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219 – Merchants Gather

“A lake! Such a big artificial lake!!” Sighed Randy in a voice br.i.m.m.i.n.g with complex feelings and then exchanged a look with Jim.

The Red Earth Wasteland, a common border of the 4 empires, could be used as a trading hub of the 4 empires. In history, an unknown number of ambitious characters had their eyes set on this land. However, due to the lack of water and food in the Red Earth Wasteland, no hero managed to make a stand in this land.

But now, Yang Feng purified a large tract of land, set up a farmland where foodstuff could be cultivated, and created a huge lake, which solved the most pressing issue in the Red Earth Wasteland – lack of water. The Miracle City had clearly a bright future.

Jim faced the flat and neat plots of land with signs inserted on them and asked curiously: “What are those?”

Clive replied with a light smile: “The Miracle City is located at the junction of the 4 empires and therefore, can easily become a trading hub of the 4 empires. These plots of land are prepared for chambers of commerce that will be stationed in the Miracle City. These plots aren't cheap. Each one costs above 100,000 gold coins!”

When the leaders of small merchant groups heard that, they were pleased at first and then became listless. 100,000 gold coins was too great of a burden for the small merchant groups to bear. The eyes of leaders of medium and large merchant groups lit up and revealed a trace of excitement, looking like they have sighted their prey.

With its rate of development, the Miracle City was bound to get bigger. Besides, trade between empires had always been the most profitable. The Miracle City, which was located at the junction of the 4 empires, was bound to have a bright future!

Clive smiled and said: “Master Ian has already spread the word by means of other channels. Reportedly, some merchants and aristocrats of the Morrince Empire and the t.i.tan Empire are very interested in the Miracle City!”

The leaders no longer hesitated when they heard that and a resolute glint flashed inside their eyes.

Jim suddenly regretted asking too many questions. This question brought him numerous compet.i.tors.

“Sir Clive, can we take a look at the plots of land?!”

“That's right! Sir Clive, please let us have a look the plots!!”


The group of leaders said impa.s.sionately.

Clive looked embarra.s.sed. He pondered for a moment before agreeing, “Alright!”

The leaders of merchant groups suddenly rushed towards the plots. With greedy looks in their eyes, they looked for the plot they liked.

Even Jim twisted his fat body and, with an agility that didn't match his figure, plunged towards the plots. His eyes flashed with greed as he looked for a plot he liked. Once he bought a plot, if he wanted, he could resell it for a lot of money in the future.

As for the delivery of slaves and collection of payment, the leaders handed this task to their subordinates.

Although the fee of a priest of the G.o.d of Contracts was hefty, but once a contract was signed, neither party would dare to go against the power of the G.o.d of Contracts.

A few hours later, the leaders gather again and, under Clive's escort, went towards the city master's mansion.

“It's Tony! It's the Sapphire Merchant Group's Tony!!” When he entered the reception hall specially prepared to receive the leaders of merchant groups, Jim was suddenly taken aback and narrowed his eyes.

There were already over 200 immaculately dressed people gathered in the reception hall. Jim didn't recognize most of them, but the few he recognized were great merchants of the Morrince Empire. Tony was the master of a large merchant group, the Sapphire Merchant Group. He didn't lose out to Jim in terms of wealth.

With a gla.s.s of red wine in his hand and a smile on his face, Tony came over: “Jim, Randy, you're really bad friends. I'm disappointed that you didn't call me to partake in this great business opportunity.”

Jim's chubby face shook with laughter: “Hha, Tony, didn't you go to the Blue River Manor for vacation? I didn't call you because I couldn't get in touch with you. By the way, who are all those people?”

Tony smiled and without dwelling on it, looked at the rest of the people, and whispered with dread in his eyes: “Many of those fellows are barbarians from the t.i.tan Empire.”

The people of the Morrince Empire and the t.i.tan Empire called one another barbarians. Numerous conflict had broken out between the two empires, but neither side was able to gain the upper hand.

Jim asked with a puzzled expression. “How did those barbarians got wind of this?”

Tony replied: “Someone went to the t.i.tan Empire and spread the news that a man called Master Ian built a city in the Red Earth Wasteland, that there was a great business opportunity. The person swore that everything he said was true in the presence of a priest of the G.o.d of Contracts. Thus, those stray dogs were attracted over.”

