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231 – A City that Belongs to Half Blood Beastmen

Lawrence asked impatiently: “Can the Priests purify it?”

If the Priests couldn't purify the poison in the water, then no matter how unreconciled Lawrence was, he could only choose to return home. He and tens of thousands of elites of the beastman empire would become a laughingstock.

Danylo replied faintly, “We can! However, we'll need the power of all Priests to purify the poison as quickly as possible. During the purification, we must not be disturbed by any external force.”

Lawrence said solemnly: “Good! Rest a.s.sured, no one will disturb you, High Priest!”

200 Apprentice Priests, 30 Priests (level-1 Warlock), and 5 Shaman Priests (level-2 Warlock) slowly emerged from the huge army.

Under the lead of the High Priest Danylo, the Apprentice Priests and official Priests began to recite a prayer. This was a ceremony necessary to cast a large-scale divine spell.

The 40,000-strong army of the beastman empire stood guard in front of the Priests around the pond.

Just as the attention of everyone in the army was completely focused on the Priests, mechanical flying ants that looked practically no different from the red earth sneaked out of the land, then flew to the place with a lot of buckets of clean water, nibbled at them, and drilled into them.

Once the mechanical flying ants drilled into the buckets, part of their bodies changed to look like wood. The buckets were completely plugged and there were no abnormalities.

“The Mighty Lion G.o.d Arcath said that he shall purify this water with his divine power, expel the poison from the water, and let us receive nourishment from the water of life to forge ahead and kill all the rebels!” Holding a scepter, Danylo pointed at the pond. A power br.i.m.m.i.n.g with sanct.i.ty shot out of the scepter and entered the pond.

Countless black gas rose from inside the pond and, under the influence of the sacred power, turned to ashes.

Danylo heaved a light sigh of relief. There was one more wrinkle between his eyebrows, and exhaustion flashed deep within his eyes.

It was easier to destroy than to create. Similarly, Danylo could easily poison a pond, but if he wanted to purify it without the specific method to treat the poison and use a divine spell to do so, his consumption would be huge.

By using divine spells, Priests could purify a variety of curses and poisons. Of course, the universal purification divine spell consumed a lot of strength. If it was a Warlock who had to purify the water in the pond, they would use specific methods to treat the poison. They would search for extraordinary life forms or extraordinary plants that could absorb the poison or use elixirs to neutralize the poison. Basically, they wouldn't consume much of their strength. This was one of the biggest differences between Warlocks and Priests.

Of course, if a Warlock wasn't knowledgeable enough, they may not be able to find a way to purify the pond.

Lawrence stepped forward and asked, “High Priest, is it done?”

Danylo said faintly: “We've purified the water in this pond, so there shouldn't be any problems with it. But to be safe, you must boil it once before drinking. Have the others drink it.”

Lawrence nodded slightly and immediately began the arrangements for his men to test the water in the pond. After the results of successive tests showed no abnormalities, people were allowed to drink the water from the pond after boiling it. As for himself and the 20,000 elite b.l.o.o.d.y lion knights, they drank the water they brought from the Frozen Rock City.

After solving the problem of water, Lawrence arranged the army to continue to pursue the half blood beastmen.

A few days later, on the Red Earth Wasteland.

The half blood beastman migration procession extended over a dozen kilometers, with every half blood beastmen moving somewhat mechanically.

Even though Yang Feng displayed one after another miracle, and provided plenty of water and food along the way. However, the dry climate, constant scenery in the Red Earth Wasteland, pressure of the pursuing beastman empire, and unfamiliar environment still left the half blood beastmen breathless.

If it wasn't for the successive miracles and if there was no place in the Red Earth Wasteland for them to escape to, the half blood beastman migration procession might have already collapsed.

“A city!! There's a city!! A city has appeared!! There are even trees!! There are even trees!”

“There are trees! There really are trees!!”

Suddenly, screams of surprise came from the middle of the procession.

The half blood beastmen, who had their heads drooped and their eyes numb, were shocked. They raised their heads and looked ahead.

They saw a dozen-meter-tall city wall, a huge city stretching without end, and purification trees growing around the huge city appear. As if an oasis, a huge city appeared in front of them, and left them touched.

“There's really a city!!”

“This is our city!!”

“That is a city that belongs us half blood beastmen!!”

“Long live the great G.o.d Ian!”

“Praise you, might G.o.d Ian!”


When the half blood beastmen saw the huge city that appeared before their eyes, they were touched to tears. They shouted and praised the G.o.d Ian.

