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Ever since he arrived at the Cangzhi Plane, Yang Feng had seldom fought against geniuses of the same rank. He was very well aware that his cultivation base was almost entirely built on precious elixirs. As a result, his fighting ability was far lower than that of genuine geniuses and his fighting experience wasn't as plentiful.

However, after arriving at the Feisuo Plane, Yang Feng relied on his own efforts to genuinely exploit the potential of the Warlock knowledge he obtained from the Turandot Subcontinent. Now, he had confidence to face any challenges.

Xizu technology was only a tool in his hands, of which he was the master. If he wanted to climb to the top, he could not give up the xizu technology. Similarly, his own progress was also crucial.

“Just a puny, ordinary person, yet so arrogant! That's simply seeking death! Since you are looking to dye, then I'll send you on your way, fool!” Seyssins grinned fiercely and got up, exuding a terrifying and extremely overbearing aura. His gait majestic, he firmly stepped into the center of the reception hall.

A smile on her face, Esramia waved her lily-white hand. The bright moonlight scattered all over formed a very beautiful moonlight barrier around Seyssins and Yang Feng.

The moonlight barrier formed an arena 3 kilometers in diameter. Evidently, a formidable s.p.a.ce-attributed spell was used.

Esramia spoke spiritedly: “Begin!”

“Very well! Ian, you puny human, let me show you the gap between us!” A cold glint in his eyes, Seyssins took a step forward, and his body swelled up. His muscles stretched taut, exuding power and a sense of beauty. Suddenly, a mysterious, b.l.o.o.d.y imprint appeared on his forehead, releasing terrifying might.

Yang Feng's eyes flashed with dignity: “Is this the suppression of G.o.dly might? As expected, it's amazing!”

The frightening might Seyssins released was even scarier than the might released by Sacred Swordsman rank powerhouses. Ordinary Star Knight rank powerhouses would find it quite unbearable just to withstand Seyssins' might. Divine might was placed above even dragon might.

Naturally, the divine might exuded by Seyssins was really lacking in comparison to the might released by a real G.o.d. If it was the divine might of a genuine G.o.d, even if it was just the divine might released by a feeble divine power rank G.o.d, the fighting strength of Great Warlock rank powerhouses and under would have been weakened by at least 70%. When under the effect of divine might, very few talents would dare to attack a G.o.d.

“Roar!” Seyssins' lion-like eyes flickered fiercely, then his chest swelled and he suddenly erupted with a heaven-shaking, ferocious beastly roar, which formed a terrifying sound wave that blasted toward Yang Feng.

When the horrifying sound wave slammed into Yang Feng, it pa.s.sed through the life force cover around him and a.s.saulted him from all sides.

In an instant, Yang Feng had a headache, his ears buzzed and oozed blood, and his innards convulsed. He suffered unbearable pain.

“Oh, you didn't die? You do have some skill. But that's all! Go to h.e.l.l!” Seyssins smiled fiercely and unleashed a punch carrying tremendous pressure toward Yang Feng. The punch seemed to contain a trace of the power of law

Esramia's beautiful eyes glimmered with an eccentric light: “What a tyrannical punch!”

Seyssins' punch already contained a trace of the power of law. To destroy everything with absolute power was the way the Heracles battled. The way Seyssins, who awakened the Heracles' bloodline, did battle already carried the Heracles' shadow.

The eyes of Cicéron and Reylo flashed with dignity. Even they would not be able to easily take this punch of Seyssins'.

Gritting his teeth, Yang Feng unleashed 2 spells, Black Dragon Scales and Dragon Force, in a flash. Black dragon dragon scales covered him and endless dragon force surged inside him, and he threw a punch carrying dragon force at Seyssins.

Boom! Following a frightening explosion, Yang Feng was forced back by a dozen steps, face pale and blood oozing out of the corners of his mouth.

Seyssins, however, had no other reaction apart from being shaken slightly. Clearly, Seyssins' strike had the upper hand.

When she saw this, Karina balled her hands, a look of worry in her eyes.

Kafalena, however, looked carefree. Yang Feng had captured her brother and forced her to surrender her beloved moonlight divine bow. Even though her brother was the one at fault, but she still didn't like Yang Feng very much.

Esramia's eyes, on the other had, glimmered with surprise. The power of Seyssins' strike was enormous. If an ordinary human Sacred Swordsman powerhouse were to face him directly, they would get seriously injured by that strike. Yang Feng, however, was merely pushed back. This greatly exceeded Esramia's expectations

“That punch wasn't bad! It was rather unexpected. However, you're still not my match!” Seyssins was surprised a little. Immediately after, he sneered, then his figure blurred, and he pounced at Yang Feng as if an angry lion.

