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Chapter 1045: Suppressing Old Monsters

h.e.l.l Yama suddenly appeared, shrouded in evil energy. Its three mouths spewed out black rays while small flames flashed on its body.

“What is that thing?” Both sides had never seen something with so much evil energy before.

“Why does it have a thicker aura than us?” Someone from the Yin World said.

“It’s not alive.” Eighth activated his heavenly gaze. His pupils turned into a b.l.o.o.d.y color as he said: “Just a puppet, no need to be afraid.”

King Zhuanlun who was meditating inside Eighth opened his eyes. Primal rays shot out as he concluded: “Do not underestimate it, it has traces of Yama.”

Yama and Zhuanlun were both kings in the Yin World so they knew each other quite well.

Eighth’s eyes narrowed and used the black-white trigram. It started spinning in a special rhythm.

“Just a puppet then, I’ll crush it.” Gu Zhaxi laughed.

He had immense confidence after cultivating for more than ten thousand years. His battle spirit surged as his arm became shrouded in a black light for a punch.

“Raa!” h.e.l.l Yama’s evil aura surged and punched the incoming fist, sending Gu Zhaxi flying.

Gu Zhaxi staggered backward, his aura was nearly extinguished.

Everyone became astounded. Gu Zhaxi had just killed an ancestor yet a mere puppet forced him back?

“He has to be a grand puppet master, that’s the only way to control a puppet of this level.”

“We actually had such a mighty grand puppet master?”

Liu Suzi was deep in contemplation as she stared at the inferno and saw a murderous man walking out.

His spear had a b.l.o.o.d.y corpse stuck to it. He added strength and dismembered the corpse to pieces as he commanded: “h.e.l.l Yama, leave none alive!”

The puppet received the command and roared once more. It rushed toward the enemies and its six hands spun like a windmill, killing ten paragons instantly and devouring them with its three mouths.

The others couldn’t believe how strong it was.

“I’ve heard that Feng Feiyun was a puppet master, I didn’t expect him to be so amazing.”

“See, this half-demon was special. His status is the same as an ancestor since he’s a puppet master.”

“He’s so young too, this might not be his full potential.”

h.e.l.l Yama didn’t stop and swallowed the upper half of an old man then smashed the bottom half.

Feiyun summoned his second puppet, Guardian Hai. Its battle prowess was at the peak of the second level. It had a primal soul and also devoured the flesh and blood of the opponents to grow stronger.

“Ma.s.s Summon Golems!” He waved his hand and summoned several thousand stone statues. These were taken from the ruins back in Nine Abysses, created by the famous master - Nie Hai. They were tough and had their own thoughts.

Guardian Hai led them to kill another dozen men shrouded in black cloaks. Their rampage shocked everyone from Crimson. Spectators finally witnessed the power of a powerful puppet master.

Those from the Yin World became anxious as well. They were used to being feared yet this puppet master was striking down them.

“Don’t be afraid of some rocks!” Gu Zhaxi used his four hands and pushed several puppets to the ground.

Raa!” h.e.l.l Yama rushed over and attacked Gu Zhaxi for the second time.

When they collided, cracks emanated from their feet at a rapid pace…

Gu Zhaxi was extremely powerful and displayed his might. h.e.l.l Yama was created from h.e.l.l mists and had Yama’s body parts as well. Moreover, it absorbed both phoenix essence and Heavenwood water. Its physical prowess was at the peak, capable of knocking down mountains with one punch.

In fact, it was above the current Feng Feiyun with regard to pure strength.

“Bam!” Gu Zhaxi was pushed back continuously. His arms were pulverized with blood gus.h.i.+ng out.

“Raa!” h.e.l.l Yama became fiercer as the fight went on. The power of the phoenix blood became activated and a strand of saint energy oozed out.

It became shrouded in flames while its phoenix head shot out phoenix sinflames.

Gu Zhaxi became aghast and hurriedly retreated. Alas, those behind him weren’t so lucky and were reduced to ashes.

“Such monstrous power.” He stabilized his stance, channeled his energy, and healed his injuries.

“Don’t worry about the puppets, kill Feng Feiyun and they’ll stop moving.” Eighth was furious. He came to ma.s.sacre those from Crimson today and thought that he had a perfect plan.

However, the result was completely different since he lost more than a hundred paragons so far. This was completely unacceptable.

Though he said the words, the intent came from King Zhuanlun.

“Boom!” Another old monster came out from the void. His hair was purple and his pupils resembled two bronze bells. His feet were bare and he instantly attacked - his foot became ten meters long for a vertical stomp.

His name was Tu Cangsi, a ma.s.s murderer who had killed seventeen tribes and more than a hundred million lives.

People thought that he was killed by a hidden master but it turned out that he was saved by the Yin World.

By this point, Feiyun was the symbol of hope for Crimson. They didn’t want anything to happen to him so paragons instantly used their best treasures to stop Tu Cangsi.

“Keke, brats, you weren’t even alive when I was dominating.” Tu Cangsi’s foot kept on pressing down.

“Bam! Bam!” His foot seemed to be made of steel. It crushed the two treasures along with the paragons. He could take down a mountain if he wanted to.

Feiyun’s eyes became blazing as he glared at Tu Cangsi, looking as sharp as blades.

Tu Cangsi felt a deep pain in his chest. This made him take three steps back. He felt as if he had just lost several centuries of lifespan.

‘There’s something off, did I just lose two hundred years? What kind of power is this?!’ He became alarmed.

Meanwhile, spectators let out gasps of astonishment. Feiyun actually forced an old monster back with his glare alone?

“No one will believe what’s happening here.” You Zilin thought that Feiyun was such a bada.s.s. Even ancestors from Lifeless Palace couldn’t intimidate these old monsters.

“What are you doing, Tu Cangsi? Are you actually afraid of the brat? Let me kill him then.” A different old monster said.

“No need, as if I can’t capture a little half-demon.” Tu Cangsi became cautious and activated a golden domain. Images of paG.o.das appeared around him and exuded black rays.

“Earthstomper.” He shouted and stomped down. There were nine earth seals beneath the sole of his foot.

He traveled far and wide to find nine earth veins of the same affinity and refined them into his right foot. Thus, this stomp resembled nine mountain ranges pus.h.i.+ng down.

Feiyun sent out all of his beast souls. They roared and pushed the foot up.

He then turned his weapon essence into a spear and pierced the foot.

Tu Cangsi’s technique was broken so he reverted back to his original form. He retreated, not wanting to be pierced again.

“Trinity Flame Cauldron, capture him!” Feiyun used the cauldron again.

It appeared above and sucked in Tu Cangsi.

“I am a malevolent fiend, NOTHING can trap me!” He roared while stuck inside and tried to break the wall.

Feiyun knew that it wasn’t easy suppressing these old monsters. He added the power of the Cosmic Seal to empower the cauldron: “You’re not going anywhere. You shall become a blood pill, your flesh shall serve to improve my cultivation!”

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