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Chapter 792 – Defeating the Abyssal Legions

“It’s too slow! If this continues, the treasures inside will be looted before the abyssal legions are completely destroyed. Go ahead!”

Countless runes flashed in Yang Feng’s eyes, and the huge level-4 optical computer network calculated the result of the battle.

Formidable dark force burst out in an instant, and Alexia dressed in the Fallen Angel Armor flew out from the mechanical fortress and merged into the abyssal force contained in the seawater. In an instant, she appeared beside a gold horned marquis and swung her sword.

Enveloped by Fallen Angel Fire, the sword cut through the magic s.h.i.+eld of the gold horned marquis and sliced it into two instantly. The Fallen Angel Fire burned the soul of the gold horned marquis until nothing was left.

“Alexia! You traitor!”

“d.a.m.n it, Alexia, how dare to betray our lord!”


The eyes of Poydul’s seventh, eighth, and ninth fallen angel legion commanders flashed with anger, and they flapped their wings and rushed towards Alexia.

“Anlogni, Anrihani, Bearolice, you are no longer my opponents!”

Alexia turned around and showed a fascinating smile to Poydul’s three fallen angel legion commanders, then took a step forward, split into three, appeared in front of the three fallen angel legion commanders, and slashed down.


The three fallen angel legion commanders are all blazing angels with amazing combat power. The three of them blocked Alexia’s terrifying sword strike, then belched a mouthful of blood and flew toward the bottom of the sea alike kites with their string broken.

“How is this possible? How could her strength rise so sharply?”

“Although Alexia has amazing potential, but she is too young. She should be far weaker than us. How could this be?”

“This is grand duke rank power. How did she break through that boundary?”


The complexion of the fallen angel legion commanders changed drastically, and incredulity s.h.i.+mmered in their beautiful eyes.

Alexia was the commander of Poydul’s tenth fallen angel legion. At the time, she was the weakest of the ten fallen angel legion commanders. Yet now she defeated the three powerhouses with a sword strike. This kind of strength is simply outrageous.

“It’s simple! It’s because I am her master.”

A flat voice rang behind Anlogni, the seventh fallen angel legion commander. Almost at the same time, the strong divine force grade G.o.d armament Dagger of the Night stabbed Anlogni in the abdomen, and countless runes broke out and engulfed her in an instant.

Yang Feng’s Ruler of the Night avatar appeared behind Anlogni and pointed with a finger, and a night seal brand suddenly appeared, entered Anlogni, and suppressed the power inside her. Then, Yang Feng sealed her in a crystal coffin.

Anlogni, Anrihani, and Bearolice are all very s.e.xy and incredibly beautiful, only slightly inferior to Alexia. They all have their unique style. Yang Feng took a liking to them.

Most individuals basically only raise male blazing angels. That’s because on average, male angels have slightly higher combat power than female angels.

In a large scale battle, a slight difference in combat power may decide the outcome of the battle.

Yet Poydul’s 10 fallen angel legion commanders are all charming and s.e.xy female blazing angels. Yang Feng likes them very much, which is why he decided to step in and seal them, instead of killing them directly.


The complexion of the two Bright World Warlock rank blazing angels Anrihani and Bearolice changed dramatically, and an indistinct premonition welled up inside their eyes.

“I am Sebas, I am my lord’s sword! All heretics shall peris.h.!.+”

The fallen angel Sebas, equipped with the Fallen Angel Armor, turned into a stream of black light, then appeared on the head of an abyssal dragon marquis and stabbed its head with his sword.

A pure and powerful ray of sword qi formed from dark force suddenly broke out and split the abyssal dragon marquis’s head into two.

It was not long ago that Sebas has turned into a fallen angel. In terms of power alone, although he is still above Alexia, but he is far behind Alexia in terms of mastery of dark force, and he can’t freely manipulate Fallen Angel Fire.

After the head of the abyssal dragon marquis was cut in two, it still wasn’t dead. A dragon-shaped soul projection blurred into motion, turned into a ray of black light, and disappeared. It abandoned the dragon crystal and body and escaped with only its soul.

