terms of strength.

Origin Dark Eye contemplated for a moment, and then sighed lightly, turned into a black radiance, disappeared from this place, and proceeded to another place to look for opportunities.

Sacred Wind and Desolate Lightning looked at each other, and then turned into two streams of light and disappeared from this place.

The origin energy sea disappeared at a speed visible to the naked eye. After half a day, the origin energy sea was completely devoured by Yang Feng.

Following a flash of black light, Yang Feng flew towards another origin energy sea.

“That’s Yang Feng! He’s so fast!”

At another origin energy sea, Sacred Wind just began to cultivate, when he saw Yang Feng in the distance and was dumbfounded in an instant. He could only grit his teeth and leave this place.

Yang Feng plunged into the origin energy sea and began to frenziedly devour its power.

As Yang Feng devoured and refined origin energy seas one after another, Sacred Wind and the other two could only leave their cultivation places continuously.

After two days, along with a flash of black light, an origin energy sea was completely devoured by Yang Feng.

“Hmm! Who are you?”

After Yang Feng devoured the origin energy sea, he saw an adorable little girl at the edge of the origin energy sea. The adorable little girl has a height of about 1.40 meters, black hair, and gem-like beautiful eyes, yet an emotionless look is plastered on her face.

“I am the sacred land’s sacred spirit! Yang Feng, you are already comparable to an Eternal tyc.o.o.n in terms of strength! Although you still can’t compare to a Sacred Lord realm powerhouse, but you already have the qualification to enter a Universe Sacred Palace to cultivate!”

The voice of Azure Sacred Land’s sacred spirit was calm and emotionless. She waved her hand, and golden light descended from the sky and illuminated Yang Feng.

Light glimmered, and Yang Feng disappeared from this place, and then appeared in a vast s.p.a.ce full of endless golden light.

In the s.p.a.ce full of endless golden light, there are 1,000 spheres that look like models of Earth suspended in the air. Countless mysterious runes appeared on the surface of the spheres and extracted wisps of universe origin force.

“These are 1,000 universes! For Eternal tyc.o.o.ns to cultivate using universe origin force, how extravagant! As expected of a force under the control of an Eternal King like Azure Sacred Hall.”

Yang Feng’s eyes s.h.i.+mmered with shock when he saw this. Only after Yang Feng has conquered four universes, namely the world of Warlocks, the World of DemonG.o.ds, the World of Stars, and Shenguang Universe, and obtained their universe origin, only then was he able to reach his current level.

Yet in Azure Sacred Hall, Eternal tyc.o.o.ns surprisingly extract universe origin force to cultivate. This is simply incredible.

“The 1,000 universes are universes with level-1 universe energy level. Although the extracted universe origin doesn’t harm the foundation of the universes. But even so, such a thing is simply incredible!”

Yang Feng’s eyes flickered with admiration. He surged with runes, turned into a devour black hole, and frenziedly devoured the universe origin of the 1,000 universes.

After a number of days, the universe origin in this s.p.a.ce was completely devoured by Yang Feng. Along with a flash of light, he was teleported to another s.p.a.ce. He began to devour that s.p.a.ce’s universe origin.

Azure Sacred City, the general headquarters of Zhenji Sacred Firmament’s Azure Sacred Hall. A handsome man with long blue hair and a tall and st.u.r.dy figure strolled inside the city and scrutinized the surroundings.

Following behind the handsome man, there is a peerless beauty with dragon horns and a peerless beauty with a unicorn horn. This group stands out from the within Azure Sacred City, which is full of handsome men and beautiful women, attracting the attention of countless people.


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