Jim sighed and said regretfully: “It seems that Master Ian is not a simple character! The power in his hands is far beyond our imagination!”

If there were no compet.i.tors, Jim and the other merchant leaders could join forces to negotiate with Yang Feng. Now that the merchants of the t.i.tan Empire came, Jim's side had no chance at joining forced.

Although merchants didn't care about borders, but the 2 empires, the Morrince Empire and the t.i.tan Empire, despised each other. Jim wasn't friendly with the merchants of the t.i.tan Empire, so they couldn't form a united front.

The merchants of the t.i.tan Empire stared coldly at Jim and the others, as well. There were two distinct groups. Apart from them, there were still small-time merchants who ventured over from some lesser states; but they didn't amount to much.

Just then, Yang Feng slowly walked over. All gazes focused on him.

“Everyone, thank you for giving me face and attending this banquet. I am Ian, the master of the Miracle City.”

Yang Feng looked at the hundreds of merchants from the Morrince Empire, the t.i.tan Empire, and some small states below, the corners of his mouth rose slightly, and he revealed a smile of satisfaction. He thought: “Artais did well.”

Applause broke out in the reception as soon as Yang Feng's words fell.

“You must have seen the plots of land that the Miracle City is selling. I'm confident that within 10 years, the Miracle City will be expanded into a huge city with a population exceeding 500,000 people, that it'll be the trade hub and trade center of the 4 empires. By then, the value of those plots of land will go through the roof.”

“If there's a plot you like, you can pick up pen and paper lying next to you, write down the plot and price you're willing to pay, and put the paper in a black box. The Miracle City will immediately compound a statistic and give the plots to the highest bidders.” Yang Feng clapped his hands gently and beautiful maids, with smiles on their faces and and black boxes in their hands, emerged in a line from both sides.

Jim smiled bitterly and sighed inside: “What a fierce move! Like this, you're forced to bid a high price if you want to purchase the plot you like!”

The small-time merchants have already picked up pen and paper and started writing down the plot they wanted to purchase.

Jim mused for a while, then took a piece of paper, wrote down the plot he wanted to  purchase and the price he was willing to pay, and threw it into a black box.

With a smile on his face, Yang Feng observed the scene below from atop a dais.

Yang Feng would earn a fortune just from selling the plots of land. Besides, the merchants who purchased land would attract a lot of workers over to make use of it. With the increase in population, the consumption of goods would also increase, gradually forming a huge virtuous circle.

Although Yang Feng brought a great deal of funds to the Feisuo Plane, but he wouldn't be able to support the development of the Miracle City if it just madly consumed the money he brought without bringing any returns.

A food merchant couldn't help asking: “Master Ian, there's already a food source in the Miracle City. What will be of us food merchants?”

After being improved by Yang Feng, each breadfruit tree could bear an astonis.h.i.+ng amount of food. Naturally, the food merchants were worried about their future prospects.

Yang Feng replied with a smile: “Don't worry. The following 2 years, I'll be purchasing all the foodstuff that you can deliver according to the price we agreed upon. I'll swallow it all, so long as there's no problem with the quality, of course.

The population of the Miracle City would only increase, so there could not be too much food stored. In the following 2 years, with the development of the Miracle City in full swing, Yang Feng would still need to import large amounts foodstuff.

The food merchants breathed a sigh of relief and a smile crept onto their faces.

The merchants below wrote on pieces of paper and threw the pieces of paper into black boxes. Then, the boxes were taken away by the pretty maids.

“That's right, let me tell you another piece of good news. I'm not only a Wizard, but also an Alchemist! Recently, in my spare time, I refined some toys. Please take a look.”

Yang Feng clapped his hands and a warrior emerged with a fine steel sword.

Yang Feng smiled and said, “Please choose a few people to take a look at this fine steel sword and prove that I'm not playing any tricks on you.”

The merchants of the Morrince Empire and the t.i.tan Empire quickly selected 10 highly prestigious merchants, including Jim, Tony, and Randy, to climb onto the dais.

Jim carefully examined the fine steel sword, then waved it a few times and said very cautiously, “There are no issues with this fine steel sword. It's an excellent, imperial military standard sword! This sword is very well maintained and has no imperfections.”

The other 9 people took the sword, examined it carefully for a while, and nodded in agreement.

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