“The Heracles' bloodline sure is impressive. However, you are the one who's going to lose!” His gaze ice-cold, Yang Feng silently chanted. Suddenly, 10 seeds frantically grew into 6-meter-tall extraordinary plant spider demonic flowers with fist-sized, spider-like fruits.

The spider-like fruits sparkled and sprayed numerous white spider threads, which turned into a white mist and swept toward Seyssins.

“Break!” Seyssins' eyes widened, then he bellowed and punched out. A gust of wind raised by the punch containing 5 layers of crus.h.i.+ng power, with each layer being different, suddenly erupted and disintegrated the white spider thread fog.

The spider demonic flowers continuously shot white spider threads at Seyssins. Relying on his unreasonable strength, Seyssins crushed and scattered countless white spider threads.

Every time Seyssins punched out, he shattered countless spider threads. At the same time, taking firm steps, he advanced forward. The white spider threads were unable to stop him from moving forward. At last, he appeared in front of the extraordinary plant spider demonic flowers. Smiling malevolently, he punched at the spider demonic flowers.

Although he didn't know what kind of extraordinary plants the spider demonic flowers were, but he firmly believed that if he crashed the bodies of the strange plants with his unparalleled, iron fists, then everything would be over.

When Seyssins punched out, the 5 layers of crus.h.i.+ng power smashed a spider demonic flower in an instant.

Just when the spider demonic flower was crushed, a tiny tendril popped out of the spider demonic flower and, as if a lightning bolt, shot into Seyssins' abdomen.

In that instant, the countless white threads scattered about suddenly erupted and, as if they had a life of their own, shout towards Seyssins.

A horrifying anesthetic burst out from the tiny tendril of the spider demonic flower and spread to all corners of Seyssins' body.

Seyssins only felt his body go soft, no longer able to exert any strength, and he was wrapped by the countless white threads.

“Just a musclebrain!” Yang Feng sneered at this scene.

The extraordinary plant spider demonic flower was an extraordinary plant from the Green Woods Plane, and the best way to deal with it was by burning it. Just smas.h.i.+ng the body of the spider demonic flower with brute force would trigger a poisonous needle to shoot out of the spider demonic flower. The poison of the needle could even affect a Starry Sky Warlock rank powerhouse.

With a flick of his wrist, the secret treasure long sword forged from divine blood steel appeared in Yang Feng's hand. His figure blurred, and he appeared in front of Seyssins. He erupted with frightening Star Knight rank qi and frantically slashed at Seyssins' head, not concerning himself with the other party's ident.i.ty of divine descendant.

At that critical moment, the mysterious imprint on Seyssins' forehead glimmered, and his eyes recovered a trace of clarity. He bellowed, erupted with Star Knight rank qi, and raised his right hand to block.

Ding! Following a clear and crisp sound, the sword in Yang Feng's hand forcibly severed Seyssins' right hand. Seyssins lost a copious amount of blood from his right hand.

Seyssins issued a wounded-beast-like roar, and the power of the mysterious imprint between his eyebrows burst out. He freed himself from the numerous spider threads and rolled on the ground, avoiding Yang Feng's deadly strike.

With a flash of his sword, Yang Feng cut Seyssins' severed right arm into numerous pieces. He flicked his finger, and a fireball suddenly hit Seyssins' severed right arm and burned it to ashes.

“Young Lord!!”

“d.a.m.n you, Ian!!”


A look of horror on their faces, Seyssins' men blurted out loudly.

When they saw this scene, the eyes of Cicéron and the other people flashed gravely.

As long a the arm was still intact, various methods could be used to reattach a severed arm. After the arm was destroyed, however, you would have a pay a huge price to regrow the arm. Only by employing Legend rank spells or some formidable potions could you regrow severed limbs.

“I surrender!” Suppressing the feeling of numbness, gnas.h.i.+ng his teeth, and staring at Yang Feng full of resentment, Seyssins spoke decisively yet helplessly.

Even with the help of the power of the Heracles' bloodline, Seyssins still felt powerless in his limbs. He could barely employ 50% of his strength. With merely 50% of his strength, he was clearly not Yang Feng's match. If he made a misstep, he could even be killed by Yang Feng on the spot.

By slicing his arm to pieces and burning it to ashes, Yang Feng revealed undisguised malice.

Of course, if Seyssins had the chance, he would not mind killing Yang Feng, who was a human powerhouse.

The moment Seyssins was defeated, a bright moonlight enveloped him, forming a moonlight barrier.

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