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217 – Astonished Caravan

Yang Feng watched the rain trees, which constantly rained water, and the corners of his mouth lifted, revealing a smile: “The problem of water and food has been solved!”

The breadfruit tree seeds Yang Feng took out were also improved extraordinary plants. The breadfruit trees planted on 1 acre of land could yield thrice a year, for 4,000 pounds of breadfruits per yield.

On the Feisuo Plane, 1 acre of wheat could yield twice a year, with 200 odd pounds per yield. If anything untoward happened, then the yield would be even less.

After taking out a vial of alchemical elixir and downing it, Yang Feng closed his eyes, operated his secret method, and absorbed the magic energy of top-notch magic stones in his hands. After a while, he recovered the spirit and physical strength he had consumed.

Black dragon Bloodline Warlocks' resilience and endurance were far greater than that of other formidable beings of the same rank. Their only weakness was the low evolution potential. If you didn't follow the path of faith and became a G.o.d, then you would reach a dead end upon upgrading to the Star Sky Warlock rank.

After opening his eyes, Yang Feng's figure shook slightly and he disappeared from his original place.

In the Miracle City, in a blacksmith shop, dozens of blacksmiths were busily forging a variety of iron tools.

Blacksmiths, people with ironmaking skills, were the most popular kind of slaves. In particular, the Beastman Empire, which lacked iron tools, smuggled a large number of blacksmith slaves from human empires each year.

Although the human empires repeatedly admonished and formulated many strict and cruel laws, yet they still couldn't prevent slave merchants, who were exceptionally adept at trickery, from turning many blacksmiths into slaves and smuggling them into the Beastman Empire.

The dozens of blacksmiths were gifted to Yang Feng as presents by the leader of merchant groups in order to curry favor with him.

“Respected Master, what can I do for you?” A burly, middle-aged man with shaved head and wheat-colored, as if coated in oil skin walked up to Yang Feng and said.

Yang Feng handed the burly, middle-aged man a piece of divine blood steel: “Bando, can you process this ore?”

Bando was the leader of these dozens of blacksmith slaves as well as the blacksmith most proficient at forging weapons.

Bando received the divine blood steel and carefully examined it in his hands. He pinched it slightly and his face revealed a trace of graveness and joy: “That's good steel! This should be a legendary magic metal. I'm not sure. But I can give it try!”

After saying that, Bando put the piece of divine blood steel into the furnace with frantically burning flames next to them.

In the burning furnace, the divine blood steel gave off bright light, yet  showed no signs of melting.

With the pa.s.sage of time, Bando's expression gradually darkened. He finally took out the pincers, which were turned red from the flames, from the furnace, looked at the still bright divine blood steel, and said with a bitter smile: “Sir, this is a very formidable magic metal. We can't process it, at all. Perhaps only the legendary dwarf artisans can refine this magic metal.”

There were also dwarfs on the Feisuo Plane. Dwarf forging skills were unparalleled under the heavens. In the Feisuo Plane, many Legend rank weapons and even some semi-divine armaments were forged by dwarfs. In legends, dwarfs even touched the realm of G.o.ds and forged divine armaments. But there was no proof of this.

In the Feisuo Plane, dwarfs were regarded as a weak race. The G.o.d of Dwarfs Paladin was a neutral G.o.d who didn't carelessly meddle in the disputes between G.o.ds from powerful divine systems.

Yang Feng flicked his finger, and a knowledge crystal flew into Bando's hands: “This is a knowledge crystal with the forging skill I've mastered! Crush it and try again!”

When Bando crushed the knowledge crystal, a large amount of forging knowledge immediately welled up in his mind, which caused his eyes to flash with delight.

Bando opened his eyes, gave Yang Feng a grateful look, and then said with a forced smile: “Master, thank you for your generosity, for bestowing this knowledge on me. However, I'm only an ordinary human blacksmith, after all. I can't process this magic metal without the specific tools.”

Yang Feng smiled lightly, waved his hand, and a set of secret treasures – furnace, bellows, hammer, anvil, etc. – required to forge secret treasures appeared in the room.

Bando looked at the set of secret treasures and said with a shaky voice: “These, could these be the legendary forging enchanted alchemical articles?”

Yang Feng said: “That's right, now give it a try! In the knowledge that you received just now, there should be knowledge on how to use these tools, too.”

Bando contemplated carefully for a while. Then, he tried the secret treasures out one by one, getting used to them.

