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218 – We Eat Worse than Slaves

Stimulated by the green trees, the huge caravan accelerated its pace and rushed towards the woods.

Meanwhile, the Red Earth Wasteland that entered their eyes completely lacked the red earth that stretched without end. The green forest, alike an oasis, nourished their minds and comforted their stretched taut nerves.

It was lunchtime and there was smoke rising from the green woods.

The slaves working in the woods started to gather to have a meal.

“Heavens, it's white bread! These lowly slaves are eating white bread and potato soup!!”

f.u.c.k, how can these lowly slaves eat white bread? This, isn't this better than what I have to eat? Is there any reason for this?”

“White bread! What a waste! It's too wasteful to give these slaves white bread! Master Ian is too wasteful!”


The leaders of slave merchant groups broke into the woods. Attracted by a fragrance, they arrived at the place where slaves were having their meal. When they saw the white bread that the slaves were eating, the eyes of many of them turned red and they screamed in heartache.

In the Feisuo Plane, the staple food of the middle and lower cla.s.s commoners and slaves was black bread, which was very coa.r.s.e and as hard as wood. It had to be softened in water before it could be eaten with difficulty. The fragrant, soft white bread made of fine flour could only be afforded by rich merchants and aristocrats.

Some dest.i.tute aristocrats would even have to submit to reality and eat black bread.

Many of the leaders were misers and some  leaders of small merchant groups ate black bread everyday. Their eyes turned red when they saw Yang Feng's slaves eat white bread.

When the caravan's guards saw the slaves eating white bread, their eyes also couldn't help but turn red. The guards ate black bread and drank water. Now, even slaves ate better than them, which naturally left them agitated.

Jim stared at the white bread and then examined the Miracle City in the distance. His eyes flashed with greed: “Master Ian is so rich, even slaves can eat white bread. What if I took my people to take the city? I have 3,000 people under me. He, on the other hand, only has several hundred slaves. Even if my forces are consumed, but his spell slots will be consumed, as well! After I take this city, I can offer it to His Majesty! By then, I, Jim, might ascend to an aristocrat!!”

None of the Rydgex City's slave merchants were good people. They still barely obeyed the law in the Rydgex City. However, once they left the Rydgex City and arrived at the unrestricted wilderness, they would turn into the most frightening beasts.

Every year, many small slave merchant groups silently disappeared in the wilderness. To get to where he was in the Rydgex City, Jim had to consume an untold number of small merchant groups neck and crop.

“Jim, tell your people to pipe down!” Clive, along with 400 fully armed warriors, walked out of the woods. He frowned slightly and berated Jim.

Jim looked at Clive, who had the awe-inspiring aura of a powerhouse. Then, his gaze fell on Clive's fingers, his pupils constricted slightly, and the red in his eyes withdrew instantly. He greeted the other with an amiable and friendly smile: “Hha. I'm glad to see you, Clive. It seems that your body has been completely healed by Master Ian. Master Ian is really amazing!”

“That's right. With Master Ian's treatment, the 200 of us recovered our full strength! Not long ago, a 2,000-strong Wolf Cavalry came to attack us. In the end, Master Ian killed 1,000 of their members. If they weren't fast enough, then perhaps every last one of them would have to stay behind. Their bodies are hanging over there. Would you like to have a look?”

Clive's operated his secret method, erupted with terrifying Sky Knight rank qi in a flash, and looked at the other party with a smile that wasn't a smile. Under the powerful suppression, Jim was left a little breathless.

Clive knew best what these slave merchants were really like. If you were stronger than them and gave them enough benefits, then they would be your most loyal dogs. However, if you showed them a trace of weakness, then they would turn into a pack of jackals and pounce at you.

Jim's eyes narrowed slightly before adopting a gratified smile and saying shamelessly: “Hha! Amazing! Master Ian is really amazing! Clive, you have to thank me. You wouldn't have met such a good person like Master Ian without me. Besides, I've never mistreated you and your brothers when you were with me!”

Clive and the 200 Iman Princ.i.p.ality's royal guards were high-value goods. Naturally, Jim didn't treat them badly. They wouldn't be liked by gentlewomen if they looked haggard and lean.

