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“So this is Moonlight Warlock rank power!” Yang Feng opened his eyes, and his eyes sparkled, looking like his gaze could distort s.p.a.ce and destroy souls. With a thought, he saw that one half of his soul core has fully fused with the world origin of the small world, and the other half is suspended in the small world and exudes moonlight like rays that nourish the small world.

Moonlight Warlock is a name that the Time Lord gave the realm. In the 1st Warlock Dynasty era, human Warlocks with a small world were pinnacle experts. The soul core of such experts is divided in two. One half is integrated with the world origin, while the other half is turned into a star that unleashes moonlight.

Once Warlocks with a small world are promoted to Glorious Sun Warlocks, the soul core suspended in the small world will turn into a sun, release dazzling sunlight, and nurture life in the small world.

Yang Feng opened his eyes and looked around, and saw that the monsters that could offer soul force have disappeared.

There was a bright light, and he disappeared from his original position, and then appeared in a small world that extended without end with 108 towers.

In front of Yang Feng, there is a giant pillar of light s.h.i.+ning with countless runes rising into the sky. The pillar is changing all the time, as if it exists in the past, the present, and the future.

Yang Feng just “looked” at the huge pillar of light, and boundless knowledge along with the original Time Text entered his head.

The optical computer in Yang Feng's head rapidly recorded all those mysteries into the database.

Light continued to flicker in the square, and one Warlock after another was teleported into the square.

“That's Yang Feng, he's achieving enlightenment on secret methods recorded in the Time Sky Pillar!” As soon as Yi Yuanyang appeared in the square, his gaze fell on Yang Feng, and his eyes flashed with killing intent. He took a few steps forward and wanted to cast a spell to interfere with Yang Feng's enlightenment.

Just then, a queer fluctuation surged, and Yi Yuanyang returned to his position of a few seconds ago.

“This is a restriction set up by the Time Lord. You can't attack other people here.” Understanding welled up in Yi Yuanyang's mind, and he sighed. He “looked” towards the Time Sky Pillar and began to comprehend the mysteries contained therein.

Legend has it that the Time Lord cut off a section of the River of Time and refined it into a treasure, which is the Time Sky Pillar that contains countless secret methods and infinite mysteries.

“The law of time is really mysterious. Unfortunately, unlike the Time Lord, my const.i.tution isn't compatible with the law of time. To gain comprehension in the law of time, it would take me double the effort for half the result. This mysterious Time Sky Pillar is of great benefit for me to form my own path, to gain enlightenment on my law, the law of “devouring”.

Yang Feng's eyes flashed with the light of wisdom, and he no longer focused his energy on the mysterious and profound Time Text, and instead began to comprehend the path he chose, the path of “devouring”.

Xizu was a mechanical civilization, and energetics is one of its core subjects. Xizu undertook profound research on the subject.

The culmination of xizu technology, the Eternal Power Furnace, is a device that can extract and convert various types of energy in the universe.

Thanks to the Apple of Wisdom, Yang Feng's wisdom has been promoted to an incredible level. Coupled with hard work, he has fully grasped the principles of xizu energetics, and has begun to merge them with the Cangzhi Plane's Warlock knowledge.

Once the two are fully fused together, Yang Feng's strength will rise to an incredible level, and he will create his own secret method and embark on the path of a Warlock Emperor.

The Time Sky Pillar is a pinnacle secret treasure which contains countless mysteries, and has the extraordinary power to help others understand various secret methods.

As an Empyrean grade secret method that the Time Lord left behind, the Time Text is profound beyond compare. Even Yang Feng who has eaten an Apple of Wisdom is still unable to comprehend the original Time Text. But with the help of the Time Sky Pillar, this is no longer the case. This is what makes the Time Sky Pillar truly special.

Yang Feng stared at the Time Sky Pillar with countless marvels flickering in his eyes, and a strange and profound rune containing the power to devour every force slowly condensed in each of his eyes.

After an unknown amount of time, in the center of the Secret Dragon Temple, in a huge square, lights shone, and the Warlocks who have obtained a Key of Time suddenly appeared.

“Moonlight Warlocks, they have all promoted to Moonlight Warlocks. The Time Sky City is indeed a great opportunity. No wonder it will attract countless people to compete over it.” Yang Feng glanced at the surrounding Warlocks and found that Zhang Hanshan, Zhou Feng, Zhuo Yifan, Kong Fangao, and others who entered the Time Sky City have all advanced to the junior Moonlight Warlock rank, and their faces revealed traces of joy.

