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Eyes filled with complex emotions were focused on the cloaked person. Everyone knew that there must be a G.o.d behind the cloaked person, and there was even a possibility that he himself was a clone or even the true body of a G.o.d.

A tremendous voice echoed in the sea:

An expert in a cyan cloak took out a storage ring and said coldly: “Here are 30,000 divine force crystals, I want a slot.”

A starry sky ripper came down from the sky and verified the authenticity of the storage ring, and then flew to the Black Steel Wars.h.i.+p with the expert in a cyan cloak

A voluptuous and sensual beauty with long and wavy purple hair draped over her shoulders smiled and fished out a storage ring, and then handed it to a starry sky ripper: “There are 30,000 divine force crystals here. Please let me enter the Golden Strait as well.”

After the contents were verified, a starry sky ripper flew to the Black Steel Wars.h.i.+p with the purple-haired beauty.

The surrounding Legend rank experts silently watched the steel fleets with flickering eyes.

If 30,000 divine force crystals could buy you an apple of wisdom, it would naturally be more than worth it. However, the 30,000 divine force crystals toll might not necessarily get you the apple of wisdom. Feeling a headache, the powerful existence behind the Legend rank experts sank into hesitation.

30,000 divine force crystals wasn't a small amount. On the Desolate Islands, after hundreds of years, many demiG.o.d rank freaks acc.u.mulated hundreds of divine force crystals. Even with countless believers, the Radiant Church could only harvest more than 1,000 divine force crystals per year.

30,000 divine force crystals was like a huge threshold that blocked countless experts thirsting to go to the Golden Strait and get the apple of wisdom.

Ansai looked deeply at the steel fleets and uttered flatly: “Avalon, how about we join forces to destroy those golems?”

Avalon, it's him! The t.i.tan Empire's 10th generation strongest hero who succeeded the t.i.tle of t.i.tan.”

“It's that legendary hero who slayed a demiG.o.d rank ancient evil dragon and a kindred baron! Reportedly, he was a peerless expert who could rival G.o.ds during his life!!”


When they heard the name Avalon, the knowledgeable Legend rank experts recalled a famous figure in history, and they looked at Avalon with shock in their eyes.

Avalon was publicly acknowledged as one of the 10 most powerful human heroes of the t.i.tan Empire and even the Feisuo Plane since a war of the G.o.ds thousands of years ago. During his lifetime, he has killed several demiG.o.d rank freaks, and according to legend, he even possessed G.o.d rank strength. It was naturally shocking to have such a formidable hero emerge from a divine country.

The braves were peerless experts of the t.i.tan Empire's successive generations during their lifetime. After they were transformed into braves, they spent their time fighting and practicing cultivation in divine countries, improving their strength for the past tens of thousands of years.

After tens of thousands of years, Avalon's battle prowess have reached an immeasurable degree.

Smiling, Avalon looked at Brigea: “You Majesty Empress Brigea, would you like to join us in destroying this human Warlock from another plane?”

“Certainly, Your Excellency Avalon!” Brigea smiled coldly yet politely, and then slashed at the void with her trident.

A divine country projection filled with sea water suddenly appeared in midair. There were gales, torrential rain, lightning, tornadoes, and other natural disasters raging inside the divine country.

A boundless aura that seemed to be capable of swallowing everything and contain everything gushed out of the divine country projection.

With blue tridents in hand, sea guards with an alligator-like head, fins, and blue gills poured out of the divine country. This sea guard legion was a fearsome divine legion the Sea G.o.d Hrehoriy created from all kinds of powerful souls. In the sea, sea guard legions were the most formidable divine legions, and even angel legions and brave legions weren't their match.

Next, Avalon scanned the beastman fleet and the elven fleet with a glance and uttered: “Kavral, Fran, are you going to fight the human Warlock together with us, or are you going to leave here at once?”

Brigea and Ansai looked at a lionman and a beautiful elf of the beastman and elven joint fleet with frigid killing intent in their eyes.

The angel legion, brave legion, and sea guard legion could crush the beastman and elven joint fleet.

“Let's join forces and kill that human Warlock!” Grinning, Kavral took out a beast bone necklace and threw it into the air.

The beast bone necklace radiated brilliant light, and a divine country projection filled with countless beastman emissaries in black armor engaging in combat appeared in midair.

Eyes scarlet, exuding ferocious auras, one beastman emissary after another flew out of the beast bone necklace.

Fran raised her eyebrows, then waved her lily-white hand, and a leaf filled with the aura of nature shot out.

The leaf full of the aura of nature shone brightly, and a divine country projection filled with a forest suddenly appears. Inside the forest, there were countless exquisite battle elves in dark green leaf armor exuding a tough aura shuttling.

Battle elves were weapons made from the souls of elves using elven divine spells and various freakish methods, and they were no weaker than angels in terms of individual combat strength. But they were much less numerous than angels.

“Amazing! Five divine legions!”

“Is this the beginning of a war of the G.o.ds?”


When the divine legions of the five divine systems appeared in the sea, the eyes of the Legend rank experts filled with shock.

Although due to the planar tide, the five divine legions couldn't give full play to their strength, but the power they could display was enough to flatten some lower planes.

Although the foundation of the Feisuo Plane's G.o.ds was the Feisuo Plane, but they still dispatched numerous divine legions to the lower planes on missionary expeditions to harvest faith force. For the true bodies of the G.o.ds, it was very difficult to go to other planes, which was why they had to send divine legions on punitive expeditions to the lower planes. Composed of countless elite experts, the fighting strength of divine legions was off the charts.

“Attack! Destroy them!! Kill that wretched human Warlock!” Eyes s.h.i.+mmering coldly, Avalon bellowed and blurred into motion, bringing about countless afterimages as he shot towards a steel fleet lightning-fast.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Along the way, the dragon spear in Avalon's had shone, and the starry sky rippers in his way were crushed and blown apart. The sky looked like it was blooming with countless gorgeous flowers.

When Avalon moved, the heroic braves followed after him and rushed towards the steel fleet.

There were priests, Wizards, Druids, Knights, Sacred Swordsmen,, archers, and other among the braves.

Those braves possessed demiG.o.d rank battle prowess. In the tens of thousands of years that they spent fighting, they not only reached the peak of their martial arts, but also achieved a terrifying rapport. With Avalon taking the lead, this brave army could even fight against Moonlight Warlock rank existences.

As if shooting stars, the braves quickly forced their way towards the steel fleet. When the freak-like braves got close, the destroyers and cruisers were blown apart.

Leading the huge angel legion, Ansai attacked another steel fleet.

The radiant angels were proficient in all kinds of healing, defensive, and buff spells, and they were very nimble in the sky.

Led by Ansai, when the radiant angels were injured by the various light beams, they would immediately retreat, while angels with stronger fleshly bodies would act as meat s.h.i.+elds in front of them. At the same time, healing spells would be cast to heal them.

As the vanguard, Ansai's performance was astonis.h.i.+ng. Wherever she pa.s.sed, starry sky rippers exploded into countless parts.

By the time the powerful radiant angel legion reached the steel fleet, only 10 angels were blasted into pieces.

Countless lights shone as light spears and light arrows pierced the defenses of the steel fleet, and steel wars.h.i.+ps exploded.

As if savage beasts, the beastman emissaries ignoring the artillery barrage rushed into a steel fleet and wildly destroyed the steel s.h.i.+ps in the fleet.

The battle elves gave play to uncanny archery as they fired dark green light arrows into the sky and shot down lightning supersonic fighters.

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