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232 – Charge

“I am willing to go with you!”

“I am willing to go with you!”


Half blood beastmen stepped out and looked at Yang Feng with solemn expressions. These half blood beastmen had just become true believers.

Even some of the half blood beastmen who were just shallow believers quietly walked out of the crowd and came to Yang Feng's side.

“Stay behind and take charge, d.i.c.k! Now, charge with me! For the glory of the mighty G.o.d Ian, for the future of us half blood beastmen! Charge!” Yang Feng pointed at Lawrence's troops with his sword and barked.

Katherine brandished the king's sword and the spell Gather Courage shrouded the thousands of half blood beastmen.

The thousands of half blood beastmen suddenly felt their blood boil, and, as if nothing could defeat them, their courage went through the roof. Following noisily after Yang Feng, they charged madly at Lawrence's army.

“A group of rabble! They just came to die! I thought that they would have some ability, but it looks like I overestimated them! After all, they're just a bunch of hybrids without knowledge.”

When Lawrence saw Yang Feng and the thousands of half blood beastmen charge at him, his eyes showed contempt and he sneered in ridicule.

The beastman generals, who were originally on their guard, also showed contempt at this moment.

The beastman Priests also showed smiles of contempt. They had plenty of fighting experience, so they could tell at a glance that the half blood beastman rabble commanded by Yang Feng had no chance at beating the beastman elite army.

A dogman general promptly took the opportunity to flatter: “Your Highness Grand Prince, I can smash this rabble in a charge. General Cuddy's troops are 10 times stronger than mine, so he can certainly seize an overwhelming victory and cut off the heads of those rebel hybrids.”

Lawrence laughed heartily and said: “Hha! Good point! If Cuddy can't even get rid of this rubbish, I'll twist his head off with my own hands!”

When the beastmen saw Yang Feng lead the half blood beastmen in a charge, they believed that victory was in the bag.

Cuddy's eyes flashed with bloodl.u.s.t and he smiled excitedly, saying: “A group of rabble who came to die! Let me cut off your heads and gain some military merit!”

The beastman empire heavily stressed on military merit, so beastman generals scrambled to seize the chance to fight. Due to this, the beastman empire was naturally full of experts and powerhouses. If humans didn't had Wizards and if they weren't extremely strong at urban warfare, beastmen would have already overwhelmed them.

Yang Feng looked at the oncoming 5,000 lionman cavalrymen riding demonic horned lions and sneered, then took out a magic pouch and pulled a rope from the magic pouch. Immediately after, countless purple powder gushed out of the magic pouch, fluttered in the wind, and swept towards the lionman cavalrymen.

When the lionman cavalrymen entered in contact with the purple powder, as if they were drank under the table, they became dizzy and fell from their demonic horned lions.

The demonic horned lions also swayed slightly and collapsed to the ground.

“What is this? How could this be? I'm a Firmament Knight! How could such a thing be possible?” Cuddy also felt dizzy. His eyes blurred and he couldn't see anything anymore.

“Enemy, die!” Yang Feng gave a piercing howl, took a step forward, and slashed with his sword at Cuddy's head.

The thousands of half blood beastmen rushed into the midst of the lionman cavalrymen. With bloodshot eyes, they brandished their swords and started killing the lionman cavalrymen.

Incredulity overtook his face and Lawrence cried out: “How can this be!”

The 5,000 b.l.o.o.d.y lion knights were the elites of an empire, and every single one of them was a Knight rank powerhouse or above. Even in the beastman empire, they were considered a most elite troop. For such powerhouses to be smashed with one strike was unbelievable.


“This, how can this be!!”


The generals of the beastman empire were stupefied, and they couldn't believe their eyes.The 5,000 b.l.o.o.d.y lion knights could easily raze a human princ.i.p.ality. Such a powerful cavalry was utterly defeated by the rubbish commanded by Yang Feng.

Yang Feng took the thousands of half blood beastmen to plough through the 5,000 b.l.o.o.d.y lion knights, and then charged at Lawrence and the rest of the army with an unprecedented momentum.

Seeing the valiant Yang Feng, and then thinking of the inexplicable collapse of the beastman warriors, the eyes of the generals of the beastman empire flashed with panic.

Danylo stepped forward and said unhurriedly: “Don't panic! That's only the magic of half blood beastmen. With our Priests here, these half blood beastmen are but a bunch of jumping clowns!”

“That's right! With the High Priest here, we can't loose!”

“Right! With the High Priest on our side, they are screwed! Those hybrids are screwed!”


