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Published at 30th of October 2019 07:06:35 PM Chapter 368

368 – Desolate Islands

Magic carpets were flying treasures developed by the Cangzhi Plane’s Alchemists, and they could reach the speed of 500 kilometers per hour .

Flying at full speed, a vast island soon appeared in front of Yang Feng .

Desolate Islands was an archipelago in the East Sea formed by huge islands, and the vast island was one of them . With a cursory glance, Yang Feng could tell that the area of this island was larger than that of five Meheecan Princ.i.p.alities combined .

The area of the Desolate Islands as a whole was even larger than the area of the Morrince Empire .

Both the Morrince Empire and the t.i.tan Empire wanted to conquer the Desolate Islands . However, when the fleets they sent entered the territory of merfolk, they were destroyed . No military fleet could reach the Desolate Islands .

Ordinary merchant s.h.i.+ps could travel to the Desolate Islands by paying a toll . However, the indigenous people of the Desolate Islands were vicious and savage . Once merchant s.h.i.+ps reached the Desolate Islands, they would become offerings and delicacies of the indigenous people .

Over time, the Desolate Islands became wildland cut off from the rest of the world .

Yang Feng had just caught sight of the Desolate Islands, when his complexion changed, and he turned to look behind .

Behind him, as if cutting the sea in two, the Black Steel Wars.h.i.+p rode the wind and broke through the waves, chasing up to him at a frightening speed, a speed that was close to the speed of sound . Shrouded in thick fog, the Ghost s.h.i.+p appeared and disappeared at times . Every time it appeared, it strangely covered a large distance, and its speed was even greater than that of the Black Steel Wars.h.i.+p . Two pairs of bone wings spread open on its hull, enveloped by a strong wind, floating several meters above the surface of the sea, the Dragon Bones Wars.h.i.+p flew toward Yang Feng at a fearsome speed, which was beyond the speed of sound .

Yang Feng looked at the three legendary wars.h.i.+ps chasing after him from behind with shock in his eyes and uttered: “Are those still s.h.i.+ps?”


The three legendary wars.h.i.+ps were terrific . It should be noted that in the sea, due to drag, even nuclear powered s.h.i.+ps of Earth going all out could not reach the speed of sound .

Disregarding the laws of physics, the three legendary wars.h.i.+ps were terrifying . On Earth, even aircraft carriers may not be their opponents .

Chrissy looked at the three legendary wars.h.i.+ps chasing after them relentlessly with admiration and envy glittering in her pretty eyes: “Legendary wars.h.i.+ps surpa.s.s the limitations of alchemy products . Each legendary wars.h.i.+p is a treasure a demiG.o.d rank expert proficient in alchemy created at the expenditure of a great amount of time and energy . Virtually all legendary wars.h.i.+p have unique abilities! At his prime, the G.o.d of Pirates had twelve legendary wars.h.i.+ps under his command, which enabled him to dominate the four seas . ”

Each of the three legendary wars.h.i.+ps possessed terrifying abilities . With anyone of them, you could come and go in the East Sea as you pleased . You‘d be nearly invincible .

Suddenly, the artillery battery on the hull of the Black Steel Wars.h.i.+p moved and locked on to Yang Feng .

“s.h.i.+t!” Yang Feng suddenly had palpitations . He silently chanted an incantation, pointed with his finger, and conjured the level-3 spell Superior Warping Force Field, and a giant warping force field appeared in front of the magic carpet . At the same time, he operated the magic carpet to continue towards the Desolate Islands on a downwards descent .

Brilliant black rays of light shot out from the Black Steel Wars.h.i.+p and flew towards Yang Feng like shooting stars .

Possessing power comparable to the weakest single target level-4 offensive spells, the black rays of light easily pierced through the superior warping force field and shot towards Yang Feng .

Yang Feng willed and cast the level-4 defensive spell Sky Flower Water Curtain, and a blue curtain of light suddenly appeared around him, Chrissy, and the other women .

Under the Bombardment of the black rays of light, the water curtain became dented . It only lasted five seconds before it collapsed .

“Protection of the G.o.ddess of the Springs!” Within these five seconds of time, Chrissy completed the incantation of a level-4 defensive divine spell . She pointed with her finger, and an azure s.h.i.+eld enveloped everyone .

When the black rays of light slammed into the azure s.h.i.+eld, they set off ripples, yet could not destroy the azure s.h.i.+eld .

Yang Feng looked at the azure s.h.i.+eld with admiration: “What a powerful s.h.i.+eld divine spell! It’s five times stronger than the level-4 spell Sky Flower Water Curtain . As expected of a divine spell conjured using divine power!”