There is a great hurdle between the Starry Sky Warlock rank and the Moonlight Warlock rank. The deeper and wider the foundation laid in the Starry Sky Warlock realm, the more difficult it is to break through the bottleneck and advance to the Moonlight Warlock realm.

In the prosperous and flouris.h.i.+ng Cangzhi Plane's continent, Great Warlocks are only ordinary soldier, Starry Sky Warlocks are regarded as experts, and Moonlight Warlock have entered the ranks of the strong.

There are many Starry Sky Warlock geniuses who were stuck in this bottleneck throughout their life, unable to break through, and eventually died. The Time Sky City contains endless mysteries. Once you enter, it will allow you to smoothly break through the bottleneck and become a Moonlight Warlock. This is a great opportunity for any Starry Sky Warlock.

Kong Fangao came from a mid grade family in the Great Cloud Dynasty, and Starry Sky Warlock rank was originally his limit. However, after entering the Time Sky City, not only was he promoted to the Moonlight Warlock rank, but his evolutionary potential has now surpa.s.sed that of ordinary Moonlight Warlocks.

Gazes filled with anger focused on Yang Feng.

Looking in the direction of the angry gazes, Feng Yang saw Cresno and several other supreme geniuses from the Western World.

Since Cresno and them were kicked out of the secret realm by Yang Feng, they didn't get the opportunity to enter the Time Sky City, and thus are naturally filled with anger and even killing intent towards Yang Feng.

As peerless geniuses who formed a virtual world, Cresno and them possesses battle prowess far beyond that of other Warlocks of the same rank. They can even kill Moonlight Warlocks. However, much like Yang Feng, they need to consume a tremendous amount of resources to advance in rank. Now that they lost the opportunity to enter the Time Sky City, they have fallen behind by a lot.

Cornell, Katrina, and Enlin were originally inferior to Cresno, Angélico, and Brea by several notches. But after gaining enlightenment in the Time Sky City, the three have surpa.s.sed Cresno and the other two by far.

Such a huge contrast naturally made Cresno and the others furious, and killing intent welled up inside them.

Yang Feng glanced at Cresno's party, and then ignored them. After being promoted to the Moonlight Warlock realm, Yang Feng's strength changed dramatically. Now he can easily kill Cresno and them without using any secret treasures.

The surrounding Warlocks who partic.i.p.ated in the fight over the Keys of Time looked enviously at the dozens of geniuses who have advanced to the Moonlight Warlock rank.

Those who have promoted to Moonlight Warlocks looked at each other, and then formed circles of different sizes and went to the Secret Dragon Inn.

At night, in the luxurious chambers where Yang Feng stayed, a magic array flashed, and the s.e.xy and beautiful Katrina flew out from the magic array.

“Dear, I really missed you!” As soon as she flew out of the magic array, Katrina's beautiful eyes sparkled with antic.i.p.ation, and she threw herself into Yang Feng's arms, a fragrance wafting out from her. She stared at Yang Feng in bewilderment, love overflowing from her crystal-clear eyes.

As Yang Feng watched Katrina in his embrace, a chill erupted in his heart: “G.o.ddess of Love Fantasy is a truly dreadful spell.”

Since he transmigrated into the Cangzhi Plane, Yang Feng had a lot of women. But most of them were conquered by him with absolute strength and power. Even if some of them truly adore him, but they still maintain their ego. None of them love him as whole-heartedly as Katrina does.

As long as he said it, Katrina would not hesitate to commit suicide, nor betray her Warlock group. She will serve him wholeheartedly and view him as the heavens. If he dies, she will not hesitate to commit suicide after taking revenge.

Yang Feng knew that Katrina has suffered the backlash from the G.o.ddess of Love Fantasy, so he had let her stay in the secret realm. For her, he even adopted a lascivious image and let Enlin stay. After all, a Moonlight Warlock rank holy daughter of the Hall of Eternity is much more valuable than Enlin.

Yang Feng planted a kiss on Katrina's luscious lips and showed a smile: “I need Bamhagra Stone. Do you have any information on this type of stone?”

After he became the ruler of one of the four major empires of the Fuso Subcontinent, Yang Feng obtained numerous precious ore and gathered most of the ore that is necessary to upgrade to a level-3 Stronghold. Now he only lacks a rare ore called Bamhagra Stone in the Cangzhi Plane.

Bamhagra Stone was originally very common in the Cangzhi Plane, but when the 3rd Warlock Emperor the Transcendent Lord found out that the ore can be used as the main material for secret treasures to control Transcendents, the ore started to be mined and manufactured into many secret treasures to control Transcendents.

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