Clive said with a faint smile: “I really should thank you for that. Now, however, take your people into the city!”

Jim said calmly: “Okay! By the way, do all slaves eat white bread here? Isn't that too extravagant?”

Clive replied: “Not really!”

Jim was a little relieved! Lowly slaves eating no worse than what a distinguished merchant like himself ate left him a bit agitated!

Clive continued: “Only slaves that work hard can eat white bread. Lazy fellows can only go to somewhere else to eat black bread and drink water.”

Jim's complexion immediately twisted.

The complexions of the other merchant leaders around them were ugly, as well. Their standard of living was only as good as that of the Miracle City's hard-working slaves.

The complexions of some leaders of small merchant groups, who only ate white bread during celebrations, were even worse. They had it even worse than slaves. Of course, this was only the case because they were stingy.

The caravan's guards had unsightly expressions, too. They secretly entertained the idea of jumping s.h.i.+ps.

The slaves, on the other hand, revealed expectant expressions.

Jim asked curiously: “Is there no shortage of food in the Miracle City? To give slaves white bread to eat, will the food suffice?”

The other slave merchant leaders also perked up their ears. The merchants who brought food were particularly nervous, they waited for Clive's reply as if awaiting trial.

Clive answered proudly: “The great Master Ian cast a spell to purify part of the land in the Red Earth Wasteland. Now, that land can grow his improved breadfruit trees. The bread trees planted on 1 acre of land can yield thrice a year, for 5,000 pounds (including the peel) of breadfruits per yield. Besides, the land with the breadfruit trees can still be planted with some potatoes, sweet potatoes, and other crops. From now on, the Miracle City is completely self-sufficient in terms of food!”

The heads of slave merchant groups sucked in a breath of cold air and their eyes flashed with astonishment.

The merchants who brought food had sullen expressions, looking as if they were about to cry.

Jim's eyes turned and he said with a smile: “Can I purchase some breadfruit tree seeds? I'm willing to pay handsomely!”

As a merchant with keen senses, Jim immediately noticed the huge strategic value of the breadfruit trees. Once breadfruit trees were popularized, they would have a huge impact on the entire Feisuo Plane.

Clive smiled and said in reply: “Sorry, that's not part of my responsibilities. For that, you'll have go talk with Lina or Master Ian.”

Under the escort of the 400 warriors lead by Clive, the huge slave caravan entered the Miracle City.

When he entered the Miracle City, Jim saw wide and orderly streets with trees and exquisite buildings lined on both sides.

The streets were paved with cement. Despite the traffic of people, there was no garbage or excrement. The whole city looked neat, clean, and beautiful.

Jim admired sincerely: “What a beautiful city! Master Ian is really amazing. He not only has formidable magic strength, but is even a master in terms of city planning. Compared to the Miracle City, the imperial capital is lacking on many fronts.

Randy looked around and sighed: “There's no comparison! I've been to the imperial capital before. Apart from the aristocratic and imperial city districts, the other districts were dirty and filled with excrements. On rainy days, you can't go out without wearing boots! This city should be where the upper cla.s.s resided!”

Among the leaders of the huge, joint slave caravan from the Rydgex City, Jim and Randy were the most influential slave merchants.

“That's a lake!! I'm not mistaken! That is a lake!!” Suddenly, Jim's eyebrows jumped up, he pointed into the distance, and said in a shaky voice.

“A lake!! Heavens! That's a lake!!”

“How can this be? How can there be a lake in the Red Earth Wasteland!!”


The merchant leaders looked to where Jim pointed and their eyes revealed astonishment.

Following the battle of G.o.ds, due to the contamination from divine blood, plants had a hard time growing in the Red Earth Wasteland. The climate gradually changed and turned dry, with little to no rain.

It was impossible to have a lake in the Red Earth Wasteland. Even if created artificially, due to the arid climate, lakes would have their water evaporate before eventually drying up.

Yet now, there appeared an enormous lake in the Miracle City. This was simply unreasonable.

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