With only its soul left, the abyssal dragon marquis can possess the body of a weak life form. But without the dragon crystal and body, it will be extremely difficult for it to restore its marquis rank power.

Black Fenghuang Fire, that seems to be able to burn the sea, containing a wisp of wicked aura, suddenly rose from the fortress, pierced through a bakt marquis in an instant, and burned it to ashes.

After instakilling the bakt marquis, the fully armed Yu Yan, one of Great Cloud Dynasty’s Eight Marshals, beckoned with a hand, and the Monarch grade secret treasure Black Fenghuang Spear flew back to her hand.

Standing beside Yu Yan is her sister Yu Tianling. Complementing each other, the two beauties enveloped in flames look like a pair of beautiful lotus flowers blooming in flames.

The Yu sisters blurred into motion, turned into two fire fenghuangs of different color, one big and one small, and rushed towards Anrihani and Bearolice.

In the wake of the two fire fenghuangs, all abyssal fiends were burned to ashes. When the spells cast by the abyssal fiends. .h.i.t their flame s.h.i.+elds, they collapsed one after another, unable to harm them at all.

Anrihani’s face flickered, and she released dark force from all over and gnashed her teeth, saying: “Bearolice, go in and inform our lord of what’s happening here!”

Anrihani is naturally aware that, under such circ.u.mstances, the best course of action is to retreat. But once she and Bearolice retreat from here, they will violate Poydul’s order to guard the hole. Even if she dies here, she must comply with Poydul’s order.

“I got it, Anrihani!”

Bearolice gritted her teeth, then her figure fluttered, and she flew towards the hole leading to the tomb of the Death Lord.

“Bearolice, kneel!”

Suddenly, Poydul, exuding grand duke fluctuations of power, walked out of the hole unhurriedly and ordered coldly.

“Yes! My lord!”

As soon as Bearolice heard his order, she instinctively knelt on one knee in front of Poydul.

Due to the soul brand carved into her soul by the Fallen Angel Pool, Bearolice has cultivated a habit of obeying Poydul over the years.

Poydul strode forward and touched Bearolice’s forehead with a finger, and a seal rune suddenly appeared, and then extended to the rest of her body and sealed her power.

With a flash of green light, Bearolice was stored in a crystal coffin.

“Anrihani, kneel!”

Behind Poydul, the Phantom Ruler radiated light, and obscure fluctuations came from all directions. Poydul raised his head, glanced at the Anrihani, who has ignited her power, and barked.

“Yes! My lord!”

There was a flash of struggle on Anrihani’s face, but her body knelt involuntarily.

Poydul walked to in front of Anrihani and touched her forehead with a finger, and weird sealing runes suddenly appeared and sealed her.

Marina looked at Yang Feng’s back, stupefied. Her eyes flashed with endless shock: “So strong! What spell is this? Why is it so queer and powerful!?”

In Marina’s eyes, Yang Feng just walked over and, like a supreme sovereign, shouted, and Bearolice and Anrihani, who are comparable to junior Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses in terms of strength, let him seal them.

Having lost the support of their strongest powerhouses, the abyssal legions besieged by Yang Feng’s mechanical legion suffered heavy casualties.

Except for the fallen angel legion, which is still fighting bravely, the other abyssal legions, seeing that things went south, collapsed and scattered.

That is the nature of abyssal legions. If there are powerhouses restraining them, the abyssal fiends will fight to the end. But if there is not enough powerhouses restraining them, the abyssal fiends will disperse and flee at the slightest disadvantage.

Yang Feng had his mechanical legion encircle and vanquish the abyssal fiends, while he himself went to in front of the bottomless hole and sank into deep thought.

The tomb of the Death Lord is extremely strange. As soon as it appeared in this world, two undying evil ogres killed two Infinity Warlocks. From this, the danger inside can be estimated. For Yang Feng, who has always been cautious, who likes to flatten everything in his way, and who takes matters into his own hands, entering inside is a matter that entails taking great risk.

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