Extremely rich faith power exuded from them and entered the idols Yang Feng created.

Katherine felt a lump in her throat and two lines of tears streamed from her eyes, as she looked at the giant city. She said inwardly: “A city, that's a city that belongs to us half blood beastmen! In that city, we half blood beastmen can leave with dignity. Thank you, Master Ian!! Thank you!!”

d.i.c.k's eyes were tearful. He prostrated himself and said word for word: “My Lord Ian, you are really a generous and benevolent G.o.d. I'm willing to fight for you until death.”

“A city! There really is a city that belongs to us half blood beastmen! My Lord Ian, you are truly the embodiment of benevolence and magnanimity. I am willing to dedicate myself to you completely.” When Koen saw the giant city in the Red Earth Wasteland, he burst into tears, knelt on the ground, and exuded very pure faith power.

Half blood beastmen prostrated themselves on the ground, burst into tears, and recited a prayer, praising the G.o.d Ian. Powerful and pure faith power exuded from their bodies and entered Yang Feng's idols.

The corners of Yang Feng's mouth rose slightly: “Tens of thousands of true believers, 100 fanatics, and there's still 1 saint.”

Koen, the dogman half blood beastman who was previously timid and cowardly, was actually the one to emerge as a saint from among the over 100,000 half blood beastmen. This left Yang Feng slightly surprised.

As for Katherine, she knew the true ident.i.ty of Ian, and although she was still grateful to Yang Feng and wors.h.i.+ped him, but nevertheless, she was only a shallow believer.

One of the reasons why G.o.ds should be high among the stars was to maintain an air mystery and a powerful image. Otherwise, the faith mortals had in them would weaken.

Tens of thousands of true believers, 100 fanatics, 1 saint, and about 100,000 shallow believers. The quality of these believers was much higher than the quality of believers of some small churches.

In the Turandot Subcontinent, the Kindred Monarch could ascend to G.o.dhood due to the hundreds of thousands of kindred zealots that believed in him, prayed to him for nearly 100 years, and gathered huge quant.i.ty of faith power. This acc.u.mulation allowed him to ignite his divine fire and promote to a demiG.o.d in one go.

While the half blood beastmen prayed piously, the banner of a b.l.o.o.d.y lion appeared behind them. At last, the b.l.o.o.d.y Lion Monarch Lawrence and the 40,000-strong elite army caught up.

When Lawrence saw the huge city, his gaze congealed slightly, his eyes flashed with a cold glint, and he said coldly. “A city! There's a city in such a place as the Red Earth Wasteland, I'll be d.a.m.ned! These half blood beastman hybrids sure have some backing! No wonder they dare to resist us!”

Lawrence barked: “Cuddy!”

A beastman general with a Firmament Knight rank cultivation base took a step forward and shouted in acknowledgement: “Sir!”

Lawrence pointed with his horsewhip at the half blood beastmen prostrated on the ground and ordered coldly: “Take your troops and break up these hybrid!”

Cuddy smiled malevolently and said: “Yes! I will crush the resistance of those hybrids, Your Highness Grand Prince!!”

“b.l.o.o.d.y lion knights! Lawrence, the fiend Lawrence is here!”

“The b.l.o.o.d.y lion knights!!”


Shortly after Lawrence arrived with the army of the beastman empire, screams of dismay came from the half blood beastmen.

Like a plague, panic spread among the half blood beastmen.

“I am Caesar! I am here!” Yang Feng emerged amid the half blood beastmen, raised his voice, and directly suppressed the screams of the half blood beastmen.

Seeing that Yang Feng arrived, the half blood beastmen automatically opened up a path and looked at him as if he was the embodiment of a G.o.d treading in the secular world.

These days, the miracles of the legendary G.o.d Ian were performed by the divine emissary Yang Feng. Thus, in the crowd of half blood beastmen, Yang Feng's status was only second to that of the G.o.d Ian.

Yang Feng held up his sword and, while his body flashed with a sacred light, barked: “I'm going to attack those d.a.m.ned beastman troops! Who is willing to go with me to attack those d.a.m.ned beastmen, to cut off their ugly heads, and uphold the glory of the great G.o.d Ian?”

“I am willing to go with you!” Dressed in the golden armor, Katherine arrived next to Yang Feng. Her beautiful eyes shone with an unswerving determination.

Koen, who wore a bronze armor, came over and said with a solemn expression: “I am willing to go with you!”

With a large blade in hand, Chuck, who also wore a bronze armor, came up to Yang Feng and said: “I am willing to go with you!”

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