As a G.o.d’s darling, Chrissy could use the power of the G.o.d to cast all kinds of powerful divine spells . In general, divine spells of the same rank released by G.o.d’s darlings were by far more powerful than spells released by Wizards .

Under the bombardment of black the rays of light, Yang Feng and his party dropped on the huge island .

Looking in the direction that Yang Feng and his party fell, the Sword and Skeleton Pirate King Axent guessed the truth of the matter, and his face sank: “The Desolate Islands! d.a.m.n it, he escaped into the Desolate Islands! No, the Desolate Islands was his target all along!”

Axent’s thoughts drifted, and he suddenly recalled a legend . A scorching glint welled up in his eyes: “Is there something in the Desolate Islands? Could it be the treasures of the pirate emperor of legend?”

The indigenous people living in the Desolate Islands were fierce and warlike . Besides, they weren’t weak, and were proficient in jungle warfare . Even when the pirate emperor dominated the four seas, he hadn’t conquered the Desolate Islands .

Pirates were proficient in naval warfare . Using the sea to their advantage, they could even kill human Sacred Swordsmen . But in jungle warfare, they were far from being a match for the aboriginals .

When the pirate emperor dominated the four seas, he could only go ash.o.r.e once in a while to pillage . He didn’t dare to occupy a territory, proclaim himself the ruler, and establish a state as the fighting strength of pirates was limited outside of naval warfare .

Nonetheless, there had always been a legend circulating among pirates that after the pirate emperor ignited his divine fire, he hid his secular treasures in the Desolate Islands . The G.o.d of Pirates Gethron hadn’t denied this legend .

The Black Skeleton Pirate King Kalim frowned, a puzzled look on his face: “The Desolate Islands, what do they want to do there? There are only some savages there!!”

The Black Skeleton Pirate King Kalim pondered it over and over . Suddenly his eyes lit up and sparkled with greed: “Could it be the treasures of the pirate emperor of legend?”

The Dragon Skeleton Pirate King Lionel asked out loud directly: “What do we do now, Axent, Kalim?”

The Sword and Skeleton Pirate King Axent suggested: “Since the three of us seldom join hands, we might as well go swallow that island and wipe out the aboriginals there . How about we turn it into our new base?”

Ever since the pirate emperor lit up his divine fire and became the G.o.d of Pirates, there were always people who had a mind to fight over the Desolate Islands . But since pirates often backstabbed each other, no one dared to take the initiative to annex the Desolate Islands .

Now because of Yang Feng, the three pirate kings joined hands, and had the power to annex the Desolate Islands .

The Black Skeleton Pirate King Kalim showed a fierce smile: “Alright . ”

The Dragon Skeleton Pirate King Lionel spoke with a smile: “Good idea!”

The Desolate Islands were extremely vast . If annexed completely, you could even establish three pirate empires .

To build a pirate empire was the dream of pirates . In a pirate empire, pirates would not be persecuted . With a state to call their own, they would no longer lead a precarious life .

Apart from this, once they acquired the treasures the G.o.d of Pirates left in the secular world, they could become very wealthy . And if they obtained the G.o.d of Pirates’ secret method to become a G.o.d, they may even become the next G.o.d of Pirates .

After the three pirate kings reached an agreement, they speedily sailed in the direction of the Desolate Islands before anchoring in front of an island, waiting for the rest of the pirates to catch up to them .

Keeping a certain distance from one another, three huge fleets came from the rear and joined with the three legendary wars.h.i.+ps .

Small boats were lowered, and pirates rowed atop them to the sh.o.r.e .

“A bunch of fools!” Yang Feng glanced at the pirates and smiled coldly . He silently recited an incantation and pointed with his finger, and six fireb.a.l.l.s slammed into six pirate boats as if shooting stars .

Under the bombardment of the fireb.a.l.l.s, the six small boats crumbled in a flash, and the pirates aboard met violent ends .

When the rest of the pirates saw this scene, their eyes flashed with fear .

After his attack succeeded, Yang Feng blurred into motion and shot away .

On the Black Steel Wars.h.i.+p, countless magic cannons flickered with light, and black rays of light instantly covered the area where Yang Feng had just been, blowing the area apart .

Three experts exuding Legend rank fluctuations of power shot out of the three pirate king flags.h.i.+ps . By applying qi, they trod atop water as they shot towards Yang Feng .

Yang Feng watched the three experts exuding Legend rank fluctuations of power with a peculiar glint in his eyes, then blurred into motion and rushed into the desolate island .

The three Legend rank powerhouses chased closely after Yang Feng .

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