The generals of the beastman empire looked a little relaxed, and smiled.

Danylo was a High Priest with incomparable power. The might of his level-3 divine spells was comparable to that of level-3 spells cast by level-3 Warlocks. Even though his body and soul were far inferior to those of level-3 Warlocks, but under heavy protection, he could absolutely display the destructive power of a level-3 Warlock on the battlefield.

The b.l.o.o.d.y lion knights had an impressive track record over the years, being practically unbeatable. This was largely the case due to Danylo and his Priests.

Pfffft!! Before Danylo finished speaking, the beastman Apprentice Priests, with looks of horror, spurted mouthfuls of black blood mixed with viscera.

“Save…” The face of a Priest suddenly turned darker. Just as he made a sound, he spurted a mouthful of black blood and fell to the ground.

As if infected by something, Priests spurted mouthfuls of black blood, fell to the ground, struggled, and died.

Danylo's complexion changed greatly and he cried out: “Poisoned! f.u.c.k, when did those half blood hybrids do this?!” As soon as Danylo finished speaking, he felt a sharp pain in his belly. His viscera cracked and he spurted a mouthful of blood clots mixed with viscera.

At death's doors, as if he thought of something, Danylo's eyes flashed with despair, he grabbed Lawrence, and shouted: “Lawrence, get out of here! This is a trap…”

Before Danylo finished speaking, his body swayed, he fell to the ground, and took his last breath.

Although the destructive power High Priests could display by casting level-3 divine spells was about the same as that of level-3 Warlocks, but their physical const.i.tution wasn't as powerful as that of Warlocks. If inattentive, it was normal for them to be poisoned.

Lawrence was shocked. His face turned dark, his chest turned stuffy, and he spurted a big mouthful of blood. In this critical moment of life and death, he crazily urged his qi. In a flash, he erupted with frightening Star Knight rank qi and forcibly suppressed the poison in his body.

Star Knights were comparable to level-3 Warlocks in terms of fighting strength. And although they were slightly worse off in terms of physical const.i.tution, they were far better off than Danylo.

Just then, the level-2 extraordinary life form demonic horned flame lion underneath Lawrence suddenly went mad. It crazily slammed into a dozen general behind it, knocked them away, and, with Lawrence on its back, madly rushed into the depths of the Red Earth Wasteland.

Lawrence, who was using all his strength to suppress the poison in his body, could only look on helplessly as the demonic horned flame lion dragged him towards the depths of the Red Earth Wasteland.

A black aura overtook the faces of the b.l.o.o.d.y lion knights, they spurted mouthfuls of black, poisoned blood, and collapsed to the ground.

A black aura also overtook the faces of the generals from the beastman empire,they spurted a mouthful of blood, and fell from their mounts.

The banner standing for Lawrence toppled over.

“Lawrence is dead!” Yang Feng operated a secret method and roared. Only his voice reverberated in the Red Earth Wasteland.

When the warriors of the beastman empire saw the generals strangely spurt out blood, and the banner of Lawrence topple over, they were at a loss and didn't know what to do.

Yang Feng led the thousands of half blood beastmen to charge at the warriors of the beastman empire and, like a G.o.d of death, unscrupulously killed the warriors resisting in front of him.

The commanders of the warriors of the beastman empire were basically all poisoned. They were either dead or disabled, so they couldn't command the battle, at all. The beastman warriors who bravely attempted to resist Yang Feng were cut in two by Yang Feng.

Numerous beastman warriors died before their ranks finally collapsed and, like an avalanche, they fled towards the rear.

Yang Feng led 100 odd cavalrymen and, as if driving a flock of sheep, drove the beastman warriors.

So long as the beastman warriors showed an intention of huddling together, they would be immediately killed by Yang Feng and his people, forcing them to abandon their armor and to flee helter-skelter.

Showing no mercy, Katherine led the thousands of inexperienced half blood beastman warriors in a crazy, furious ma.s.sacre against the fallen 20,000 b.l.o.o.d.y lion knights.

Almost all b.l.o.o.d.y lion knights were poisoned, but some Sky Knight rank powerhouses and above barely managed to contain the poison by relying on their frightening physical const.i.tutions.

With a pale face, a b.l.o.o.d.y lion knight with Sky Knight rank cultivation base shouted: “Stop, I surrender!”

The b.l.o.o.d.y lion knights were allowed to surrender before an overwhelming force. Lawrence would be willing to spend a huge price to redeem these die-hard confidants.

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