Those enchanted alchemical articles used magic stones as their power source. Therefore, even though Bando was just an ordinary person, but he still could use those secret treasures.

After he got used to those secret treasures, Bando used the tongs and put the divine blood steel in the furnace.

A white flame sprang from the furnace and landed on the divine blood steel.

The divine blood steel, which previously showed no signs of melting no matter how it was heated, finally started to redden slowly.

Bando was overjoyed. He took the tongs out, put the divine blood steel on the anvil, then lifted the enchanted hammer and swung it down.

As the hammer strikes echoed, the piece of divine blood steel finally started to deform and change into a long sword.

Yang Feng smiled faintly, then turned around and left the blacksmith shop.

Even if Bando had the knowledge given to him by Yang Feng and used the power of the forging secret treasures, at most, he could only forge the divine blood steel steel into a strong and sharpest sword. But in order to enchant it with magic and turn it into a magic sword, Yang Feng still had to act personally.

However, being able forge divine blood steel into weapons and armor, Bando could provide sharp weapons and firm armors for Yang Feng's forces to use. As Yang Feng had many things to do, he naturally couldn't just withdraw into the blacksmith shop to forge weapons.

Three months later, a huge, nearly 8,000-strong caravan appeared in the Red Earth Wasteland and moved slowly towards Yang Feng's Miracle City.

In the huge caravan, 3,000 were guards and 5,000 were human slaves. This huge caravan was jointly organized by the Rydgex City's slave merchants.

Although the Red Earth Wasteland was ridiculously barren and lacked water and food. However, as the boundary between the four empires, it was a transportation hub. In order to gain greater profits, some human merchants would often venture across this place to travel between the four empires.

Those human merchants would either become rich overnight or become the excrement of bugbears, goblins, ogres, and other bandits in the Red Earth Wasteland.

Although the Red Earth Wasteland was extremely barren, but there were still some places with bushes and some of them even grew edible berries. Besides, some places less contaminated with divine blood could still grow some very unpalatable wild vegetables and potatoes that could barely fill the stomach.

The joint caravan was  8,000-strong. There was no force capable of contending against this terrifying force in the Red Earth Wasteland. Any robbers that saw this huge caravan could only salivate at it from the distance.

“A city!! Heavens, are my eyes playing me a trick? There's actually a city here!!!”

“A city, to be able to build a city here in four months… That's incredible!”

“He succeeded… in four months!!”


When the merchants saw the city in the Sunset Field, their eyes filled with shock and they commented.

“Amazing! Great Wizard indeed!” Jim, one of the leaders of the caravan, was also shocked by the majestic Miracle City.

Such a magnificent city, with the Feisuo Plane's construction capability, could only be built with tens of thousand of people working for two years.

Yang Feng built this enormous city with a few thousand slaves and four months of time. Still, they had spent a month traveling. In the Feisuo Plane, this construction speed was simply miraculous.

Suddenly, a merchant widened his eyes and shouted: “A tree! Oh heavens, great G.o.d of Slavery! What do I see? A tree, no, it's a forest!! A forest appeared in the Red Earth Wasteland!! This, is this a miracle of the G.o.ds?!!”

“Trees!! It's a forest!! Heavens, there's actually a forest here!!”

“Trees!! A forest!”


When they saw the forest, the merchants were gobsmacked and started to shout.

Some merchants still rubbed their eyes in disbelief. Then, with widened eyes, looked at the purification forest in front of the Miracle City, stunned. They accepted the fact of the matter with difficulty.

The eyes on Jim's fat face widened and he shouted: “Trees!! Are those real trees? Heavens! Master Ian, who is he? How did he grown trees in the Red Earth Wasteland? He accomplished something that many legendary heroes couldn't!!”

For ordinary people, it was practically impossible to build a city in the Red Earth Wasteland. However, there had been many heroes in the Feisuo Plane that tried to establish a city in the Red Earth Wasteland and succeeded. But without exception, they couldn't maintain the city and were forced to leave the Red Earth Wasteland.

Water and food, these two most important factors couldn't be solved and therefore, no city could be maintained in the Feisuo Plane. Even if you had mountains of gold and seas of silver, they would be spent on water and food. Establis.h.i.+ng a city would be unprofitable and even worse, there would be no room for growth. It was a worthless endeavor.

Yet now, a forest appeared outside the Miracle City! This meant that the Red Earth Wasteland, at least in this area, was no longer a forbidden zone for plants! It may be possible to grow crops! This was of great significance when it came to conquering the Red Earth Wasteland!!

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